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The Greek city of Athens is not a story of today; in fact, it has a history of thousands of years. This unique and clandestine metropolitan has a reputation of being one of the oldest in the world. It holds a great significance due to its association with the Greek mythology, and the power center of the country. Now it is the capital city of Greece and its importance has increased ten folds. It is an exquisite blend of old and new, grunge and grace. There are immaculately preserved structures, imposing cathedrals, and monumental museums. Likewise, it also encompasses contemporary architecture, bustling market places, vibrant street life and hypnotic nightlife to complement its stature. Athens is a widely visited destination in Europe as it represents the true picture of ancient European empires. You can also acquire cheap flights to Athens if you are curious enough to learn about its gothic architectures, surreptitious ambiance and to marvel its modern day beauty. In short, Athens offers a wholesome experience for traveler of every taste all around the year.

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MAN - ATH Manchester to Athens
03 Oct 2022 Travelling Dates
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Norwegian Air
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19 Aug - 29 Aug Travelling Dates
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Austrian Airlines
LON - ATH London to Athens
07 Jul - 11 Jul Travelling Dates
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Swiss Air
LHR - ATH Heathrow to Athens
04 Aug - 29 Aug Travelling Dates
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Air France
BHX - ATH Birmingham to Athens
23 Jul - 31 Jul Travelling Dates
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Pegasus Airlines
LON - ATH London to Athens
28 May - 04 Jun Travelling Dates
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Athens is a classic city with a history of thousands of years. It is not only the capital city of Greece but is also the first stop for the history enthusiasts for its remarkable historical value. It has been conquered repeatedly by different conquerors and thus a number of significant landmarks are still intact to narrate its story. The city has a hilly terrain and is nestled among high rising mountains, which enhance its natural beauty ten folds.

Being the center of activity, Athens has a bustling ambiance. Many tourists and holidaymakers swarm to this city to unravel its natural and architectural treasures. It is known as the cradle of western civilization and offers ample amount of attraction for the visitors. Whether you are a history enthusiast or not its mesmerizing aura will inspire you in a unique way. It is quite crowded all year round so, you can buy cheap flights to Athens, only by giving your travel plans a little thought. Following are some important aspects about the city which can help you in easing your holiday plans to Athens.

It is a year round destination, that is to say, you will never find it boring whichever part of the year you choose to visit. However to avoid scorching summer sun it is appropriate that you make your holiday plans for the winter or the spring season. There is mild sunshine and the city is quite easy to explore, as there is less crowd and you can get hold of cheap flights to Athens along with reasonable hotel deals quite easily. Summer vacations bring hordes of tourists to Athens, the days are hot and the city is crammed with holidaymakers, so the airfares and hotels price hike a little. The beaches are packed and a number of events and festivals are organized all across the city.

places to visit and things to do

Athens is a sprawling metropolitan with a lot to offer to its visitors. From its craggy landscape, to its pristine beaches and Mediterranean climate it offers a perfect escape during the holiday season. It holds significant amount of attractions for the history lovers and for those who are looking for fine dining, an enthralling nocturnal escape and a tranquil ambiance, will also find it welcoming. Acquire cheap flights to Athens by planning the vacation ahead and get ready to be inspired by this magnificent city.

Athens has both modern and ancient features, which makes it more appealing. Moreover, it does not lack in natural beauty as well. To spend a peaceful afternoon head over to the National Garden of Athens. This garden is adorned with variety of trees, plants, flowers and statutes and offers a quite escape away from the city. Furthermore, take a hike on the Mount Lycabettus, which lies in the backdrop of the city. It is a total adventurous site, where you can have a romantic escape while enjoying the panoramic views of the whole cityscape.

The Temple of Olympian Zeus is another important landmark in Athens. It is a gigantic temple and its whole structure took 7 centuries for completion. It is a dedication to the Greek god Zeus and stands today as an emblem of the Greek history and mythology. Also visit, Erechtheum, which is a marvelous temple made out of pentelic marble and was dedicated to Athena Polias, Erechtheus and Poseidon.  In addition, the most important sight without which a visit to Athens in incomplete is the Parthenon, on the Acropolis. This massive temple was dedicated to the goddess Athena and was designed by Phidias. There are a number of relics from the ancient Greek inside the Parthenon but the most stunning is a gilded statue of Athena.

Athens has a fair share of exquisite museums. The National Archaeological Museum is the best place to explore the ancient Greek relics dating back to Neolithic age and artworks both from the ancient and the modern day artists. The New Acropolis Museum is another amazing stop in Athens. Its five-storied tall stunning structure is a proof of contemporary architecture. It is located beneath the hill overlooking the city and encompasses, ancient Greek, artifacts, relics and mythical sculptures. Take cheap flights to Athens to turn the pages of history in this quixotic city.

Also visit the Plaka Districtto experience the authentic food and culture scene in Athens and for nightlife Kolonaki, Psiri and Gazi offer the best stops.

hotels and accommodation

Athens has variety of accommodation options for the travelers of all budget ranges. There are luxury hotels, hostels, and budget hotel all available in different localities. You can acquire cheap flights to Athens and get accommodation in your choice of neighborhood. Some of the most exponential hotels in terms of class, comfort and reasonable rates are the Hotel Grande Bretagne, Electra Palace Hotel Athens, O & B Athens Boutique Hotel, Philippos Hotel, Fresh Hotel, and Hotel Plaka etc., these hotels are from various budget ranges and can be acquired in reasonable rates by making your reservations in advance.

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