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best time to visit

Plan a holiday this year by getting cheap flights to Italy because it is one of the most popular destinations during the early summers and autumns. The weather is moderate, there are fewer crowds and you can explore the country quite comfortably. If you are planning the holiday in June, make your reservations in advance as the prices of hotels and airfares hike. It is better not to visit Italy in august because its smelting hot, muggy and crowded. Many Italian are on Vacations and if you do not have any issue with hot weather then you can have many cities to explore exclusively. 

places to visit and things to do

Being on the Mediterranean, Italy has an expansive coastline, which means that there is no short of spectacular beach escapes in the country. That is not all; it is acclaimed as a leading country in boosting western art, culture, history and food. You can acquire cheap flights to Italy to get yourself acquainted with beautiful country personally.

There is so much to explore and so many places to go in Italy. However, certain places cannot be missed such as Rome, its capital as well as its cultural and culinary hub. The glorious history of the Roman Empire can be experienced by the city’s immaculately preserved stature. Though, much have changed but this city offers a complete telltale of how once it governed the western world. It is home to Vatican and other important landmarks like the Colosseum, Foro Romano, St. Peter’s Basilica, and Piazza Navona etc. In short, it is a complete lesson of renaissance of a baroque history.

Similarly, Florence is another city, with the same historical and cultural vibe. With its thriving art scene, you can find yourself some of the best art galleries including Galleria degli Uffizi and Galleria dell' Accademia, which display some of the masterpieces of art. Moreover, visit Milan, the industrial powerhouse of Italy, to get details of latest fashion and trends. From fine dining to shopping this city is the sublime destination for the travelers.

Alternatively, take an exquisite romantic tour of Venice. This floating city is an architectural landmark and its surreal beauty is unmatchable. Built over a wide canal system, experience gondolas rides and indulge in its rich cultural affluence. Moreover, the picturesque Tuscan hills provide a heavenly feel to the travelers. These sprawling hills dotted with stunning towns are famous for lush greenery and offer a tranquil and more unpretentious escape away from the cosmopolitans.

A visit to Italy without taking a wholesome foodie tour is incomplete. Italian food is famous for the diversity, taste and freshness. So take a food tour of Tuscany, which offers Europe’s most tempting cuisine in the best possible way. Its glorious sunny days, vide sprawling wine regions and impeccable fresh produce make this place a gourmet heaven. Similarly, Naples is also famed for the most delicious pizzas, smoothest cheese, Aglianico wine and richest coffee. This ancient metropolis is the right place to explore the street food of Italy. So take cheap flights to Italy to delve into this mouthwatering expedition.

Also, visit the Cinque Terre, which is a collection of five fishing villages on the Italian Riviera, famous for their authentic remoteness, rugged coastline and romantic ambiance. In addition to that Capri, Bologna, Pisaand Shakespeare’s Romeo Juliet famed Verona are other stupendous stops as well. You can explore Italy very easily by yourself or you can also opt for guided tours for your favorite part of the country.

hotels and accommodation

Italy is a profligate country but that does not imply that it is not a budget friendly destination. There are excellent hotels where you can find the optimum level of class and comfort such as the Gritti Palace Venice, Bellevue Syrene Sorrento, Portrait Firenze Florence, J.K. Place Roma Rome, Santa Caterina Amalfi etc.Nonetheless, there are some smart choices as well. You can buy cheap flights to Italy and get yourself reasonable accommodation in Hotel Biancamaria Anacapri, Ramada Encore Bologna,Hotel Roma Garda, Paradise hotel Bologna, Malta Hotel Milan and Chiaja Hotel de Charme Naples etc. 

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