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best time to visit

Istanbul is one of those places, which have a nostalgic effect. You cannot forget this place easily because its ravishing beauty and grace will make you fall in love with it. With every passing day, the modernity of the city is increasing but its historical value is always protected. The ancient structures are preserved so that the visitorscould also relish its rich history and culture. You can acquire cheap flights to Istanbul to have an intimate tour of this city. No doubt, Istanbul will entice you with its fascinating beauty.

The country has a Mediterranean climate. Thewinters are chillyand snowy and the summers are scathing hot. However even when the heat spikes during the summers, still hordes of tourists come here to visit.It is the most expensive season in the city. The airfares as well as the hotel prices hike which is why you can buy cheap flights to Istanbul only if you make your holiday planning in advance.If you want to skip the high season then, the autumn from September to NovemberandSpring from March to May, arerelatively the best time to visit. The crowds are minimal; the hotel rates drops so you can enjoy the perks of this mesmerizing city exclusively. Moreover, the weather is very pleasant for site seeing. Avoid winters, because there is snow, rain and a chilling cold, so those who could brave the cold weather can take advantage of low season rates.

places to visit and things to do

Whether you are looking for beaches or quaint towns, luxury resorts or traditional cafés bustling cosmopolitans or lovely little villages,there are abundance of every sort of location in Istanbul. The city is marked with extraordinary structures of Byzantine and Islamic era. Following are some of the important attractions that you will enjoy so buy cheap flights to Istanbul to explore this city in person.

Firstly, visit the iconic HagiaSofya, which is the major attraction in the city. This Byzantine era structure was a former patriarchal basilica,constructed by the Greek Catholics. Later it was transformedinto an imperial mosque but now it serves as a museum. Itsunpretentious architectural beauty and intricate interior is un-matchable.

Furthermore, the Blue Mosque is another charismatic landmark, it is known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, and is a blatant evidence of Ottoman architectural brilliance. It was constructed in 17 century with six minarets and a spectacular curvaceous exterior and it still dominates the skyline of Istanbul. The name “blue mosque”is given to it because of the intricate blue marble(iznik) tiles, which were used wall to wall to decorate its interior.

Another iconic monument of the history is the Topkapi Palace or Seraglio. This magnanimous palace was used as the Sultan’s residence during the Ottoman Empire 400 years ago. Its baroque architecture,ornate interior,sprawling gardens, and stunning courtyardsare a sight of utter bewilderment.Itis famed for being the most visited site in The country.

Moreover, to see the social feature of The country,visit the Grand Bazar of Istanbul. It is a labyrinth of flamboyantshops of every sort. It is acclaimed as the largest and oldest market in the world and you can find everything here such as ceramics, jewelry ,antiques,  apparels, carpets, textiles etc. Spend a leisurely evening exploring the lengths of this bazaar and when you feel tired head over to one of the traditional hammams or the café’s to savor Turkish delicacies. Other attractions in the city include Basilica Cistern, Galata Tower, Süleymaniye Mosque, Golden Horn, etc. Buy cheap flights to Istanbul to getacquainted with these and a lot of other iconic landmarks aswell.

hotels and accommodation

Where thereare plenty of other things of interest in Istanbul, it does not fall any short of lodging and accommodation facilities as well. This city is laced with classic, sophisticated luxury hotels, spa hotels, hostels, apartments etc. You can get hold of cheap flights to Istanbul along with best hotelpackages from travelhouseuk. Some of the top quality hotels in the vicinity are the Hotel Amira, Skalion Hotel and Spa, Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet, White House Hotel Istanbul, Neorion Hotel, Hotel Sultania, Levni Hotel & Spa, Tomtom Suites etc. Also there are anumber of quality budget hotels aswell like Ada hotel, Hanedan Hotel, Osmanhan Hotel, Tashkonak Hotel, World Heritage Hotel Istanbul etc.

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