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Which Airlines Operate Flights To Belgium from UK?

  • Brussels Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Aer Lingus
  • Swissair
  • Lufthansa
  • Austrian Airlines

How long is the Belgium to UK flight?

  • The direct flight to Belgium from London Heathrow Airport is only 1 hour and 15 minutes long.
  • The flights from Manchester to Belgium are 3 hours long, with a stopover in London or Stockholm. The direct route takes only 1 hour and 20 minutes and Brussels Airlines provides this service.
  • Travellers prefer a direct flight from Birmingham to Belgium, which is also 1 hour 20 minutes in duration. These flights are operated by Brussels Airlines as well.
  • Travelling from London Gatwick Airport to Belgium on an Aer Lingus connecting flight will take 7 hours to complete. The stopover would be in Dublin.

Are there any direct flights to Belgium from the UK?

Apart from London Gatwick Airport, all airports mentioned above have direct flights. Brussels Airlines and British Airways have direct flights from London Heathrow to Brussels Zaventem Airport. Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh are all connected with Brussels through direct flights, although flights with stopovers are more or less £50 cheaper than a direct flight from these cities.

Which airlines operate flight to Belgium more frequently?

British Airways and Brussels Airlines are two of the many carriers that connect the UK with Belgium, but the frequency of the trips their aircraft make outnumbers other airlines greatly. British Airways has forty scheduled flights moving between London and Brussels every week. Brussels Airways has fifteen such flights that connect these two cities of Europe. Other airlines like Lufthansa and Aer Lingus also have similar operations. Due to the relatively insignificant distance between London and Brussels, they cannot compete with the flag bearing airlines as their hubs are entirely off-route.

How many flights are there from London to Belgium weekly?

There are more than a dozen airlines that take off from London to get to Brussels in Belgium. British Airways and Brussels Airlines arrange regular flights to move passengers as is. However, airlines from the Far East and Africa tend to make a touch down at Brussels as well to gather more passengers. This fact increases the number of flights from London to Belgium to more than two hundred every week. Hainan Airlines, Japan Airlines and Singapore Airlines are also responsible for linking these two countries.

What makes Travelhouseuk the best place to get cheap tickets to Belgium?

Travelhouseuk has the latest softwares and tools that aid our agents in the getting you a great deal on market competitive airfares for Brussels and other cities in Belgium. Apart from these softwares, it is the agents themselves that give us our edge, who have been with us for years and developed skills and experience along the way. We also prepare personalized travel plans for tourists who like to discover something ‘new’ in Belgium. So call our agents the next time you plan a city break to Belgium, on 020 3745 5784, and be wowed by our quotes and travel itineraries. To make an educated decision, please visit our Facebook page and check out our reviews.

Does Travelhouseuk offer last minute flights to Belgium from London?

Searching for last minute flights, even after midnight, is a something left to chance. Always try to book a flight to Belgium three to four weeks at the latest. For even better results for the cheapest fares, search for the commute three months in advance. However, as far as last minute flights to Belgium go, call our agents at 020 3745 5784 to get a ticket if you cannot find one on our website. Only a skilled travel agent can let you know whether a ticket is the best value. Our travel agents and our website are both accessible to you to book a great trip to Belgium.

Cheap Flights to Belgium with British Airways

The cheapest flights to Belgium are by British Airways. Usually, the price of the ticket is around £100, and in the low season, the airfare can go as low as £80. Twenty BA flights are flying out to Belgium each week, and since the distance between Brussels and London is just 320 kilometres, all these flights are direct. Brussels is at the centre of Belgium, and most flights destined for the country land at Brussels Airport.

Six British Airways airline services are operating simultaneously to get people to Brussels from the UK. These airline services include BA396, BA388, BA398, BA394, BA404 and BA392 and collectively schedule 20 flights per week. For simplicity, let’s look at the flight plan of BA 396, the only operation from the bunch with daily flights. BA 396 takes off at 1:40 PM every day from London Heathrow Airport. After taking just an hour and 15 minutes to jump over the English Channel, the traveller will find himself in Brussels at 3:30 PM.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Belgium?

