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why visit boa vista?

Living up to its name, Boa Vista is Cape Verde’s third largest island, located in the Far East end. The island welcomes you to peachy dunes, scanty oasis and clear blue waters. Boa Vista offers incredible beaches along with unforgettable windsurfing and paddle-boarding experiences. For water sports, it’s suggested that pre booking be done to lessen the costs. Catamaran and windsurfing options are popular. As most the roads are treacherous, be ready for rough off road travels, adding thrill to your trip. Sand safari via off-road vehicles is the main option of commute, allowing adventure services for access to remote areas, fishing villages and towns. Popular local infrastructure includes some of the old churches as well as a lighthouse and abandoned, wrecked ships along the coasts. Find yourself listening to the sweet soundtrack of the exotic birds in the background as you head to the shallow waters to spot humpback whales or even turtles.  The endangered loggerhead Turtles, which are a major marine life attraction, usually come to the shore to lay eggs during the months of July to October; you can book yourself a tour with any of the several agencies facilitating the watch. Along with the scenic beauty and calm atmosphere, Bon Vista also offers a variety of different cuisines to keep tourists excited. All food joints use local produce and fresh seafood to serve unique, one of a kind dishes; Blue Merlin and Chandinho are the top picks. Adventure facilities are developing at the moment, including kite surfing, quad biking, sand trekking over the dunes and snorkelling.

which major airlines fly to boa vista from uk?

TAP Air Portugal is entertained by the Boa Vista Airport.

what's the average flight time to boa vista from uk?

On average, flights to Boa Vista from London take about 9 hours of flight time, exclusive from the time spent on stopovers. Flights to Boa Vista from London are made usually via a single stopover in Europe.

is there any direct flight to boa vista from uk?

There are currently no direct flights to this destination.

how to travel from airport to city centre?

Taxis that run on meters and buses with stops dotted all over the city facilitate travel from the airport to the city. 

how far is the airport from the city centre?

Aristides Pereira International Airport is about 5 kilometres from the main urban central of Boa Vista.

how to get around the city?

Most sights and attractions are within walking distances. However busses do have an extensive network running all over the Island. Taxis are also an option; however they prove to be more expensive. Although they run on meter, prices might escalate upon taking you to the airport or the bus station. For connecting to remote areas, car hire services and companies need to be approached for SUV travel for going off-roads.

what is the best time to visit boa vista?

Boa Vista sports a steady tropical weather all year round. However, warmer temperatures are witnessed during the months of May to November, usually preferred by tourists. The best time to travel and be part of festivals and carnivals in February. The Island is also busy during November and April, mostly occupied by Europeans escaping their cold temperatures to enjoy these warm dry ones.

where to stay in boa vista?

With a lot of international investments coming in, Boa Vista is witnessing the construction of many hotels and luxury resorts. However Boa Vista also has a wide range of existing accommodations to choose from, be it hotels, or resorts or even apartments. Although as per common practice hotels are stationed near to the beaches, but same is true for apartments in Boa Vista. Towards the coast, resorts and clubs are facing the beachfront, with clubs having a lot more amenities and facilities like outdoor cafes and restaurants. Some of the hotels are styled in unique architecture of castles and fortifications alongside the sands and rocks, surrounded by gardens of tropical palms or their own amenity pools. If living in the town area is what you fancy, then places such as Hotel Boa Vista is your top pick, located on the maid road it offers ample activity, colourful cosy rooms and standard amenities. Most apartments are located on the north western coast in a town called Sal Rei. Almost all these apartments offer outdoor pools and top notch restaurants and needless to say, breath-taking views from the perfectly placed balconies. Towards the villages and towns, there are traditional villas converted into guesthouses.

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