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Kastrup Airport is a significant gateway into the city. Although the airport is small, you still need to make sure you allow sufficient time to pay a visit to the check-in counters and bypass security. Alternately, it's possible to transfer as soon as you have arrived at Copenhagen Airport to visit various areas in the nation. Copenhagen Airport, Scandinavia's biggest airport, is the major entry point for global travellers.

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Are there any travel restrictions on flights to Denmark due to COVID-19?

Travellers could be facing strict restrictions on flights to Denmark due to COVID-19, and for the fact that Denmark has placed the United Kingdom under a list of banned countries. This is only temporary, and the status would revert as soon as the infection rate goes down in the UK.

Your request for entry will yield positive results only when the reasons for travelling are worthy enough. It's safe to assume that strictly essential travel will be allowed and only after the Danish authorities have found your reasons for travelling meeting their criteria. A negative RT-PCR test for each traveller, taken within 72 hours of boarding the plane, is a must.

Can I get flexible tickets on Denmark flights?

As concern over flight cancellations keeps on mounting, Travelhouseuk offers flexible tickets to facilitate travelling. Those booking with us can get an instant flight to reschedule. To have this facility on your side, please request for flexible tickets on Denmark flights when you call us to book. It must be admitted that keeping seamless communication with us can give you early access to information that we would shortly come upon.

Which airlines operate direct flights to Denmark?

British Airways, Scandinavian Airlines, and Ryanair operate direct flights to Denmark from the UK. Make a complete success by booking affordable flights with Travelhouseuk. Keeping your priorities in view, our agent will shortlist flight deals that deliver value for money. To find which airline suits your budget and which doesn't, please feel free to ask us over the phone - 020 3137 1339.

Which airlines fly to Denmark from UK?

  • British Airways operates flights to Denmark from London (Heathrow and City airports), Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Newcastle upon Tyne.
  • Scandinavian Airlines is offering Denmark flights from London Heathrow, Manchester, Aberdeen, and Birmingham.
  • Ryanair offers its flights from London Stansted, Manchester, and Edinburgh.
  • Lufthansa flights for Denmark can be availed from the London Heathrow Airport.
  • KLM flights depart for Denmark from London Heathrow, Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle upon Tyne, Aberdeen, and Bristol.

How long is a flight to Denmark?

The shortest flight from UK to Denmark takes 1 hour and 40 minutes. This is the minimum duration for direct flights with Ryanair as operated from London Stansted Airport. Direct flights with other airlines also take less than a couple of hours to reach Denmark. Connecting flights, understandably, take longer.

How to get the cheapest Business Class flights to Denmark?

Only the cheapest Business Class flights to Denmark reign supreme and Travelhouseuk offers many. Flights with British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM, Ryanair, and Scandinavian Airlines are readily available. Travellers will be thrilled to know that we offer flights on instalments as well. If budget travellers are to fly Business Class, the fare must be reasonable and agreeable. When you call Travelhouseuk (020 3137 1339), our agent will bring to your attention special and limited-time offers.

Can I get Denmark flights with British Airways?

Denmark flights with British Airways can be readily availed from Travelhouseuk, and at competitive prices. The fact that the airline offers both direct and connecting flights, and operates from as many as five major airports says a lot about its reputation. Of the flight deals are known to be the most budget-friendly, flash offers and limited-time sales work best. Our travel agents will do their part in providing you with details, and our newsletter will cover some of the more exclusive offers.

Can I fly to Denmark now and pay later?

To better manage their budget or to catch a last-minute flight, many travellers choose to go for an instalment plan. Simply put, this lets you fly to Denmark now and pay later in monthly instalments. The travel agent will comply with your request after you have paid the initial deposit, which is mandatory and issue tickets. You will then be given an overview as to the course of payment to be followed.

Which is the cheapest time of year to fly to Denmark?

March can be the cheapest time of year to fly to Denmark. For one thing, we see a number of seasonal offers and one-day sales massing up once the New Year festivities are over. Also, the time is perfect weather-wise. If you can, please keep your schedule flexible and wait for our travel agent to break the news to you of a surprise sale or a one-time offer.

Which are the main airports in Denmark?

  • Copenhagen Airport
  • Billund Airport
  • Aalborg Airport
  • Aarhus Airport
What are the major tourist attractions in Denmark?
  • Rosenborg Castle
  • Christiansborg Palace
  • Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park
  • Amalienborg, Royal Residence
  • Statue of the Little Mermaid
  • Farup Sommerland Water Park
  • National Aquarium Denmark
  • Viking Ship Museum
  • Nyhavn Harbour
  • Bovbjerg Lighthouse

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