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Located in Florida, Miami lies on the Atlantic coastline. It is popularly known for its beaches and pleasant weather which makes Miami a very attractive vacation spot. And this is not it! There is much more to do in Miami which is why the locals will tell you that the to-do list in Miami can become a never-ending one.

Climate and best time to visit:

Miami`s weather is relatively warm with short pleasant winters, while summers are generally longer. Located right above the Tropic of Cancer, the city experiences tropical monsoon weather conditions. The maximum temperature goes up to 78 °F and minimum temperature falls as low as 36 °F.

Major Attractions and Sights to see:

Even though Miami is known for its iconic beaches, the city is also famous for its architectural district. It is also known for art, design and shopping. So make sure you don’t plan all your days on the beaches. Here are a few sights worth visiting:

Miami Beach: Whatever the weather, the Miami Beach is always swarming with people who are out for some fun. Whether you want to catch some sunshine, play ball games with your family and friends or take a dip - the beach has it all.

Ocean Drive: Ocean Drive goes along the coastline. It is a great place for both daytime and nighttime cruising and the view is just spectacular. It also passes by the Art Deco buildings giving you a good excuse to stop by.

Design District: Situated in Midtown, this neighborhood has over 130 art galleries, dealers, stores, restaurants and bars. An Art and Design night is held every second Saturday of the month. People interested in unique art should certainly visit the Design District.

Bayside Marketplace: Located at Miami`s beachfront, it is an outdoor style mall with 150 plus shops, eat-outs and cafes as well as live entertainment venues. The Bayside Marketplace is very popular among locals and tourists. Even if you are not interested in shopping or eating out, the atmosphere makes it worth visiting.

Liberty City: Liberty City has a great history among Americans. When the first large migration of blacks undertook in 1937, several families took advantage of the Liberty Square Housing Project. Then it was also the location for the 1980s riots. Every year, a parade is hosted here in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Bayfront Park: Located to the east of Biscayne Boulevard, the Bayfront Park includes three monuments: The World War II Memorial, The Torch of Friendship and The Challenger Memorial. The park is also used for various musical performances and it also has some interesting features such as controlled pepper fountain and a tower for laser illuminations.

Art Deco District: Located in the south beach neighborhood, the Art Deco District contains some superbly rebuilt Art Deco buildings from the 1930s. The bright paint really makes the buildings stand out.

Little Havana: Although it is not very famous among tourists, but this Cuban District has its own unique culture. There are shops, restaurants and cafes with Latin music dancing in the air. Interested in Cuban cuisine? This is the place to come.

Jungle Island: Jungle Island has a wildlife habitat, a bird sanctuary and a beautiful garden. The place has a tropical forest setting that is home to over a thousand birds,. The garden features 2000 varieties of plants. They include Cordia Lutea, Bananas, Bromeliads croton and orchids. Animals include tigers, white lions, ligers, leopards, monkeys, baboons, alligators, flamingos and kangaroos. Jungle Island hosts three shows featuring animals from around the world.

Miami Seaquarium: The Miami Seaquarium is popular for its shows featuring dolphins, seals, killer whales and several other sea inhabitants. You can also view sharks, alligators and tropical fish in their observation tanks. Another great offer given by the facility is the ``swim with dolphins`` program, which allows you to understand the nature of dolphins.

Miami Science Museum: The Miami Science Museum features exhibits that cover major scientific fields such as physics, chemistry and biology. The museum has grown significantly ever since it was established. The exhibits change every now and then with new displays and themes.

Hotels and Accommodation:

The large number of tourists’ arrivals in Miami has allowed the city to feature a wide variety of hotels. With iconic designs, stunning rooms with beautiful views and brilliant service, you will have no trouble finding any of that here.

W South Beach: Rated highest among many sites, the W South Beach is located in the northern suburbs of South Beach. The hotel features great comfort, elaborate design, modern rooms and outstanding services.

Four Seasons: Standing with the most top-notch hotels of Miami, the Four Seasons features a modern elegant design and theme. The rooms are large, spacious and luxurious with big washrooms. The hotel also features an exclusive fitness center and two large swimming pools. It is located in the financial district.

1 Hotel South Beach: Renovated in 2015, the 1 Hotel South Beach has been built according to modern eco-friendly standards. The developers have paid immense attention to details by using salvaged wood, hemp mattresses and several other materials that cause minimum harm to nature. The hotel also offers an electric car service that can cover a 3-mile radius. Other features include four swimming pools, three bars, a diner and a fitness center.

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why travel to miami?

Florida’s most wanted destination, Miami is a full of life and vibrant city filled with numerous beaches, surfside resorts, cafés and exotic nightclubs that provide you with the best of everything. Located on the southeast of Florida, this city has a pleasant climate all year round which is simply perfect for an outdoor expedition. Head over to the Miami Beach for a relaxed afternoon or to the Everglades National Park which reconnects you to nature and all the beautiful things that comes along with it. In addition to this, Miami is also home a number of architectural delights including the Art Deco. 

