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What are the air operators providing cheap flights to Washington DC from the UK

Some of the leading airlines offering cheap flights to Washington DC from UK are United Airlines, Icelandair, KLM, Lufthansa and Air Canada. 

Are there any direct flights to Washington DC from London?

Yes, some prominent airlines are offering direct flights to Washington DC from London. These include British Airways, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. 

What is the average flight time from London to Washington DC?

The average flight time from London to Washington is 8 hours. 

What is the distance from the Washington DC airport to the city center?

Washington DC is being served by 5 airports. These are Baltimore Washington International, Washington Buzzards Pt S, Washington Ronald Reagan, Washington Dulles, and Washington Pentagon Army. The main public-use international airport is the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) located at a distance of approximately 3 miles south of downtown D.C. 

Why travel to Washington?

The capital of the United States of America and the most popular city, Washington has a lot to offer in terms of attractions. From monuments to iconic buildings, there is a lot to see here and will keep one occupied. this is your chance to visit the original US constitution and experience standing where once Martin Luther King Jr stood and delivered his speech “I have a dream”. To get a better insight into what goes on inside The White House, one can take a tour and be a part of some of the most significant events. 


This city houses many historic sites and one of them includes the Lincoln Memorial. Favorite of tourists and especially of those who are history buffs, this site’s architecture is simply striking. The two famous speeches have been etched into the walls while the 36 Doric columns takes you back to the time that Lincoln passed away. Another memorial worth visiting is the Vietnam Veterans and Korean War Veterans Memorial. This will be one of the most moving experiences that one will ever come across. The famous wall made of granite has names of 58,000 Americans who gave up their lives during the Vietnam War. Open 24 hours, this is one of the most personalized experience of history. 


A 2 mile long pond serves as the perfect opportunity to immerse oneself in an outdoor experience. The Tidal Basin is a must see as it is attached to the Potomac River and provides stunning views of the city’s famous sites. The cherry blossom trees and the glistening water adds that oomph factor. One can also experience paddle boating and pack a picnic! 

Constructed in the year 1907, the Washington National Cathedral is the sixth largest in the world. The site is surrounded by green gardens and hence serves as the perfect place to take a stroll at. The intricate glass stained windows coupled with the stony grotesques makes the interior even more appealing. 


Washington is not sort on art as it is home to one of the most famous galleries called the National Gallery of Art. Works of famous artists such as Matisse and Rothko have been kept in this gallery which has attracted thousands of people to visit. An attraction that lures millions of people each year is none other than the National Air and Space Museum. The museum is home to many aircrafts and exhibits. The IMAX theatre and planetarium as well as the flight stimulator are some of the biggest attractions. In addition to this, there is a three level gift shop. Some of the aircrafts that are present in the museum include the Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louisand Wilbur Wright’s Wright 1903 Flyer and Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Vega 5B. 


The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is another must see destination which includes a sobering experience. The museum takes you through several different exhibits including Hitler’s rise to power and other anti Semitic propaganda and the Final Solution horrors. 

How to get to the city center from the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport?

Getting to downtown city from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is quite easy for the arriving passengers given the comprehensive network of ground transportation options available. Passengers looking for a cost-effective mode of reaching the city can use the Metrorail system from the Metrorail station connected to Terminal B/C. fares charged are less than $6 to get to any location in Washington, Virginia and Maryland. There is also an on-airport shuttle bus service to ferry the passengers between Terminals A, B, and C and to the Metro Station. 


Other ground transportation options available are shared ride services, taxis and rental cars. For those looking to get hold of a taxicab can do so by proceeding from any terminal Baggage Claim through the doors to the curbside. Taxi stands will clearly be marked. Reagan National Airport also operates two shared-ride services offering door-to-door service based on-demand. 

How to get around Washington DC?

The best means of traversing through Washington City is via the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority public transportation system. The six color-coded metro train lines run throughout Washington and some areas in Maryland and Virginia. This is one of the recommended modes of travelling within the city, given that the train lines service most of the city's tourist attractions. If you're vacationing in Washington and would like to save on your transportation costs, consider buying a $10 SmarTrip card. This is a plastic, reloadable public transportation ticket that makes for an easy and cost-effective means of travelling in Washington. These SmarTrip cards can also be used to access Washington, D.C.'s Metrobus and the Circulator buses. Washington's public transportation system also includes a comprehensive bus network servicing routes throughout the District, Maryland and Virginia. 


Taxis are also plentiful in Washington DC. These are metered are charge $3.25 for the first 1/8 mile, plus an extra $0.27 for each additional 1/8 mile. Using the metered taxis to get around the city is a more expensive mode of travelling as compared to the train lines and the bus network. Renting your own vehicle is definitely not advisable in Washington due to the frequent congestion and expensive paid parking options. 

What are the hotel and accommodation options in Washington DC?

The city of Washington boasts a wealth of accommodation options to cater to the varied tastes and budget preferences of all. From luxurious plaza and boutique hotels, a chain of the leading international hotels, indulgent suites, to comfortable Bed and Breakfasts, campgrounds and guesthouses, Washington DC definitely has no shortage of accommodation options. If you are looking for a grand experience during your stay here, choose from the list of luxury hotels and suites. Hotels boasting a more urban vibe or a more traditional ambiance can also easily be found here in Washington DC. For those seeking a more personalized experience with the added delight of waking up to a home-cooked morning meal, consider staying in one of the city's known Bed and Breakfasts. 

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