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Milan or Milano is the second most populated city of Italy and is famed for being the financial hub of the country. This stunning city is the industrial powerhouse of Italyboosting latest fashion and designtrends. Every year the fashion shows make a fortune by displaying the state-of-the-art and contemporary styles, during which tourists from all over the world swarm to Milan to get hold of some of these programs. You can buy cheap flights to Milan to experience what it is like to spectacle the fashion frenzy world. Although Milan is famous for being the chic and trendy part of Italy but that does not mean it lacks Italian bygonetreasures. This city also has a fair share of attractions for the travelers including medieval time cathedrals, museums and significant art galleries. Moreover,there is no short of bars, pubs and clubs in the city and thus itoffers a dynamichedonisticescape. In addition to it being the center of fashion and design, it also boosts many fine diningrestaurants, which offer traditional Italian and continental cuisine.

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Milan is famed for being the birthplace of latest fashion trends, which is why,every year, the whole world look upon this city to introduce contemporary designs. It makes Milan a commercial center of Italy. Though being a workaholic metropolis, it does not lack Italian signatureart and culture. Due to an influential history, Milan has a number of attractions to offer for art lovers and history enthusiasts.

Nothing can beat the fashion frenzy that is on display in the catwalks arranged twice a year in Milan. There is a show of are vibrant colors, latest designs, latest techniques and a competitive environment to heat up the atmosphere. Many designers, local as well as foreigners come here to show their par of excellence. If you want to be a part of this, you can buy cheap flights to Milan only, if you plan your holidays in advance. However, this is not all, there is plethora of attractions and site-seeing options as well that can keep you busy if you are coming to Milan. Following is a brief description of when to go and what to expect from this gorgeous City of Style.

Milan offers lovely weather during the spring season, whichis April and May.Pre-summers is the optimum time to visit Milan, as the Milan Fashion week for Women is one of the events that you must attend. Moreover, September and October are also recommended to visit Milan. There are a number of events organized during September and October and you can enjoy lovely weather as well. August is hot and humid and there is a fair chance that most of the markets are closed as the locals head out to other places to avoid the severe sun. If you are planning a winter trip then you can buy cheap flights to Milan and you should take along a winter clothes. Be sure to make your reservations in advance as some hotels are closed for the season.

places to see and things to do

Milan is and exotic destination and fashion is the key, which makes it worth a visit for the fashion aficionados.Nonetheless, for others there is a thriving art and culture scene, delicious food to devour, and significant structures to admire. Acquire cheap flights to Milan to indulge in its authentic allure.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supperneeds no words for its introduction. Milan is the place where you can experience it in person. It is located near the Gothic church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. The church and the adjoining refectorywere damaged during the WWII but it was later re-instated in its original form. Here Da Vinci’s depiction of the Last supper is the main attraction of the visitorsand they get 15 minutes to examine this marvelous masterpiece.

The Duomo II Cathedral in another impeccable sight to visit in Milan.Its pointed domes along with its Gothic architecture are a sight of utter awe. Inside you will be enthralled by its imposing interior and to enjoy a stunning view, climb up the stairs to its roof to see the statues including that of “Madonnina” closely and to relish the view of the whole cityscape spreading to the Alps.

For a shopping spree, head over to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II on the Piazza delDuomo and Piazza dellaScala. There are multiple shops and elegantcafe’s in the ornately architecture complex of 19th century. From here, you can get everything from contemporary apparels to enjoying lunch in one of the luxury cafés andencountera lot of locals here. Moreover, if you are an opera fan, then head over to the world’s best opera house the TeatroallaScala. The opera season starts in December and ends in May every year. Its elaborative interior, red velvet draperies and gilded balconies are worth an inspiration. This opera house has the reputation of holding some of the best musicals and dramas in the world.Alsovisit the MuseoTeatraleallaScala, where famous mementos and costumes are on display of popular works in the opera house.

Furthermore also visit the renaissance landmark the Pinacoteca di Brera,the 15th century CastelloSforzesco, the 12th century church of  Sant'Ambrogio, the immaculately preserved medieval aged Piazza deiMercanti and the famous Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology etc. These are just the highlights of Milan.The city is laced with stupendous sights to visit and you can buy cheap flights to Milan from Travelhouseuk to get hold of these and many other attractions waiting to be explored.

hotels and accommodation

In Milan, a number of accommodation options are available for every pocket range. However, if you are traveling during the high season then you must plan in advance to buy cheap flights to Milan and to get reasonable hoteldeals. Some classy lodging options are Downtown Milano, Sant'AgostinoHalldis Apartments, Bulgari Milan, Le Suite di Palazzo Segreti, DelleNazioni

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