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why visit the gold coast?

A metropolitan region located on the east coast of Australia, Gold Coast is known for its sandy white beaches that bring along with them huge waves that are perfect for surfing. Known to be one of the most beautiful places in Australia, the Gold Coast is not just a city that provides shopping havens, beachfront esplanades however, it is the hub of entertainment and wilderness. Home to several theme parks including Dream World, Wet and Wild and lastly the famous Sea World. This city in Queensland is famed for the hiking trails up the Lamington National Park’s mountain ridges. 

From flying on hot air balloons at the Ballooning & O’ Reilly’s Vineyard to indulging in a thrilling Go-Karting experience at the famous Australia’s Kingston Park Raceway, Gold Coast is not short on thrilling activities. Sunshine, rainbows and endless playground fields is the ultimate definition of the sandy beaches. One gets to choose from the 57 kilometer coastline that provides its visitors to catch the highest waves for surfing. The Snapper Rocks and the Burleigh Heads are known to attract the best waves because of which this is the best destination for surfers. 

Discover the world of whales as you are provided with the opportunity to watch them up close. Head over to the Hervey Bay where all these whales reside and get to watch them swimming. Witnessing this whale watching experience is one of the best features of Gold Coast’s wild life. The Hervey Bay provides the ideal conditions for Humpbacks to teach the art of survival to their newborns before they can set off to migrate. Although Brisbane and other places provide Whale Watching opportunities too however, the Gold Coast has perfect spot of indulging in this thrilling activity. 

Filled with numerous UNESCO Heritage areas, the Gold Coast is recognized for being the top favorite when it comes to nature. The Springbrook National Park is worth visiting as it ranked number one. The six thousand hectare park is a World Heritage Site and is situated near the McPherson Range. 

A grand theme park, home to over 40 rides is the perfect getaway place for those who are looking to escape their worries by screaming as one of the fastest rollercoasters simply makes your day. To get wet and beat the summer heat is the largest water park called the Wet n Wild. Splash into a world of fun and adventure by hopping on those extreme water slides. A perfect place to head over to when the temperature gets rising and to spend some quality time with one’s children and loved ones. 

Located 230 kilometers above the ground, serves as the ideal place to view the whole city. The Sky Point Observation Deck is located on the 77th level and provides 360 degrees panoramic views of the city’s skyline. This is one of the must visit spots of the Gold Coast. 

From the David Fleay Wildlife Park to the Burleigh Head National Park, there are many spots in the city that makes up for getting close to nature and the adorable furry creatures.TheCurrumbin Wildlife Santuary is a zoological garden that is the ultimate getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Be entertained by the live wildlife shows and the treetop challenges. Escape into the wildlife and feed the kangaroos. 

The Sea World Gold Coast is a marine park that provides an insight into a whole new meaning of fun and adventure. Some of the most thrilling rides are located here as well including the Jet Rescue and the Sky High Skyway that will get your heart racing. 

Another theme park that provides world class rides and shows is the Warner Bros Movie World. This theme park will take you to the setting of your favorite movie and relive it! Hollywood has come to the Gold Coast and this is your golden ticket to experience the various thrilling rides. 

what are the air operators providing cheap flights to gold coast from uk?

The major airlines offering low airfares for flights to Gold Coast from the UK are Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Etihad Airways and British Airways. 

are there any direct flights from london to gold coast?

There are no direct flights heading to Gold Coast from London as of the latest flight records. 

what is the average flight time from london to gold coast?

The average flight time from London to Gold Coast is 25hours 10minutes. 

what is the distance from the airport to the city center?

Gold Coast Airport is located at a distance of approximately 20.6km from Gold Coast Queensland when taking the Gold Coast Highway. 

how to get to the city center from the airport?

Gold Coast Airport offers a number of easy and convenient transport options for the arriving passengers. The Gold Coast Tourist Shuttle offers transport service from the airport to the doorstep of your accommodation or theme parkslocated in Gold Coast. This is a convenient and one of the cheaper options of reaching the city center. A comparatively more expensive option but a more convenient one is hailing a taxicab. Taxis can be hailed from the taxi rank located outside the terminal of the airport. A bus service to and from the airport is being operated TransLink’s public transport network. Bus 777 also connects the airport to the South Broadbeach. Get hold of the Go Card from the airport's tourist information desk in order to avail cheaper fares for the buses. A number of some of the internationally acclaimed car rental company offices are also located at the Gold Coast Airport. This is a more suitable option if your stay in Gold Coast is for a longer period of time. 

how to get around gold coast?

Gold Coast boasts a number of modern and convenient transportation options. The Gold Coast Light Rail Trams offers one of the quickest and most convenient options of getting around as it covers an extensive segment of the city. Trams run from 5:00am until midnight every 7 to 10 minutes except on Friday and Saturday nights. These trams link the new Gold Coast University Hospital at Parklands in the north through to Pacific Fair shopping centre in Broadbeach in the south. Gold Coast is also well serviced by buses that operate 24 hours a day. Stops are made on the bus stops, most of which are located on the main roads. Buses offer one of the cheaper public transportation options and also convenient as it covers all the main tourist attractions of the city. 

Hiring one's own vehicle is also a good option as there are plenty of large car parking facilities in all of Gold Coast's theme parks, beaches and other tourist attractions. Most of the crowded attractions will have paid parking. A range of some of the internationally acclaimed car rental companies can easily be found in the city's main business district. 

what are the hotel and accommodation options in gold coast?

Gold Coast boasts an extensive range of accommodation options guaranteed to suit all tastes and budget preferences. For those seeking to splurge on their accommodation, Gold Coast will have no short of options. From luxurious hotels, customized boutique hotels, apartments, Ocean-side accommodation properties to high-end resorts and secluded mountain villas, Gold Coast surely knows how to make your stay a memorable one. With opulent furnishings, customized interior detailing and top-notch facilities, the high-end hotels and resorts are sure to live up to your every expectation if not more. 

Many high-end hotels and resorts are located along the beach front guaranteeing a perfect spot for the surfers and beach lovers. Many hotels are also easily found near some of the major tourist attractions. When looking for apartments, Gold Coast offers a range of either self-contained or serviced apartments to choose from. 

On the budget category, Gold Coast's accommodation options include motels, cabins and cottages, backpacker's hostels, retreats and lodges and bed and breakfasts. All these are customized to ensure comfortable living equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities that doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. 

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