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Las Vegas is one of the most glamorous US cities, known all over the world for its insane gambling and its casinos.

Its limitless attractions and a truly vibrant nightlife draw people from around the world. Now, the attractions have widened in scope to include fashion, art and a great variety of restaurants and hotels. Located in Nevada, it is the largest city of the state surrounded by deserts and stark hills. However, the city has plenty of greenery with lawns and trees everywhere.

Climate and Best Time to Visit

The climate of the city is subtropical with temperatures reaching up to 92.5 °F in summer and dropping down to 42°F in winter. It never faces tornadoes or any such severe weather and enjoys plenty of sunshine throughout the year. Situated in the desert, it comes across very hot days during the summers, especially between June and September. Luckily, humidity is very low - mostly below 15%.

Most suitable time to visit Las Vegas is between February and mid-May as well as October to mid-December, if you want to avoid the extreme hot and cold times of the year.


With so many places to choose from, you will never run out of choices once you are in Las Vegas. The 4 kilometer central part of Las Vegas running through the Boulevard is popularly known as The Strip. The road has all the famous entertainment places including casinos, hotels, eat-outs, performance venues such as live concerts and music theatres. The best time to visit The Strip is after sundown when the city is flashing with neon lights.

There are bus tours that allow you to go through the strip for a very low fee. Many tourists prefer to walk since that allows you to savor the experience first-hand.

Paris Hotel:

If you are a fan of man-made marvels, you are in luck. The Paris Hotel is the one of the most famous resorts in Las Vegas. The Eiffel Tower bears exact resemblance to the original Eiffel tower of Paris. Similarly there is a restaurant in the higher end and when you go down the ground, there is a replica of the Paris Opera house.

Shark Reef Aquarium:

Located at the southwest end of The Strip, this huge Aquarium holds a wide variety of sea-life. Around 2000 species are present here such as reptiles, sharks, rays and various types of fish! To give you an idea of what you should expect, there are 15 different species of shark for you to see.

Stratosphere Tower:

Looking for some adrenaline rush? The Stratosphere Tower will certainly take care of that. With a height of 350 meters (1149 feet), you won`t miss the sight of it. The rooftop of the tower has some jaw dropping rides like Skyjump, Insanity, X Scream and Big Shot. In case you are looking for something less dramatic, the outdoor observation desk will allow you to get a spectacular view of the city

Madame Tussauds:

Located on The Strip, close to the Venetian Hotel, the Madame Tussauds museum has famous characters made out of wax – but it is really hard to tell whether it’s the real person or the wax figure. Stars ranging from Elvis Presley to current ones such as Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper can be found here.

Excalibur Hotel

The hotel is just worth looking at due its unique medieval design. It`s unlike anything else, featuring turrets and minarets. The lighting also makes it stand out during the night. All this doesn`t mean it is missing out on any hotel features and the hotel features all the luxury services you`d expect be it a huge pool area or fancy restaurants.

Helicopter Rides:

If you wish to have an aerial view of the city, you should plan to experience a helicopter tour, offered by many operators in Las Vegas. The tour takes you all the way from the Las Vegas strip to the Grand Canyon. Tourists with less time can certainly use this service to have a memorable experience in a very short time.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum

With exhibits from prehistoric era like the dinosaurs, the Las Vegas Natural History Museum has its main focus towards Nevada. The museum features a wildlife gallery, a marine life gallery, a geology gallery and an Egyptian exhibit.

Hotels and Accommodation

Many vacationers prefer to stay close to all the popular tourist attractions, which in this case is The Strip. There is no shortage of popular hotels in this part of the town ranging from 5-Star to 3-Star of service standards.

Ceasers Palace is the most famous hotel with a great location on The Strip. It features everything that a fun-seeking vacationer can think of - such as pools, restaurants, shopping and entertainment, all on site!

Then there is the Bellagio with an Italian theme. Also located on The Strip, it has a Lake and dancing fountain show at the main entrance making it easy to spot.

If you are not interested in spending too much on hoteling, there is the Treasure Island located at the north end of The Strip. Similar hotels such as Monte Carlo resort and The Mirage Hotel & Casino are also some great options.

Even though the Excalibur Hotel seems pricey, it offers some very reasonable deals worth looking into.

