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One of the most underrated destinations on the map, Iran is stock full of UNESCO recognized world heritage sites, as the country has been the base of multiple eastern and western empires over centuries. Its welcoming community, modern infrastructure and independently based commerce give it a strong outlook for the future. So if you are not afraid to take a risky stroll to the lesser traveled destinations, book your cheap flights to Iran with us today!

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Best Time to Visit

You can go to this region almost any time during the year. It is, on the other hand, better advised to avoid visiting here as a tourist for fun during the two weeks period around Nowruz or the month of Moharram (Islamic calendar month) and the month of Ramadan when the religious activity hinders fun activities. You should check out on Holiday & Events in the calendar for such details. The plains in the country observe extreme weather conditions in summer as well as winter.

Places to Visit and Things to Do

The country is one ethnic mix from the Asian cultures from its East and the Arabic cultures from its West. The country’s culture spelled immense grandeur and luxury for its Royal Family while it was ruled by its monarchy, with the royal residence of Saad Abad Palace, The Royal palace and the Forty Column Palace being public museums, this region has overseen the development of the largest empires in Asian history. So remember these places while booking your cheap flights to Iran. The ruins of Chogha Zanbil and Persepolis clearly highlight the same fact; consisting of entire cities with wide-ranging establishment. Strengthening its diplomatic bonds with one of its brotherly nations, the Azerbaijan Museum is an opportunity to explore foreign culture associated with the country. Local commerce can be seen on the rise at traditional market centres like the Naqsh e Jahan Square, where handicrafts and artefacts can be purchased to serve as souvenirs ideal for decoration purposes. The Imam Raza Shrine is one of the largest Islamic landmarks worldwide, along with numerous other landmarks like the ruins of Ali Shah Masjid, Goharshad Mosque and the Blue Mosque; each of them showing the magnanimity of Islamic architectural designs. It has extreme terrains as well as climates, with the northern forests, lakes, the deserts to the east and south, and the mountain ranges forming excellent slopes for skiing, transformed into official natural parks. Among them the most prominent ones are Jamshidieh Park, Chitgar Park and Pardisan Park. . So, pack you bag and get to observe the hidden gem of Asia and reserve cheap flights to Iran to secure an exotic holiday well within your budget.

Getting There

This country is completely accessible with around 70 airports spread across the country. The older Imam Khomeini Airport completely focuses upon international operations, attending nearly 600 overseas flights per week, while a small number of flights land at Mehrabad Airport. Considering all main airports of UK like Manchester, Birmingham and all airports of London, there is Gulf Air, Qatar Air, Ukraine International Airlines, Oman Air, Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa. Direct flights landing in Tehran while departing from London Heathrow Airport. For filtering the best cheap flights to Iran, TravelhouseUK has brought forward deals with multiple foreign air operators like Emirates, Alitalia, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air and Austrian Airlines.

Hotels and Accommodation

The spheres of urban development have led to categories of options available amongst the cities and the towns. We always advise customers to add a hotel to their cheap flights to Iran in advance. International hotels are mostly centered in the main cities in the form of towers and plazas, with grand lobbies, suites and restaurants. Some of the mansions serve as villas, subdivided into guestrooms along with gardens and verandas. In the hustling and bustling commercial areas of traditional souk markets, there are small traditional inns which facilitate divided compartments to serve as sleeping centers with exclusive privacy for travellers. They function primarily as motels for local travellers to avail rest and services while en-route to their business or journey to other destinations. If somehow, you were unable to book cheap flights to Iran and want to cut down on accommodation costs, there are small hotels which have retained their standards from the pre revolution era in the older parts of the cities, facilitating standard beds with televisions and seating areas.  

Managing the daily budget
  • A single meal at an international fast food chain: £ 2.7
  • A large bottle of mineral water: £ 0.26
  • An imported pack of cigarettes: £ 1.7
  • A local transport ticket: £ 0.12
  • An average taxi trip within the city: £ 2
  • An international standard luxury hotel in central metropolitan area: £ 130

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