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Cheap one-way & return flights to Vanuatu from London

Airlines that operate flights to Vanuatu from UK:

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Qantas Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • American Airlines
  • Etihad Airlines
  • Virgin Australia Airlines
  • Emirates
  • British European Airlines
  • Air India

How long is the flight to Vanuatu from UK?

  • Flight from London Heathrow to Vanuatu is about 33 to 36 hours long, depending on the airline, with two stopovers.
  • Flight from Manchester to Vanuatu comes with two stopovers and usually is 34 to 39 hours long.
  • Flights from Birmingham to Vanuatu sometimes are 32 to 38 hours long. This too depends on the airline the traveller uses and usually come with two stopovers.
  • Flight from London Gatwick to Vanuatu can be a bit longer. They take about 33 to 39 hours long, with two stopovers.

What are the major international airports in Vanuatu?

The nation comprises of 82 islands, and the quickest way from one to the other is by taking a flight. Bauerfield International Airport (VLI) and Santo-Pekoa International Airport (SON) are the two main international airports serving the country. There are 28 other domestic airports in the country that aid the tourists to get from island to island.

  • Bauerfield International Airport (VLI) is located in the city of Port Vila, the capital and largest city in Vanuatu. The airport is right at the centre of the archipelago and it has a single runway that is capable of landing an Airbus 330 long-range aeroplane.
  • Santo-Pekoa International Airport (SON) serves the city of Luganville, the second largest city in Vanuatu. The airport is located on the largest island in the archipelago, called Espiritu Santo. The airport makes the northern part of the country more accessible to the tourists.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Vanuatu?

The cheapest time to visit Vanuatu is from November to March. As the water remains warm year around, people who are on a budget can enjoy snorkelling and diving with equal comfort. This is the low season because of a few more rainy days than usual and due to the fact that flow of Australian tourists is low since Australian schools have yet to go on their yearly breaks at this time of the year.

What are the entry requirements to Vanuatu for British travellers?

British citizens do not require a visa before leaving for Vanuatu and can remain in the country for 30 days on arrival. At the airport, the traveller needs to provide an ‘intention of return’, in the form of a return ticket.

What is the best time to visit Vanuatu?

The best time to visit Vanuatu is from April to October. This is when the skies are open above Vanuatu and the rainy days are few. Due to the tropical climate of the country, the temperature remains moderate and the water washing the beaches remains warm. The average temperature throughout the year ranges from 22°C to 28°C, so swimming is enjoyable 365 days a year.

What are the major landmarks in Vanuatu?

Vanuatu is heaven for those who fantasize about living a life on the sea. If the lagoons and the open sea breeze do not convince you of that, maybe the shipwrecks and the exotic culture of the Ni-Vanuatu would make you feel like a seafaring voyager.

  • The shipwreck of the SS President Coolidge is among the most visited wrecks in the world. The ship was scuttled in the World War by Japanese mines. The shallow waters did not drown any of the sailors but it mummified the ship. If you are into snorkelling, let the guide help you swim to the wreck. Maybe you find a treasure chest full of gold somewhere in there. Imagine a little!
  • Million dollar point is a place that has a little history associated with that landmark. When the Americans were leaving the island after the Second World War, they had millions of dollars worth of military equipment at their base. When the Europeans refused to purchase the equipment, thinking that the Americans would abandon it all and leave anyway, the Americans tossed all of the equipment into the sea, rendering it unusable. The point still has jeeps and tanks parked on the seabed. Divers visit the site for amazing photo sessions.
Which events and festivals are celebrated in Vanuatu?

The festivals of the Ni-Vanuatu are rooted in their native cultures. The Nagol Land Diving Festival is a coming of age festival open to the tourists. The young Ni-Vanuatu men climb a wooden tower 20 to 30 metres high. Proving their bravery, they leap towards the ground; however, the vines clasping their ankles break their impact. The dancers keep shaking the ground at the annual Toka Festival in October. The festival sees all of the native communities of the many islands come to gather and dance nonstop for a day, ending the festival with an enormous meal.

What are the transportation options available to tourists within Vanuatu?

Air Vanuatu has a small but efficient network of small planes connecting the many islands of the country. Keep your baggage small, to around 10 kilograms, when visiting the islands other than Efate and Espiritu Santo, since the luggage space on the aeroplanes would be limited. Ferries and boats are the way to go if you want to visit the country in a detailed manner. The ferries have a set route, touching island to island, but the schedules change and are set according to need. They can also be booked online.

Which five star hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Vanuatu?

There are many five star accommodations in Vanuatu. Most people, however, visit this archipelago to realign themselves with nature. Incasing yourself in luxury would hamper the healing process from the island’s energy. So choose wisely and re-energize yourself in Vanuatu!

  • Warwick Le Lagon – Vanuatu
  • The Terraces Boutique Apartments
  • Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu
  • Ratua Island Resort & Spa
  • Erakor Island Resort & Spa

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