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Home to the Caucasian cultures in Eurasia, Georgia offers its visitors to discover an ethnic melting pot surrounded by transcontinental states. This country lies in the east of Europe and borders the Black Sea, Turkey, Armenia and Russia, and has its community is inherent and influenced from each of these nationalities. Much of its region is prized for preserving antique sites and artifacts. Its winters remain extreme in certain mountainous regions, making it suitable as a winter sports destination. Flights to Georgia. will lead you to discover the impeccable straddling point of Europe and Asia. With TravelhouseUK, budget bargain deals, you can avail standard accommodation with complete tours from city to city within the country. Our experts have chosen the best options with the highest value-for-money. With a little deliberation, Georgia Flights can be acquired along with discounted hotel deals to ease the travelling plans.

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best time to visit

Georgia is a very happening place and there is always something to look forward to while visiting the country. The best time to visit and the peak tourist season is during the summer, that is, from May to August, where May, June and July experience the most crowds. Therefore, if you are looking to spend your summers in Georgia then it is better to make your reservations in advance for availing cheap flights to Georgia and to get an affordable room. Spring and autumn are quite pleasant and favorable with lesser crowds. Nevertheless, winter is also not a bad time to visit. Especially the southwestern part of the country the winters are very mild and offer best conditions.

places to see and things to do

Georgia origins from Euro-Asia while neighbouring the Black Sea to its West. This country offers a popular holiday destination because of its striking black sand beaches, its snow-capped mountain peaks, rich history and an evocating cultural heritage. If you are interested in exploring the unadulterated lands, then this country has a number of attractions for serving this purpose as well. Acquire cheap flights to Georgia, to relish the fantastic attractions this country has in store for you.

Tbilisi its capital is a beautiful city with a thriving art and culture scene. Its main attraction include the famous cultural hub Rustaveli Avenue lined with bars, restaurants, shops etc., others iconic spots are the National Gallery , the Museum, Kashveti church, the parliament building and the state Opera theatre. There is also a newly introduced tramway, which takes the visitors from the Rike Park to Narikala fortress from where you can visit the Botanical Gardens. The natural beauty of the country can be observed by visiting the Ritsa Nature Reserve in Abkhazia. It is home to the deepest lake crater in Georgia, the Ritsa Lake. Its stunning mountainous surroundings and blue green waters are a sight of utter awe.  In addition to that, the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kazbek are a playground for expeditions undertook by professional climbers and trekkers, allowing scenic views across the valleys. It offers a picturesque scenery bordering Russia and as it names so denotes, it is the mountain of ice.

For those looking for ancient architecture, Georgia has its own fair share. The ancient cave towns of Georgia are a popular holiday retreat. These include the Uplistsikhe Ruins near Gori, give evidence of a unique method for creating shelter for settlement. The ruins consist of entire caves with the rock itself shaped just like houses. It dates back to 6th century BC and was entirely hewn out of rocks. The ruins of Armazi Citadel also depict the structure of the main building under the growth of forest greenery. Moreover, the ancient fortress of Narikala overlooking Tbilisi is another important attraction dating back 8th century.

Another important site is the 12th century, old monastery or the cave city of Vardzia. It can be accessed through a 30 minutes climb and is a wonderful picnic spot. Also, explore its labyrinth of tunnels and rooms carved out of the mountain.  The Savannah District is completely preserved with its houses fashioned in accordance to the Victorian Era of architectural designs. The Forsyth Park is the large green area established under the federal administration. This Park is a centre of attraction in Savannah and is very popular among the locals.  While exploring the country after availing the cheap flights to Georgia, also visit the black see coastal town Batumi. It is a modern escape in the country with spectacular beaches, modern houses and lovely resorts for the visitors. Its Boulevard is a sprawling lawn with flowers and palm trees and offers a tranquil ambiance.

hotels and accommodation

Find a luxury and affordable accommodation is not an issue while in Georgia. However in the month of May, there might be a hike in the prices due to the annual festivities but during the other months, you can find plethora of options all across the country. Buy cheap flights to Georgia along with reasonable accommodation option is the one incentive that makes this country a popular holiday destination. Some of the classic choices of apartments, hotels and hostels includeHotel elegant in Batumi, envoy hostel in Tbilisi city,Kobuleti Beach Club, Kobuleti Pearl of Sea Hotel & Spa 4-star hotel, Hotel Old Seti- Mestia, Hotel Svaneti 3-star hotel-Mestia, Hotel Ponto Tbilisi 2,Tbilisi Inn etc.

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