The cheapest time to book a flight for Belgium is in the winter. The country’s frigid temperatures keep tourists away for most of the winter; however, the holidays spike the prices in December. Therefore, after the winter holidays, somewhere in mid-January, would be the best time to book flights for Belgium for a low-cost snow-white vacation. It is only in February when the temperature falls below zero, but before that the average temperatures are around 4°C. Bring a jacket along and have a fantastic city Break in Belgium.

Is there a major international airport in Belgium?

There are six international airports in Belgium. They include the Antwerp International Airport (ANR) at Antwerp, Brussels Airport (BRU) at Zaventem, Brussels South Charleroi Airport at Charleroi (CRL), Ostend–Bruges International Airport (OST) at Ostend, Liège Airport (LGG) and Flanders International Airport (KJK) at Kortrijk. The following are the three busiest airports in Belgium.

  • Brussels Airport at Zaventem (BRU) is a major European Airport, and a vast majority of renowned airlines land at Brussels Airport. Last year it received 24 million passengers through its three runways. Most visitors from the UK head to this airport first before taking a flight or a bus to anywhere else in Belgium. The airport itself is only 15 minutes away from the city centre by car.
  • Brussels South Charleroi Airport at Charleroi (CRL) served 7.5 million passengers in 2018 and is the second busiest airport in Belgium. It has a single 2.5-kilometre runway and is 46 kilometres away from central Brussels. The airport is used mainly for domestic and Central European flights.
  • Ostend–Bruges International Airport at Ostend (OST) is only 25 kilometres away from the city centre of Bruges. The airport served 350,000 travellers in 2018. Despite its international status, few international flights bearing British passengers land at this airport.

What are the entry requirements to Belgium for British travellers?

British nationals do not need a visa to visit Belgium. The passport, however, needs to clearly identify the visitor as a 'British Citizen' and is then allowed into the country without question for three months.

What is the best time to visit Belgium?

April to October is the best time to visit Belgium. Tourists tend to visit Belgium more in July and August when the sun is the brightest and the weather superb. Although Belgium is beautiful year-round, it tends to rain and snow a lot in the winters, especially in December. In the mid-summer months, the average temperature remains in the early 20’s. Many festivals in the country take advantage of brighter and crisper weather and welcome tourists from all over the world.

What are the major landmarks in Belgium?

Belgium was influenced by the French, the Germans and the Dutch realms and cultures throughout its history. That could not be more obvious if you are standing at the centre of Brussels. You would see people walking through archways designed by French architects, wearing German football club’s shirts, fluently talking in Dutch or English. Belgium’s landmarks also tend to share the same story.

  • The Grand Place at the Brussels Main Square is the landmark one should visit first. In many ways, this landmark defines the Belgian heart. The main square exudes majesty and history. The columns and buttresses proclaim that they are old and 'have seen it all'. The square's main building is the town hall opposite the King's House and the Museum of the City of Brussels.
  • The Historic Centre of Bruges has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site. The Gothic architecture of the buildings in the city's centre gives an insight into the medieval architecture back in the 1200s. The cobblestone streets lead to beautiful churches and mansions that welcome tourists into a grand but forgotten world.
  • The City Centre of Ghent still lives in the Middle Ages. The visitor cannot help but imagine a blacksmith hammering red-hot steel on an anvil and a bread seller waving out his produce. Fairytale princesses visit the city of Ghent when they want to remember the charm and magic of the past. Plus, the beer is also super strong at Ghent.
What are the transportation options available to tourists in Belgium?

Belgium commutes through air, road, rail and water transportation networks. The country is particular about air pollution, so 2,950 kilometres of electrified train tracks have been laid to facilitate the ordinary Belgian to move from city to city. The country is highly developed and has roads and highways stretching to a total length of 118,414 kilometres. Local airlines compete on domestic routes, and thus the fares are low between Belgian cities. The cities of in Brussels, Antwerp and Charleroi also have inner-city urban rail networks. The seaports of Antwerp and Bruges-Zeebrugge remain the busiest in Belgium, loading and unloading passengers and tons of cargo each day.

Which five-star hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Belgium?

There are several five-star hotels all over Belgium. If you have the money for it, the hotels will provide an array of services and excursions. Below is a list of the hotels that are eager to welcome you.

  • Sofitel Brussels Europe
  • Warwick Brussels
  • Hotel Metropole
  • Le Chatelain Hotel
  • Stanhope Hotel

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