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Seeking cheap flights to Aden? Then look no further because TravelHouseUK makes sure you travel in style! The stunning beaches and bustling souks is exactly what you need on your ideal vacation. This is your chance to discover historical and natural sites of the city with these amazing cheap tickets to Aden.

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why travel to aden?

A vacation serving indulgent beaches, top-notch adventure and fascinating historical sites awaits at the city of Aden. Located along the southern end of the Red Sea, Aden is a beautiful port city of Yemen offering astoundingly beautiful age-old attractions and stunning natural sites that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the country. All this is topped by Yemen's charming hospitality making your holiday in Aden truly memorable. Being located on the coastal strip, Aden has long served as a hub of frantic commercial activity and as such witnesses a beautiful blend of the different cultures that have predominated over time. Aden has also been listed as one of UNESCO's World Heritage listed sites owing to the city's plethora of stunning buildings of ancient origin, forts, water-catchment systems and castles that have stood the test of time. The city is perched amidst the backdrop of volcanic mountains with the development of an old town in the crater of an extinct volcano. The two main mountains, Jebel Hadid and jebel Shamsaan overlook most of the city’s development. Located in the sub-centre of the Crater are the Cisterns of Tawila. Built in the 1st century, these are one of the oldest mechanisms used to collect water for the city and also to remove the excess in times of flooding. Another one of such fascinating historic landmarks is the Sirah Fort. This monumental fort and its surrounding huge walls were once built as a shield for protection against the invaders. The fort is open to climb up the huge flock of steps for some splendid views of the crater city, the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. The city also boasts the fascinating National Museum of Antiquities to satisfy the appetite of history lovers. The museum exhibits a stunning collection of artefacts and remnants that depict the life of the ancient kingdoms believed to have been residing in this part of the world. There is also a Military Museum in the centre of the Crater which is rarely open for the general public. The Palace of the Sultanate of Lahej is used to house the National Museum in Aden. Tourist-specific areas include the Tawahi “Steamer Point”, which was a historical spot for all British service folk from the days they had a base in Aden, and now today has a pier for local boat tours. The Rimbaud House is the last known landmark of French poet and traveller, who came across Aden and settled here for a phase before continuing his expedition. Among places of religious relevance, the Al Adrius Mosque is revered for its ancient minarets.A Zoroastrian Fire Temple is also intact, facing its own artificial pool and built by the Zoroastrian community settled in the area. Aden is just not all about historic attractions. The city also boats a number of rejuvenating beaches owing to its location on the southern end of the Red Sea. The beaches on the Gulf of Aden, particularly the Gold Mohur Beach, are ideal for swimming, diving and surfing. The Fisherman Bay has its own fish market of locals selling their daily catch afresh. A real underrated wonder lies just beyond Aden’s coasts; the Socotra “pirate” island. Mostly remote, desolate and with very few explorers reaching its turf, the island is someplace beyond imagination, with dunes of pure white sand raising above the beach, unique trees including the baobab, and exotic marine life.

what are the air operators providing flights to aden from uk?

Some of the leading airlines offering low airfares for flights to Aden from the UK are Royal Jordanian Airlines and Turkish Airlines.

are there any direct flights from london to aden?

There are no direct flights to this destination from London.

what is the average flight time from london to aden?

Average flight time for flights to Aden, Yemen from London is 11 hours. Flight time will vary according to the time spent on the stopover destination.

what is the distance from the airport to the city centre?

Aden International Airport is located at a distance of approximately 11km from Aden city centre.

how to get to the city centre from the airport?

Aden International Airport offers convenient round the clock taxi and bus services. Taxis can be hailed easily upon exiting the arrivals terminal building. Bus services available at the airport do not have a fixed schedule therefore using the taxi service is a more reliable option. Car rental companies are also available, which are usually a more convenient option provided that you are staying in Aden for a longer period. Car rentals usually provide a local driver along with the rented vehicle so it makes it easy to travel to Aden city and beyond. Many hotels of Aden also offer shuttle service to ferry the guests from the airport.

how to get around aden?

Aden is served by buses and minibuses as a main mode of public transport. The only downside to travelling using the buses is the language barrier. Navigation around the city generally can be difficult if you are not fluent in the local Arabic language although these minibuses essentially use a circular route.  Bus stop for long distance travel beyond the city of Aden is located in Sheikh Othman. Bus service is also being operated by private companies which are especially recommended for foreign tourists. Taxis are also plentiful in Aden. Car rental is usually provided with experienced local drivers, hiring four-wheeled vehicles as a convenient option if you are seeking to explore the mountainous landscapes of the city.

what are the hotel and accommodation options in aden?

Aden city offers accommodation options to cater to everyone on the budget scale. Options include plaza hotels, beach resorts and guest houses. Hotels in the main street of Malla can also be found that are close to all the main attractions of the city, with such hotels consisting of apartment rooms. Most of the beach resorts are located in Gold Mohur area. The mid-ranged and budget hotels of Aden offer decent living at good value. The rate mostly depends on the location or district, with the posh districts towards the coasts boasting of local, lavish resorts. Hotels categorized in the high-end category offer facilities that include free Wi-Fi service, a 24/7 reception, meeting rooms, gym and outdoor pools along with featuring extravagant rooms. They also facilitate luxuries like spas, dining halls and cuisine restaurants. Near the coasts, some also partner with cruise tour companies for water tours and diving in the area. Alcohol and clubbing is also available in many of Aden's high-end hotels unlike other cities of Yemen. Nightclubs function independently as well to become the main feature of Aden’s nightlife.

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