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best time to visit

Visiting Madrid can be very amusing but to buy cheap flights to Madrid it is necessary that you plan your vacation well in advance.It lies in a moderate climate zone, so can be visited any time of the year. However, it simply depends upon your preference, if you like warm weather then summer season is the best time but you have to face a lot of crowd, as it is the high season in the city. On the contrary if you like cool breeze then you can opt to go in the late spring or earlyfalls, when theweather is chilly and there is less crowd. The epic fact about Madrid is that its calendar is choke full of events, so which ever part of the year you plan to visit you come across one or the other colorful event.

best places to visit in madrid

Madrid is an enticing place to visit for the travelers because in every corner, you will find something very interesting and in every season, you can find something worth visiting. Buy cheap flights to Madrid, and experience the exotic attractions as much as you can.

Gran Viais the most popularcentral street in Madrid. It is laced with shops, hotels, cinemas, theatres, bars, casinos and a number of important like the EdificioMetrópolis and Madrid’s skyscraper Telefónica building along its sides. It starts from Plaza de Alcala and ends up at the Plaza de España. Wandering on this avenue is very interestingas it offers a wholesome experience in one place.

Moreover, Madrid has a fair share of excellent art museums, which include the Museo Reina Sofia thatwas inaugurated by Queen Sofia in 1992. The museum encompasses a large variety of work from legendary artists like, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. Furthermore, Museodel Prado in also a famous attraction among the travelers. This 18th century building is worth a visit for its world’s finest art pieces. It is home to some of the best Spanish artistries in the world including the worksof Goya, El Greco, da Ribera and Velázquez.

Madrid also serves as a shopping haven for the shopaholics, to find the best shopping area head over to Mercado de San Miguel. The market is a happening place especially during the weekends as the customers can buy delights,local wine, pastas, tapas, etc.

If you happen to visit the expansive, Royal Palace “Palacio Real” then, do take a walk in the Parque del Oeste. This parkcomprises of one of the most unusual sites in Madrid, the 4000 years old Temple Of Debod depicting gods Ammon and Isis. Originally, this temple belonged to Egypt, whichwas shifted to Spain to keep it from deterioration. In addition to that, take a visit to the most beautiful plaza of Madrid the Plaza de Cibeles. This square is famous for a number of neo classical buildings surrounding it including the Palacio de Cibeles. Right in the center of the plaza lie the famous statue of Fuentes de la Cybele’s, whichrepresents the goddess Cybele on her chariot drawn by lions.

So, acquire cheap flights to Madrid to explore all these phenomenal and intriguing attractions and then there are many others like PuertaDel Sol, MuseoNacional Del Prado, Retiro Park and Plaza Mayoretc worth your visit.

best accommodation in madrid

You must plan your holidays ahead for the best holiday packages and buy cheap flights to Madrid to have a memorable retreat. Gran Viais the commercial center and the best place to find accommodation to stay in the proximity of the main sites and shopping area. There are a number of hostels, hotels and apartments on the avenue with varied budget range. These are Hostal Gran via 44, Hotel Vinccivia 66,Vincci Capitol Hotel, Dear Hotel etc. Likewise, to have an exclusive classic luxury experience book your reservation in Hotel Ritz Madrid, Westin Palace, Hotel Urban, The Princpal, HospesPuertaDe Alcalá and ME Madrid Reina Victoria etc.

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