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02/07/2022 - 09/07/2022

Aiming for one of those scenic remote islands for a tropical vacation? Cheap flights to Pantelleria are the top Italian offer for a tropical getaway. Falling right in the heart of the Straights of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea, this island lies somewhere between Tunis in Tunisia and the rest of the state of Sicily towards the Italian side. Historically, it has been greatly known for strong winds which prevail over its climate for most of the seasons. Archaeological sites discovered within its premises include an entire village, while small caves, coves, pools and lagoons are the main focus of attention for the scenic and desolated beauty which attracts all the visitors here. Multiple landscapes are composed of lava stone, with the geological activity on the island resulting in multiple hot springs and geysers too. With TravelhouseUK, there’s Alitalia available for purchasing cheap flight tickets to Pantelleria, with its town airport serving a completely domestic network. As a result, all options including low cost Pantelleria flights are going to be indirect.

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