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It is one of the central Asian Nation with thriving metropolitans like Almaty or Astana, stupendous beaches along the Caspian Sea and rugged mountain peaks along the Russian and Chinese borders. It is one of those countries where history and heritage are given immense importance, which is why you will find numerous structures from the past immaculately preserved, and a number of museums displaying artefacts. Being transcontinental in its origins, it is unique in every regard. With flights to Jordan you will head to this largest landlocked country in the world. Its landscape specializes in mountainous terrain, home of the nomadic livestock farming communities settled in the highlands. Its culture is mostly remote and eccentric; however, progress has paved its way for major cities in every region. Tourism experienced a boom due to the international airports of the country. Experts at Travelhouse UK have surfed all major airlines for Kazakhstan flights , bringing forward excellent air operators for your service.

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best time to visit

This country is an extensive country and the best time of the year to visit can be decided after you speculate what you are looking for during your vacations. There are beaches where you will find hot summers and mild winters on the contrary the mountainous regions are mostly covered with ice. It is suggested that you take some precautions while heading to the country after taking cheap flights to Kazakhstan. In case, you are looking for skiing then visit during the winters, while for sight-seeing its best that you choose summers or springs for your expedition. Due to continental climate both summers and winters are harsh.  Rain showers are expected all year round, however most of the rain is recorded during the winters.

places to see and things to do

This land has its identity defined with being the descendants of the Mongol empire in Central Asia. Its rich past has added much to its beauty and heritage. Astana its capital has a number of iconic landmarks displaying its history, culture and its latest development as a progressive nation. Travelers can buy cheap flights to Kazakhstan to explore the modern metropolitan. In line with its official title, the Presidential Centre of Culture in Astana is one huge treasure exhibiting galleries of artwork, collections of musical instruments, canvasses, and even a library of books to cover national heritage. The Centre serves as the facility for representing the country on a diplomatic basis. With its golden dome and marble structure gleaming in a distance, the Noor Astana Mosque stands as the largest mosque in central Asia. Symbolizing the international outreach of the capital city of Astana, the Bayterek is the lone observation tower overseeing the central business district. It is established in a clearing surrounded by a small park among all the skyscrapers and towers of the city. Both the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre and Duman Entertainment Centre are a major draw for the visitors. There stunning exterior is an evidence of modern architecture and they host a combination of facilities, including giant aquariums, swimming pools, cinemas and even indoor games.

Almaty sits at the base of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains and is hailed as the largest city. This beautiful city is a former capital and offers a number of attractions including the famous Almaty Tower, one of the tallest structures in the world, one of the largest museum of Central Asia- the Central State Museum and the Panfilov Park home to an orthodox church  and a cathedral. This city offers a luxuriant escape with restaurants, shopping areas and spectacular boulevards to intensify its beauty.

Aktau meaning the White Mountain is located on the east coast of Caspian Sea. This city is strategically developed in such a way that it can easily bear the harsh climatic conditions and the lack of fresh water. The city is a proof of modern technology as the seawater is desalinated to make it useful. In the past plantation was impossible here but now there is a Botanical Garden, cultural centers, a concert hall, cinemas and dozens of libraries, gyms and sports grounds. Even the streets of this city are made inspiring, laced with lavish green lawns lined with poplars and acacias.

The Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi is an important attraction in the city of Turkestan. This mausoleum is an incomplete structure until date, it was initiated in the era of Tamerlane but later on the work stopped. It now stands as a distinctive medieval structure of the past also listed in the UNESCO World heritage site.

Apart from incredible sight-seeing the country also offers adventure lovers, their fair share of attractions. One such example is Medeo. This scenic valley lies in the proximity of Almaty and among other attractions; it serves as a ground to world’s largest speed skating rink. There is also a ski resort, which offers one of the best skiing spot in the Central Asia so buy cheap flights to Kazakhstan to indulge in this adrenaline infused activity among the picturesque setting.

Aksu-Zhabagyly Nature Reserve is home to country’s green valleys, gushing rivers, snowcapped peaks and glaciers. It is one of the best places for the nature lovers and birders to visit. Apart from 1300 flowering plants in the reserve it is also home to diverse wildlife.

hotels and accommodation:

There are a number of lavish hotel options available. Moreover, you can also get hold of apartments, hostels, boutique hotels etc., according to your need and requirement. For best airfare deals and hotel packages, visit the website of travelhouse uk and find cheap flights to Kazakhstan. The best feature about visiting here is that the locals are very gracious and its tourism and hospitality industry has developed at an immense pace over the years. The best luxury hotels are Rixos Almaty, The Ritz-Carlton, Almaty, Rixos Khadisha Shymkent, Astana Marriott Hotel, Rixos President Astana Hotel, Dedeman Oskemen Tavros Hotel etc.

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