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An old host to religious pluralism and multiculturalism, ranging from the Oxus Civilization and Manichaeism to Nestorian Christianity and Buddhism, the territory now dubbed as the 'Land of the Tajiks', has a wide spectrum of historical significance. In a political arena as well as any other, Tajikistan has been a melting pot of different races and cultures. The Achaemenid Empire ruled the land before it was overthrown by Alexander the Great and his Macedonian titans, whose short-lived subjugation turned the page of history to the next era much in favour of the Sassanid Empire, Samanid Empire, and the infamous Mongol and Timurid Empires thriving along the Silk Route. The transition from a stopover to a major contender in the Cold War and a showstopper for Bolsheviks all together, is not an abrupt one. The country is closing the gap fast enough and stirring competition with Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, China and Kyrgyzstan - countries with which it also happens to share its immediate borders.

Being a relatively inexpensive country renders Flights to Tajikistan ideal incentive for all economic classes; the haves, the lesser-haves and even the have-nots now that TravelhouseUK conducts on its radar a constant surveillance for Tajikistan flights.

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peak and off-peak seasons

Climatic transitions are unfelt moving in and out of Dushanbe- the weather remains a persistent dry summer and stony winter (thanks to protective mountain ranges). Cheap flights to Tajikistan(and Dushanbe in particular) experience a low-season during July-August with a maximum temperature of 36°C while a high-season during January-February faces a temperature drop as low as -1°C. Climate in Khujand stresses more on summers and less on winters. Khujand experiences low-seasons during extreme climates winter or summer- both are extremely unbearable- and tourists settle for cheap flights to Tajikistan well within spring and autumn. The Muslim holy month of Ramadan followed by Eid-ul-Fitr and later on Eid-e-Qurbaan sees a heavy influx of inbound passengers travelling on cheap flights to Tajikistan.

places to see and things to do

Where to begin? Cheap flights to Tajikistan usually land in Dushanbe. The capital and largest city has enough centripetal force to keep tourists orbiting around it for one reason or another, this season or that one. The Centre stage is a loose web of everything outstanding from the near history as well as the remote past. And exploring it is likewise a recapping of the rich history of the country and its people.

Say yes to a tourist’s day out in the lap of Dushanbe’s Rudaki Park and spend quality time with those you consider near and dear. The Statue of Rudaki and the Ismail Somoni Monument (later on) are worth taking a photograph with. Dushanbe has several internet cafes, more so on important sites, implying that you can instantly shoot your friends an email and make updates on your usual pace. The Museum of National Antiquities preserves, along with countless artifacts somehow or other related with Tajik cultural history, the recently unearthed Sleeping Buddha of Ajina-Tepa. The Ayni Opera and Ballet Theatre makes for another sizzling diversion and a good substitute for an alcoholic nightlife.

Cheap flights to Tajikistan not landing in Dushanbe typically touchdown in Khujand. Khujand City branches out on either sides of the Syr Darya River, the city’s jugular vein. Standing midway between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan proper, Khujand is almost where the vast empire of Alexander ended. Then before and now once more, it’s geostrategic position and a high Russian/Uzbek demographic is considered pivotal at the narrow enclosure of Fergana Valley. The same reasons making it a popular tourist hotspot and a hub for cheap flights to Tajikistan. The Syr Darya River serves as a set picnic spot for locals looking forward to cooling off next to the evaporating watercourse. A boat tour is highly, highly recommended. Needless to say but some of the top notch restaurants and check-ins are set up along the waterfront and for good reasons too. Like what you see? Khujand is more than a mere sign post to the river and itself an ocean of people and creeds, sites and localities. The Panjshanbe Bazaar is a covered market and one of the city’s leading food and farmer’s bazaars, singled out for recommendation as being the most representative of all. Even more so since it echoes how the city itself actually expanded out of a noisy bazaar on the Silk Road. When hunting for souvenirs, nit-picky tourists should bear in mind that blacksmiths in the open market sell out penknives and ornamental items of animal bones, rare woods etc. Istaravshan covers a part of Khujand suburbs noteworthy for no other reason but that it houses Tajikistan’s one and only memorial of the Chagatai Khanate architecture. By lack of opposition, Shahristan becomes the only site credited for making its way into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites; a distance away from Khujand, but not very far.

Green light is always on for mountain lovers planning to reach new heights. Climbing tours to Fann Mountains are periodically structured by local agencies but on the whole, facilities are limited. It is good that you can have it your own way, same as it is with cheap flights to Tajikistan, but caution is advised nevertheless. Iskanderkul Lake becomes a harbinger of more lakes to come, namely the Alauddin Lakes. Whenever the journey shifts its focus off of mountains to emphasize on the lakes, it starts to transcend by degrees.

Nurek is another good reason to continue this excursion. Tourists gladly take boat tours in the reservoir and also observe the hydroelectric station at work responsible for meeting 98% of the state’s power requirements. The Barakat Market is the largest open air market setup with stalls selling homemade traditional snacks and daily groceries. All this and then some, book cheap flights to Tajikistan and see the bigger picture.

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