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climate- peak and off-peak season

Falling in the southern portion of the temperate climate zone shows its unsurprising effects in awfully hot and dry summers (exceeding 40 °C) and not so different winters, cold but dry again (below -20 °C). Needless to say, an overall dry climate means little to no rain even in Ashgabat: temperature of the receiving capital for cheap flights to Turkmenistan rises as high as 48.0 °C to our surprise. Specifically the Karakum Desert mentioned above is one of the driest deserts on the planet. This makes September-November period ideal for quality travel and hence, the higher fares.

places to visit and things to do

Rummaging through Central Asia is itself a bamboozling experience, singularly with this destination. Forget linear travelling- what folks usually settle on is scrambling a journey that already has a comprehensive scope in terms of sights visited, ground covered and culture absorbed. Brief visits involve a mere skipping past between multiple cities and townships, and seemingly unconnected timelines (historical hunts), and do not settle down up until the day of their departure. Here, there, everywhere, nowhere! But imaginably with more time, money and context, cheap flights to Turkmenistan may very well expand into a thorough tour that could be very well enjoyed, with quality visits to target sites.

A typical quixotic quest unfolds right after any of the cheap flights to Turkmenistan make contact with the ground: from the Ashgabat International Airport and into the main city Ashgabat; the capital city brings foreigners closer than anywhere else to the international façade the country sustains since independence. Nor for that matter does it cause any unexpected delays for travelers with an inflexible schedule as its very placement (sandwiched in between the aforementioned Karakum Desert and the Kopet Dag) allows easy access to either one of the two hardiness zones. As far as architecture is concerned, the TürkmenbaşyRuhy Mosque is one of the capital’s better constructions. The Monument of Neutrality not just lifts its own weight but also seems to transcend beyond its usual stature, much like a Buddhist in lotus position. The Turkmen Carpet Museum is to be visited more than once if you have even a tiny bit of spark for fine arts and handicrafts.

Only a stone’s throw away from the capital is the ancient city of Nisa: the first seat of Parthian government and at present a UNESCO World Heritage Site; then before and now once more, a site like the other mentions, worth all those fare expenses of cheap flights to Turkmenistan.

language and people

Turkmen being the official language of This country stands a challenge, in specific, for English visitors on cheap flights to Turkmenistan from the UK. And the stakes are higher still with Russian being the second most spoken language in the country, say 12%. But it is not necessarily an obstacle that cannot be overcome in this way or that.

Scratching off the taint of obscurity newcomers to the country are usually staring at and revealing its history from way back…back when the first Turkish tribe settled in the region and triggered a chain reaction of Oghuz mass migrations, it comes to light that the name Turkmen was coined in the tenth century and specifically for these Islamic nomads who were later to become the rulers of the region and a major ethnic demographic in modern times.

airlines serving the country

In any assessment dealing with travelling, the cost of travelling has to be addressed. Having a feeling this is not precisely a high budget trip; indirect cheap flights to Turkmenistan can be booked with Lufthansa Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and British Airways. But leave it to the flag carrier This country Airlines to set the mood well from the outset. Unmistakably, these are fare offers aimed at the lowest common denominator of travelers looking for comparatively economical bargains but without any hitches and face palming.

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