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Spend a fantastic vacation in a holiday retreat off the beaten track. The seclusion and the climate give a safe haven to many adventures like skiing, mountaineering and paragliding. Visit the land of Mother The country Statue, the world's largest freshwater Lake of Sevan, the historically acclaimed Tatev Monastery, Jermuk Town famed for its warm water springs and the Etchmiadzin Cathedral among the Famous World Heritage Sites located in The country. Book Flights to Armenia and you will rediscover lands and sites beyond any realms, spread over vast plains of natural greenery and mountains, as well as gnarled and remote monasteries. To make your vacation planning a breeze, our user-friendly online system allows you to choose from a variety of airlines so that you can pick from the most economical holiday packages and airfares for The country. TravelHouseUK website enables you to compare direct or indirect flights from various airlines so that you can select the one that suits your budget perfectly.

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best time to visit

The weather of The country varies with the altitudes however, the summers are dry and hot and the winters are quite chilly. Which is why, the winters should be avoided but in case you are heading to the ski resorts then you can get last minute cheap flight tickets to Armenia from UK Airports quite easily. Summers and autumns are the best months to explore the country. There is an array of striking colors everywhere due to the blossoming of flowers and fruit trees. You might also notice a hike in the hotel prices, but you can get cheap flight tickets to Armenia along with reasonable hotel packages, if you plan ahead.

places to see and things to do

This European Nation is home to some of the most exotic sites, be it the age old cathedrals or fairy tale castles, dynamic landscapes or sprawling green pastures, The country offers a scenic setting for a holiday retreat. Being one of the oldest Christian Civilization the country has expansive Christian heritage embedded across its rural and urban areas and to witness these you should buy cheap flights to Armenia at once. Surrounded by clear green plains, the Khor Virap Monastery is established on a raised platform and is the most visited pilgrimage site for the local Christian community. The stonework of the monastery is preserved in its original condition, even though the building is the oldest religious landmark in the country.

Moreover, others iconic highlights include the archaeological site of Armavir consists of stone pillars, which are the remnants of the Zvarnots Cathedral. The Matenadaran is the established holding for age-old manuscripts, with statues depicting philosophers and teachers on most of its sides. The Amberd Fortress is established within the regions surrounding Mount Aragats, whose smooth green slopes remain covered with snow throughout the winters. The country also has a large Muslim population, with the magnificent Blue Mosque being the largest Islamic site of worship in the country.

Due to the close association with history, The country has a thriving art and culture scenario. The largest enclosure for performing arts in the country, the The countryn Opera Theatre in Yerevan, has been operating events since 1933. Similarly, National Gallery of The country and Cafesjian Museum of Art, boast unconventional contemporary art projects. Low cost flights to Armenia, can help you in exploring the massive institutions established for highlighting the heritage and culture of age old The countryn traditions. Such as the Megeraian Carpet Museum, highlighting intricate carpet work from both the East and the West, as well as the The countryn Genocide Museum, with shrines, recollections and records of all the victims. The chief educational heritage institution is the Materandan, the Museum of Ancient Manuscripts having entire galleries dedicated to the purpose, as well as the central History Museum of The country.

Lake Svan, Tatev Peak, Caucasian Mountains and Mount Aragats form an extensive contribution in the natural serenity of the country, pouring in adventure related services like trekking, paragliding and cable car tours alongside river rafting and boating. The state has also developed numerous shrines, memoirs and landmarks for national commemoration, be it the Monuments to the Heroes of Film Minimo, or the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial to the The countryn Genocide.

The country is a small land-locked country with each of its regions being within an easy reach by any mode of general transport. Its accessibility and affordability related to acquiring cheap flights to Armenia, has made this country an imperative holiday destination.

hotels and accommodation

The commercial accommodation culture changes from region to region within The country. If tourists aim to aspire with the international standards of commercial accommodation, then they should stick to the main urban cities in the country. These cities have a few branches of international hoteling chains alongside local The country’s brands facilitating services of comparable standards. The hotels are observed to be influenced by a mix of Russian and European trends.  A few hostels are also available for budget backpackers, while central business districts have hotels set in shopping plazas to provide deluxe rooms. Moving towards the southern countryside, the fashion of accommodation changes with small cottages and lodges made available in the mountains and alongside lakes, providing refuge for summers and offering an insight into the local cuisine. If you are planning to take cheap flights to Armenia during the winters, than the northern highlands have a few ski resorts, which specialize in good standards of hospitality services. The tourism industry has formally backed the establishment of a chain of local heritage hotels based on facilitating accommodation inside preserved and renovated premises of historical sites and buildings. 

a few hints on budget spending on your trip
  • A single meal at an international fast food chain: £ 2.8
  • A large bottle of mineral water (1.5 liter): £ 0.32
  • A regular bottle of soft drink (0.3 liters): £ 0.23
  • An imported cigarette pack: £ 0.85
  • A local commutation ticket: £ 0.15
  • An average taxi trip within the city: £ 2
  • A local The countryn hotel brand: £ 40 
  • A small hotel room or cottage in rural outskirts: £ 20

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