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Cheap Flights to North Korea

Cheap Flights To North Korea

Explore one of the most conservative countries of today's era by booking cheap flights to North Korea this season. Created under annexation by the Japanese Imperial army, North Korea sticks to its communist roots, remaining heavily militarized owing to its hostilities with its counterpart South Korea. Visitors remark about the country being a whole new world of its own. With North Korea bordering China across two rivers, most of its tourist influx comes in from its northern neighbor. Guided tours are the only option for tourists, with the only companies being government owned and controlled.


North Korea Overview

North Korea remains one of the most secluded countries from the outside globalized world of the contemporary age. The North Korea Peace Museum is established as an official institution for recognizing the stance of peace adopted by the ruling government towards ethnic and international conflicts. A landmark in the name of North Korean nationalism and school of thought, the Juche Tower is established just at the rim of the shoreline. The tower is present in the background of a statue depicting patriotic nationalists, while lightning effects leave it prominent for the night, accompanied by colourful fountain shows upon special occasions. The country has even preserved one of the spy ships of the United States which was found lurking near national waters during the late 1960s. The USS Pueblo is now permanently docked to the shore, housing official tours for interior exploration of the vessel. Towards the northern borders where North Korea meets China is the Baekdu Mountain, surrounding a giant crater which is filled with a freshwater lake.

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