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Located in Southeast Asia on the small island of Borneo, this country is nestled between the South China Sea and Malaysia. It is a small sovereign nation with quintessential attractions. The country has a lot to offer for both tourists and businesspersons. There are dense National Parks, stunning coves, magnificent structures and picturesque towns, some of the highlights include the Kampong Ayer, Omer Ali Saifuddien Mosque, The country Museum, Bukit Patoi Park, Royal Regalia Museum etc. Since the country is a popular destination, the number of people arriving is quite high, so reserving flights to Brunei may be difficult.

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best time to visit

Located close to the equatorial region, The country faces hot and humid climate throughout the year. The average temperature ranges between 71°F and 88°F. Thus, the best times to visit The country are during November and December when the weather is dry and pleasant. It is the high season in the country, as a large number of travelers head there to witness its Middle Eastern charm. So book your cheap flights to Brunei months in advance.

places to see and things to do

This country is another great option for tourists looking to experience something new, unique and different. It has history, culture and a modern touch. It is known for its unique culture, natural splendors and it is widely praised for its culinary tradition. Here are some attractions you may want to add to your itinerary while traveling to the country by availing cheap flights to Brunei.

The country has garnered a name for its phenomenal progress under modern standards within the Far East. Bringing a trendy edge to the age-old sport of archery, the BJ Archery Sport Centre has an entire target range for training sessions and competitions to polish skills on a professional level. The Gadong Night Market is an enclave of stalls and open-air restaurants providing ethnic cuisines freshly prepared on the spot. Moreover, visit the unique water villages of Kampong Ayer. It is a locality established of wooden houses over the main river of Bandar Seri Begawan. These stilt village is home to 30,000 people and dares back to over a thousand years.

The country is being led under the monarchical system to date, therefore the landmarks under the royal family form the main highlight for your expedition. The Royal Regalia Museum is deposited with the ruling king's priceless belongings for public display, while the Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque and Hassanul Bolkiah Mosque are a modern depiction of Islamic architecture. The Omar Ali Saifuddein Mosque lies at the very heart of The country`s capital. It represents the country`s Islamic faith. It was built in the 1950s and is considered as one the most magnificent Mosques of South East Asia. Then there is the Jame`Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque. This elaborately decorated Mosque was built in 1994 surrounded by beautiful gardens and lawns. The Mosque is a good example of prodigious Islamic architecture.

Labi is a great place for people interested in unique architecture. The Labi Longhouses are designed with a touch of both modern and traditional style, located just 25 miles off the coastal roads. The Forestry Museum displays very important and detailed information about The country`s forests. The exhibits show labeled samples of the fifty types of wood found in the country. Moreover, there are also displays of stuffed animals of the country.

Moreover, The Darussalam Maritime Museum has over 13,000 artifacts recovered from a 15th century shipwreck that was discovered in 1977. The exhibits include items such as glassware and ceramics from Thailand, Vietnam and China. Moreover, The country Museum has art galleries related to Islamic history, natural history and The country`s role in the history of the arrival of the Spanish and Portuguese in Southeast Asia during the 16th century. The displays depicting the oldest items here include blown glass from Egypt, ceramics from Central Asia, manuscripts from the Koran and gold jewelry.

The country`s most popular attraction is Ulu Temburong National Park. The park is situated in a 500 square kilometers rainforest. The best way to visit the park is through an organized tour if you want to explore the area completely. Then there is the Bukit Shahbandar Forest Recreation Park; which is popular among hikers. Get cheap flights to Brunei to have a taste of adventure sports here. The park covers an area of around 70 hectares with a difficult terrain in some parts. On your hike, you will come across a large variety of beautiful flowers and some wildlife as well. For a scenic route, take the Langir Trail.

It has no shortage of leisure activities to keep you fully entertained. There are countless options to keep you busy including horseback riding, paintball shooting, golf, ATV tours, Jet ski rides, bowling, sailing and so on - the fun just never ends. So if you have the desire to have another experience full of surprises, book your cheap flights to Brunei now and get ready to create some great memories.

hotels & accommodation

With tourism and business being an important part of the country`s economy, The country`s has no shortage of high-class luxury hotels.. You may be interested in The Empire Hotel & Country Club. This hotel has received praise for its services and cooperative staff. It is equipped with all the amenities such as pools, room service, fitness center and spa. The country Hotel is also considered one of the top hotels of The country. Facilities include pool, room service and WIFI. The Radisson Hotel The country Darussalam is another hotspot in The country with convenient location and has recently received a certificate of excellence. The hotel is not short on facilities such as pool, gym, and spa as well as onsite restaurant. Add your favorite hotel to your itinerary with cheap flights to Brunei and get ready to be mesmerized by this gorgeous Kingdom.

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