First and foremost, one simply should head over to the white sandy beach of Miami because that is where the party is at. A separate municipality, the Miami Beach is located on an island of its own which is connected through various bridges. It should be noted that this popular beach is also known for the Art Deco District which has lured thousands of tourists to visit. This is one of the most expensive tourist places however it is one that you simply cannot miss out on. The endless variety of restaurants, hotels and shops, this beach is the perfect way to get that golden tan. The Art Deco District has preserved the olden times of Florida and takes you years back as it boasts pastel colored artifacts, displays and historic structures. In addition to this, one can also enjoy a romantic outdoor dining experience with the perfect beach and ocean setting.

Ocean Drive is located near the Miami Beach and is a popular destination for day and night outings as it not only provides some of the best sightseeing spots but also for a romantic cruise. In addition to this, one should visit the Bayside Marketplace which is one of the largest shopping areas in the city as it holds over 150 shops and is perfect for those who are looking for the ultimate spending experience. 

Head over to the Bayfront Park which was initially designed in the year 1980. The garden features many interesting attractions including a Pepper Fountain. In addition to this, the Bayfront park is known to be the hub of live music performances of all types and it also houses a tower which is used for laser illuminations. The park also has some of the most significant monuments including the Torch of Friendship, the World War II Memorial and lastly the Challenger Memorial, each is unique and special in its own way. 

One of the most prized possessions of Miami is the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens which is home to architectural wonders and consists of artwork which has been collected from all over the world. 

what are the air operators providing cheap flights to miami from uk?

Some of the leading airlines offering cheap flights to Miami from the UK are British Airways, Air Europa, American Airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Swiss Air. 

are there any direct flights from london to miami?

Yes, you can find direct flights to the city of Miami from London as of the latest flight records. Some of the prominent airlines offering direct flights are American Airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. 

what is the average flight time from london to miami?

The average flight time from London to Miami International is 9hours 10minutes. 

what is the distance from the airport to the city center?

Miami International Airport is located at a distance of approximately eight miles or13 km northwest of Downtown Miami, in metropolitan Miami. 

how to get to the city center from the airport?

Miami International Airport offers a number of convenient transportation options for the arriving passengers that makes reaching the city quite easy. The most popular and economical mode of travelling to Miami city is via the Metrorail and Metrobus service. The Metrorail service connects popular destinations in Miami from Miami International Airport. Fares charged are $2 and takes only 15 minutes to reach downtown Miami using this mode of transport. An Airport Flyer bus is being operated by Miami-Dade Transit offers convenient transport from Miami International Airport to the South Beach on Lincoln Road. The airport Flyer along with all the metro bus services serving the airport departs from the Ground Level of Metrorail's Miami Central Station.

Miami Airport also operates a commuter rail system called Tri-Rail offering service to northern Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

A more expensive mode of travelling to the city will be through taxis, shuttle and limousine services. These can be hailed at the ground floor arrivals or at the Miami Central Station by taking the MIA Mover to the train station.

Many of the internationally acclaimed car rentals are also available at Miami International Airport. All of the car rentals are located at the Rental Car Center that can be accessed via the MIA Mover train from the airport's terminals. Miami Airport's Mover train provides free transportation between the MIA terminals and the Rental Car Center and Miami Central Station. 

Many of Miami's hotels also offer courtesy shuttle services to and from the airport. Contact with your hotel at the time of booking in order to avail this service. Miami Airport's main shuttle service is branded under the name of Super Shuttle and offers another one of the convenient transport options. 

how to get around miami?

The city of Miami is well-served by a comprehensive public transportation system that makes getting around the city very convenient. Some of the main public transportation options include theMetro bus, the Metrorail, and the Metromover. The city's bus network is operated by the Metrobus that goes from the South Beach to downtown Miami, and even up to Ventura, where you can connect with the Broward County bus system that goes to Fort Lauderdale.The Metrorail runs from Kendall through downtown Miami, and up to northwest Miami/Dade County. From here passengers can use the Tri-Rail train system that connects to Fort Lauderdale.  Downtown Miami also operates a Metromover that runs on a track above the downtown area. All these three options, i.e. the Metrobus, Metrorail and the Metromover offer the most cost-effective travelling options. 

A more environmentally friendly option of getting around Miami is via the trolleys. These also boast an old-school charm and makes for a great cost-effective means of travelling in the city of Miami. 

Miami is also well-served by a fleet of taxi companies. These can either be hailed from the streets or be booked in advance with the preferred taxi company. 

what are the hotel and accommodation options in miami?

Miami city has no shortage of accommodation options no matter what your preferred style and budget preference maybe. From luxury hotels, indulgent beach resorts, flamboyant boutique and retro hotels, to budget-savvy Bed and Breakfasts and guesthouses. Miami boasts plenty of hotels and resorts for those looking to splurge on their stay in the city. These include not only the high-end hotels and boutique hotels but also extravagant beachfront hotel resorts that feature stunning oceanfront views. Miami's South Beach is where you will find one of the highest concentrations of luxury hotels of the country in general. 

Other than that, Miami also houses budget-friendly hotels that include guesthouses and the friendly Bed and Breakfasts. Accommodations of Miami are well-equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities that ensure you are well catered during your stay. 

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Usually what time does British Airways flights arrive in Miami?
It's always better to know your precise arrival timings when flying anywhere so you can inform the people at the other end who are coming to pick you up. This avoids a lot of inconvenience that may occur at the airport if you are a foreigner. British Airways that has 2 daily flights to Miami usually arrives there either at 1515 hrs or at 1745 hrs from UK.

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