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Iraq is a country in the Middle East neighboring Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arab, Jordan and Syria. The country’s tourist industry struggled to survive in the past but since recent years, the administration has changed that state. Iraq’s strength lies in its ancient attractions. Architecture from various eras is still present in various locations across the country, ranging from medieval, Islamic and Ottoman history to the modern 21st century. The iconic attractions include the Abbasid Palace, Ali Baba Square, Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Omayyad Mosque among many others. Modern day architecture includes the palaces and mosques constructed by the government under Saddam Hussein. To summarize, Iraq is a must visit place for history admirers. If you are looking for flights to Iraq to explore its venerable architecture then you are at the right place. Let TravelhouseUK assist you in getting to this unique country and make the journey via major Airlines, stress-free.

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best time to visit

Iraq has a hit and humid climate. The summers are particularly very hot. The months between May and September are extremelyblistering with sunny days and virtually no rain. This is why the summer should be avoided. On the contrary, winters in Iraq are cooler with nights even more pleasant. The best time to visit the country thus is during the winter season. You can buy cheap flights to Iraq very easily but be aware of the fact that being a religious country, women are not allowed to wear skimpy and short cloths so it is better to pack some loose and modest clothes. It will not only help you in bearing the summer heat but will also be appropriate for the country’s custom.

places to see and things to do

Iraq can bank upon its historical significance when it comes to revival of tourism in the country. This country is not only a great attraction for the history buffs who are always in search of exploring archaeological sites from the past but is also a holy place for Muslims. This makes it quite aneventful place especially during the religious events and festivals. Being a country where the government strives to boom the tourism industry, getting cheap flights to Iraq is not a difficult task.

For the history lovers, the abandoned ruins in Samarra have an entire citadel set with a boundary of arches. The city is a regarded as a world heritage site by UNESCO, whose entire landscape is spreadon open plains. Moreover, the 700 years old AlAskari Mosque in Samara is a holy place for the Muslims in Iraq. The Citadel of Erbil has its own raised fortress above the city centre. Statues of past philosophers and rulers are also present at the Citadel.

There is no short of natural spots as well. Every square meter of this country’s landscape has a dynamic beauty and charm that is so intimidation be it the developed and modern cities like Baghdad and Erbil or the ancient Babylonian ruins in Babylon, there is plenty to explore here. The ancient Babylon has always been an impressive attraction for the tourists. It is the earliest cradle of civilization with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and The Tower of Babel being the centre of attention. Although many parts of the city have been ruined and lootedbut still the parts, which remain, are worth a visit by taking cheap flights to Iraq.

The terraced pyramid temples of Ziggurats are also an iconic and well preserved ancient site. Among them Ziggurat of Ur, is immaculately preserved and used to serve as a spiritual; and commerce centre in 21st century BC.Additionally, in the heart of Kirkuk lies the Kirkuk Citadel and blue tiled Daniel’s Tomb. This monument was constructed in 80 BC.

To visit the beautiful sprawling gardens and lagoons visit Basra. It is known as the Venice of the East for its charismatic charm. The Lake Habanera is one the picturesque spots of tranquillity, as its one of the main water bodies in the mainland. Moreover, the fertile land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, are a focal point in the ancient world.

To witness the ancient relics, The National Museum ofIraq and the Baghdadi Museum, exhibits a great majority of the Iraqi heritage, varying from statues of past empires to elements of its dictatorship and war-ravaged history.Under standard terms, a shopping trip would suffice at the Maximal, where international brand retail is made available to the community. So being a country boosting thousands of years of history, it is a worthwhile site to be visited by taking cheap flights to Iraq.

hotels and accommodation

Iraq boosts some of quintessential hotels for accommodation with comfortable lodging and delicious food guaranteed. Once you touch down in this country by taking cheap flights to Iraq, the rest is so stress free. You can get hold of international as well as highly acclaimed local chains in the bigcities, like Baghdad, Erbil, and Karbala etc. Other small cities and towns also have an impressive number of hotels to cater any budget range. Baghdad Intl Airport Hotel, Palm Hotel Baghdad, Hotel Blue Mercury, Noble Hotel Erbil, Karbala Rayhaan, Divan Erbil etc. are some of the top quality in the business. They encompass saunas, Turkish baths, spa, Jacuzzi and lavish air-conditioned rooms. In short, the utmost priority of these hotels is providing highest level of comfort during their stay.

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