If you are planning a trip and partying is the number one agenda on your list – wait no further and indulge in the glamorous life of Las Vegas where the options are just endless

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American Airlines
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American Airlines
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18 Oct - 27 Oct Travelling Dates
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Scandinavian Airlines
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27 Aug - 03 Sep Travelling Dates
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British Airways
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Flights from Las Vegas to London

LAS - LON Las Vegas to London
20 Aug 2022 Travel Between Date
Air Canada
LAS - LHR Las Vegas to Heathrow
12 Jul - 19 Jul Travel Between Date

Which airlines operate flights to Las Vegas?

  • British Airways: You can fly direct from London to Las Vegas with British Airways on its regular flight service. 
  • American Airlines: Besides many flight connections via Orlando, American Airlines extends its flight operations for a direct flight to Las Vegas from the UK regularly. 
  • United Airlines: UA is all set to operate flights to Las Vegas from London via Washington every day. 
  • Virgin Atlantic: VS operates a daily direct flight to Las Vegas from London Heathrow. 
  • KLM: KLM gives you an option to fly to Las Vegas via Amsterdam from LHR every day.  
  • Lufthansa: Departing Heathrow, Lufthansa operates Las Vegas flight via Frankfurt daily.
  • Delta Airlines: Non-stop flights to Las Vegas from the UK can also be booked with Delta Airlines which departs daily from London Heathrow.

How long is the flight to Las Vegas from UK?

  • The indirect flight from London Heathrow to Las Vegas is 13 to 17 hours long, and this duration heavily depends on the airline you chose. The aeroplane would reach the destination via Denver, Paris or Washington D.C.
  • The flight to Las Vegas from Manchester is 15 to 17 hours long. The trip may take a stopover at Atlanta, London or New York.
  • The flights that are starting their journey at Birmingham’s BHX and going to Las Vegas take 14 to 16 hours to reach their destination. The flight might stopover at Frankfurt, London or Zurich.
  • The journey from London Gatwick to Las Vegas has a flight duration range from 11 to 15 hours. The flight stops over at New York.

Are there any direct flights to Las Vegas from London ?

As a popular tourist destination, Las Vegas is served by many airlines willing to provide direct flights to Las Vega from London Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. These airlines include Delta Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Iberia, American Airlines and Finnair. The direct trip from London to Las Vegas lasts for only 10 hours.

What are the major international airports in Las Vegas?

McCarran International Airport (LAS) serves the city of Las Vegas as the primary international commercial airport to the city. The airport is situated very close to the Las Vegas Strip, and the famous Caesar’s Palace is not 5 kilometres away from the airport. Every year about 50 million passengers use the airport’s facilities that include automated people movers and four busy runways.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Las Vegas?

The cheapest time to visit the city is in October. Las Vegas is famous for its casinos and clubs and thus attracts many fun seekers and tourists even in June and July when the temperature can regularly go beyond 35°C. The cheapest time, therefore, is in October and November, before the holiday season starts. Not only the weather is pleasant, but the hotels and airfare are cheaper as well during this period. This is a classic case of lower the demand lower the price. If you want an even economical deal, plan your vacation such that there are fewer weekends during your stay. The days between Tuesdays to Thursdays are the cheapest for a British traveller on a budget.

Are there any travel restrictions on flights to Las Vegas for UK travellers?

Since the pandemic began, we are continuously monitoring the latest safety and security protocol for all international airports. Each state in the USA has certain travel restrictions to regulate safety measures which are adjusted as the situation evolves. It is, therefore, advised to check out proclamations regarding the suspension of the travellers’ entry and exceptions to this rule by the state authorities. Alternatively, feel free to consult one of our travel experts to help you before booking your flight to Las Vegas.

What are the entry requirements to Las Vegas for British travellers?

The entry requirements for British travellers to the US are straightforward. Please have your valid ePassport attested by the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) to apply for the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Through the VWP the British passport holder would be able to remain in the US for up to 90 days. Usually, British VWP applicants do get the Visa provided that the traveller does not have a significant criminal history, is not a dual national of Iran, Iraq, Sudan or Syria and has not been to Libya, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan or Syria since March 2011.

