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Flights to Cook Islands will lead to a beautiful country comprising of fifteen different islands in the heart of the Pacific. The administrative and political status of Cook Islands is associated with New Zealand. It is known to have a thriving tourism industry, so much so that its economy is majorly dependant on its resorting activities. The capital of Cook Islands is Rarotonga, the most recently discovered of all the fifteen islands which are lined up with beautiful sandy beaches connecting with blue lagoons, and also home to mountains and the famous Wigmore waterfalls. Another famous island of the fifteen is Aitutaki, much less populated than Rarotonga but with amazing natural beauty exhibited in its turquoise central lagoon and the alluring islet of Tapuaetai.

There are numerous historical and cultural sites available as well like churches, bazaars and cultural villages. Cheap flight tickets to the Cook Islands are available at TravelhouseUK, which is collaborating with Virgin Atlantic Airlines for the purpose. Low-cost Cook Islands flights are most likely to land at Roratonga Airport, which is the main international aviation facility attending to more than 200 flights every week.

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Which Are The Airlines That Fly To Cook Islands From UK?

  • Air New Zealand
  • British Airways
  • Emirates
  • Qatar Airways
  • Flybe

Are There Any Direct Flights To Cook Islands From UK?

As it is, direct flights to Cook Island are not available as of yet. Only connecting flights are available from different airports in the UK. Air New Zealand, British Airways, Qatar Airways, and Emirates are the most preferred airlines for connecting flights to the Cook Islands.

What Is The Minimum Flight Duration From UK To Cook Islands?

The minimum flight duration from the UK to Cook Islands (Rarotonga International Airport) is 25 hours. This flight is operated by Air New Zealand and happens to be the fastest one-stop flight to the Cook Islands. Almost all flights are long-haul, and some even take a day and a half of flying hours.

What Is The Minimum Fare For A Flight To Cook Islands?

To make your trip as budget-friendly as possible, travelhouseuk offers a return-flight to Cook Islands for as low as 847 GBP. The deals we offer are easily affordable for the majority of travellers, and in case you find a cheaper offer elsewhere, you can ask us to beat that price. To keep track of sudden price drops and flash sales, subscribe to our newsletter service.

Can I Fly To Cook Islands Now And Pay Later?

Last-minute flights call for a 'Fly Now, Pay Later' solution, which travelhouseuk proudly presents to all travellers. No problem if you are short on money, or if you are saving for other expenses on your vacation. You only need enough for an initial deposit, which will get you the ticket. You can pay the remaining amount in instalments. For details, and to schedule, the payment plan, call 020 3137 9154 to speak with our agent.

Is British Airways Offering Cook Islands Flights From UK?

Indeed, and from almost all major airports in the kingdom. You get to fly from London (Heathrow, Gatwick, and City), Aberdeen, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Newcastle upon Tyne. You have the luxury to depart from the nearest airport and avail the same classy flight experience that British Airways has come to be known for. The airline brings you the best in both Business and Economy Class services, which you can get on affordable flight deals from travelhouseuk.

When Can I Find The Cheapest Flights To Cook Island?

Pick the right months to get the right price, and make sure to book in advance. From late November to March, Cook Islands are not jam-packed with tourists. Low season is one indicator of reduced prices, or an incentive coming in one form or another, to boost tourism. But this is only the first step to securing a cheap flight. The second step is to talk to us to get a better idea of prices and an overall situational awareness. Seasonal offers and last-minute sales are common during this time of the year, making it a good idea to subscribe to our newsletter.

How Can I Get Cheap Business Class Flights For Cook Islands?

Travelhouseuk caters to all sorts of flyers, and our deals on Business Class flights to the Cook Islands are also well received. We are one of the few online travel agencies that make special offers on Business Class flights, side by side cheap Economy Class flights. To get the latest offer or to discuss key details of a deal, kindly reach us on our number: 020 3137 9154. Our agents also take your queries on Facebook and Twitter, so feel free to contact us on social media.

Can I Book My Flight To Cook Islands With Hotel At Travelhouseuk?

How convenient would it be to book my flight and hotel in a single call? You are not alone in thinking that, which is why we provide you with the option of booking both components of your trip with us. If you have any misgivings regarding such a compound package, we are obliged to tell you that your requirements will be prioritised over everything else.

Also, would it help to know that travelhouseuk is both ABTA and ATOL protected? It can be a low-cost bed & breakfast near a popular landmark or a brief stay in a 3 to a 5-star hotel in the city centre; you will get the best value for your hard-earned money. Pinky promise!

Which Routes Are The Most Popular For Flights To Cook Islands?

  • London Heathrow (LHR) to Cook Islands (RAR) via Los Angeles
  • London Heathrow (LHR) to Cook Islands (RAR) via Dubai and Sydney
  • London Gatwick (LGW) to Cook Islands (RAR) via Doha and Auckland
  • Manchester (MAN) to Cook Islands (RAR) via Philadelphia and Los Angeles
  • Edinburgh (EDI) to Cook Islands (RAR) via New York and Los Angeles

When Is The Best Time To Visit Cook Islands?

Planning a visit to the Cook Islands anytime between May and October may give you an edge as the weather is quite tourist-friendly during this period. You will find this to be the perfect time to, as the saying goes, hit the beach. And Cook Island has a good number of beaches to offer. You will also find other travellers like yourself visiting places of interest, since this is the peak season for tourism, and get to know people who share the passion for travelling.

Which Is The Main International Airport In Cook Islands?

Rarotonga International Airport is the primary airport of Cook Islands. Cheap flights to the Cook Islands from the United Kingdom are received here. The IATA code designated for this airport is RAR. The airport facility itself is located on Rarotonga Island from where it sends and receives international flights on a daily basis. Arriving passengers can reach the downtown (Avarua) in a matter of minutes, as it is only 4 kilometres from there.

What Are The Major Tourist Attractions In Cook Islands?
  • Aroa Beach (Rarotonga Island)
  • Muri Beach and Lagoon (Rarotonga Island)
  • Te Rua Manga, or the Needle Peak (Rarotonga Island)
  • Ootu Beach (Aitutaki Island)
  • Lake Tiroto (Atiu Island)
  • Wigmore's Waterfall (Takitumu District)
  • Titikaveka Beach (Takitumu District)
  • Omoka Village (Penrhyn Island)
Which Are The Best Hotels In Cook Islands?
  • Pacific Resort Aitutaki (5-star)
  • Crystal Blue Lagoon Villas (5-star)
  • Little Polynesian Resort (4-star)
  • Aitutaki Lagoon Private Island Resort (4-star)
  • The Edgewater Resort and Spa (4-star)
  • The Rarotongan Beach Resort & Lagoonarium (4-star)
  • Muri Beach Club Hotel (4-star)
  • Aro'a Beachside Inn (3-star)
  • Club Raro Resort (3-star)
  • Castaway Resort (3-star)
  • Gina's Garden Lodges (3-star)

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