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Looking for Flights to Syria to explore one of the leading tourist destinations of the Middle East? You’re searching for the right place. Even though it has been embroiled in a civil war in the last couple of years, the country’s tourism industry has still been flourishing. Syria is labelled as a popular tourist destination because of its rich history, flamboyant architecture and beautiful scenery. Syrian cuisine has gained worldwide recognition as well and if that is not your food of choice then American and European restaurants are available as well. Two major elements boosting the tourism industry are the 400 luxury hotels located across the country to accommodate visitors and the numerous museums providing tours through Syria’s rich heritage. TravelhouseUK can salvage for cheap air tickets to Syria on board the country’s flag carrier airline, Syrian Air.

Syria has something to offer for all types of tourists and its hospitable people are always ready to welcome their guests with open arms. Therefore it can be said that the country is a perfect spot for a memorable vacation.

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