What is the best time to visit Las Vegas?

The Hoover Dam on the Colorado River has transformed the Las Vegas valley into a comfortable oasis right in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Despite this landscape transformation, the city still experiences hot summers and mild winters. Therefore, the best time to visit Las Vegas is from March to May and then from October to November. The temperature fluctuates between 26°C to 32°C during the above mentioned period. However, it is not the only time Las Vegas gets a lot of visitors. The winter time can be a bit chilly but even then the holidays bring many tourists to the Sin City Area of Las Vegas for entertainment and recreation. The city touts itself as the entertainment capital of the world, and there is always a constant presence of travellers and weekend escapees in Las Vegas.

What are the major landmarks in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is the city of luxurious pleasures. The city is renowned for its casinos, clubs and flashy nightlife. All the major ‘hotel destinations’ are situated on the 6.8 kilometre Las Vegas Strip having the most massive and grandest hotels in the world.

  • The Bellagio is a hotel, casino and a resort on the Vegas Strip. It is one of the grandest hotels in the city and is famous for the dancing fountains in front of the main building. The Bellagio has 935 rooms and large casino halls. Many professional poker players head to this luxury hotel for tournaments and master-players gambling events. Apart from that, the resort houses more than a dozen restaurants; two of them are Michelin star restaurants praised by food critics and led by talented chefs. The Bellagio has its own botanical gardens and a gallery holding the casino’s fine art collection. The Bellagio’s fine art gallery displays artwork form Van Gogh and Monet amongst others.
  • The MGM Grand Las Vegas is the largest hotel in the United States and has 6,800 rooms. The renovation of the MGM was complete in 2013, which gave the hotels a newer contemporary look. The MGM Grand has remained true to the Hollywood theme and bedazzled the guests with performances and theme parks. The gambling floor is one of the largest in the city with slot machines that range from one cent to a thousand dollars. The MGM also hosts several comedy clubs, the David Copperfield Theatre and the MGM Grand Garden Arena, where many sporting events are arranged often.
  • One of the landmarks of the city is the Luxor Las Vegas, which defines the city’s skyline. The Luxor takes its name from the old Egyptian city of Luxor. The hotel was constructed in the shape of an enormous black pyramid along with many obelisks and the Sphinx. The building has the largest atrium in the world and a total of 4,400 rooms. Encircling the pyramid hotel is the “River Nile” on which guests are often seen sailing. The newly renovated eSports Arena is a luxurious enclosure for gaming. The Luxor’s beam of light that zaps from the apex of the pyramid can be seen for miles off.
Which events and festivals are celebrated in Las Vegas?

There are plenty of beer festivals taking place in the first three months of the year. The best one, however, is the ‘Great Vegas Festival of Beer’ where one hundred breweries present their beers for the tasting. In May, the Uncork’d festival converges the masters of the culinary world on to Las Vegas for a grand dinner party. In June, the Electric Daisy Carnival is a dance party not to be missed by people visiting Las Vegas. Partygoers and electronica enthusiasts punch the air at the carnival with every beat. In October, the Rise Lantern Festival watches thousands of lanterns floating into the sky; each one is a prayer for world peace.

What are the transportation options available to tourists within Las Vegas?

Even though overhead bridges and underground tunnels connect most Strip destinations in the city, resorts like the MGM Grand and Tropicana are quite vast. In order to move from one hotel to the next, chose the complementary rail shuttle that runs between these resorts and abstains from walking in the sun. The Monorail that runs on the eastern side of the Las Vegas Strip has a stop at each of the Strip properties. One way ticket is for $5 and a day pass on the monorail costs $15. Though it is not the fastest way through the casino, it indeed is the cheapest. If you are in a hurry, please use a taxi or get a rental car. Buses are also an economical means of transport within Las Vegas. A two-hour bus pass is available only for $6.

Which five-star hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is probably the first place in the world that coined the term ‘hotel destination’. The grand hotels of the city are not just a place for the tourist to crash for the night; they are amassing a world of pleasures and curiosities. Select the hotel of your liking from the list below.

  • Bellagio Las Vegas
  • The Venetian Las Vegas
  • Caesars Palace
  • ARIA Resort & Casino
  • The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino

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