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Cheap flights to Baghdad

Looking for cheap flights to Baghdad to spend your vacations in Iraq’s wonderful capital? You’ve found them here. Baghdad has an illustrious history, mainly because it is the great centre of learning and culture in the Islamic world. This distinguished history has provided Baghdad with amazing architectural sites, which are the base for its currently-advancing tourism industry. One of these sites is the Arc of Truimph, a pair of swords held by hands to form the entrance to the Great Celebrations Square. Another significant spot is the Al Shaheed Monument, a giant circular platform built on an artificial lake, in dedication to the soldiers who were martyred in the Iran Iraq war. Al Faw Palace has many admirers too, its beautified premises providing a station to the American forces currently. Baghdad promises to provide a remarkable vacation, especially to those who are passionate about ancient cultures and history. So let TravelhouseUK assist you in getting tickets to Baghdad and make the journey via Emirates, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air or the Middle Eastern Airlines.

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