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An old host to religious pluralism and multiculturalism, ranging from the Oxus Civilization and Manichaeism to Nestorian Christianity and Buddhism, the territory now dubbed as the 'Land of the Tajiks', has a wide spectrum of historical significance. In a political arena as well as any other, Tajikistan has been a melting pot of different races and cultures. The Achaemenid Empire ruled the land before it was overthrown by Alexander the Great and his Macedonian titans, whose short-lived subjugation turned the page of history to the next era much in favour of the Sassanid Empire, Samanid Empire, and the infamous Mongol and Timurid Empires thriving along the Silk Route. The transition from a stopover to a major contender in the Cold War and a showstopper for Bolsheviks all together, is not an abrupt one. The country is closing the gap fast enough and stirring competition with Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, China and Kyrgyzstan - countries with which it also happens to share its immediate borders.

Being a relatively inexpensive country renders Flights to Tajikistan ideal incentive for all economic classes; the haves, the lesser-haves and even the have-nots now that TravelhouseUK conducts on its radar a constant surveillance for Tajikistan flights.

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Which airlines operate flights to Tajikistan from UK?

  • Emirates: With Emirates, there are 6 flights per week from Heathrow to Tajikistan. There is a layover in Dubai.
  • Turkish Airlines: The airline operates 3 flights in a week from London Heathrow. These are one-stop flights via Istanbul.

Are there any direct flights to Tajikistan?

There are currently no direct flights to Tajikistan from the United Kingdom. The destination is served by major airlines like Emirates and Turkish Airlines on indirect routes. The good news is that we have several one-stop flights available at reasonable fares.

How long is a flight from London to Tajikistan?

  • Flights from Heathrow with Turkish Airlines: 11 hours and 50 minutes.
  • Flight duration from London Heathrow to Tajikistan with Emirates: 25 hours and 5 minutes via Dubai.

Are there any Tajikistan flights with Emirates?

The goodly number of deals that we have on Tajikistan flights with Emirates will be welcome news to those looking forward to the combination. There are connecting flights available from London, mostly one-stop. On the other hand, our deals include last-minute promotions and flash sales. Kindly stay in touch to capitalise on such deals with better success. Flying with Emirates and booking through Travelhouseuk means an excellent flight experience at an affordable cost.

Which is the cheapest time of year to fly to Tajikistan?

Although May is presently considered the cheapest time of year to fly to Tajikistan, travellers do not have to confine themselves. Instead, they can fly for less in any month by harnessing the power of a flight deal. Travelhouseuk tosses out both flash offers and limited-time sales through different channels like social media, e-newsletter etc. You can put our phone number (020 3137 1339) to good use by calling us to inquire about fares and discounts. Your requirements, both in the range of price and choice of airline, shall be prioritised.

Can I get flexible tickets on Tajikistan flights?

Fortify your travel plans by going for flexible tickets on Tajikistan flights the next time you book. This can get you a speedy date change once the need arises. There is no telling in view of the current scenario when a country might place restrictions on flights. Experience tells that travellers who had booked on flexible policy were better off. Our travel agent can reschedule your flight, provided you have flexible tickets, to a later date when restrictions are expected to lift.

How to get the cheapest Business Class flights to Tajikistan?

Once again, Travelhouseuk is back with some of the cheapest Business Class flights to Tajikistan from all across the UK. Emirates, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Iberia, and KLM form the top tier of airlines for this route. Start strong by signing up, and our newsletter will signal you to the ripest deals in the bunch. You will also be receiving regular updates by following our social media handles. We are ready as ever to entertain your queries, go ahead with price matching, or to offer Business Class flights on instalments.

Can I fly to Tajikistan now and pay later?

In order to fly to Tajikistan now and pay later, travellers can avail of an instalment plan from us. Lock on to the flight you want, make a small deposit and get the tickets. As stated, the deposit will be minimal but mandatory. The bulk of the amount that remains to be paid will be scheduled into monthly instalments. The decision to go for a payment plan is mostly triggered by budgetary concerns or when there is a Business Class flight to be had. When you call (020 3137 1339), our travel agent will answer your queries as distinctly as possible and, as required, commence with the booking.

Which is the main international airport in Tajikistan?

Dushanbe International Airport, which serves the capital, is the main international airport in Tajikistan. The city centre is just 5 kilometres away, making it a 15-minute drive to your hotel. The IATA code is DYU for this airport.

What are the major tourist attractions in Tajikistan?
  • Iskanderkul: Say yes to a tourist’s day out in the lap of glacial wonders. This mountain lake becomes a harbinger of more lakes to come, namely the Alauddin Lakes. Whenever the journey shifts its focus off of mountains to emphasise the lakes, it starts to transcend by degrees.
  • Rudaki Park: The Statue of Rudaki and the Ismail Somoni Monument, later on, are worth those photographs. It's a better surprise if you are orbiting the park at night. That's when the lights are on.
  • Syr Darya: Khujand City branches out on either side of the Syr Darya River, the city’s jugular vein. A boat tour is highly, highly recommended. Restaurants are set up along the waterfront, and it serves as a set picnic spot for locals.
  • Khujand: Khujand is more than a mere signpost to the river and itself an ocean of people and creeds, sites and localities. Standing midway between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan proper, Khujand is almost where the vast empire of Alexander ended.
  • Panjshanbe Bazaar: The bazaar is a covered market, singled out for recommendation as being the most representative of all. It reminds us how the city itself expanded out of a noisy bazaar on the Silk Road. Souvenirs include penknives and rare woods.
  • Lenin Peak: Local agencies periodically structure climbing tours, but on the whole, facilities are limited and adventure by the dozen.
Which are the best hotels in Tajikistan?
  • Dushanbe Serena Hotel (5-star)
  • Hilton Dushanbe (5-star)
  • Hotel Twins (4-star)
  • Khujand Deluxe Hotel (4-star)
  • Hotel Rohat (3-star)
  • Gulistan Tour Hotel (3-star)

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