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Which airlines operate flights to Paraguay?

  • KLM
  • Air France
  • Iberia Airlines
  • Avianca
  • LATAM Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Alitalia
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Lufthansa
  • Turkish Airlines
  • United Airlines

How long is the flight to Paraguay from UK?

Most flights from Europe land at Asuncion, the capital city of Paraguay.

  • The flight from London to Asuncion can be 17 to 21 hours long, depending on the length of the stopover. This flight comes with a stopover in Europe and another in South America, depending on the airline the passenger chooses to fly with.
  • Flight from Manchester to Asuncion is also 17 to 21 hours long. Most probably, the flight would have two stopovers, one at Amsterdam and the other at Sao Paulo.
  • The Birmingham to Asuncion flight can also be 20 to 24 hours long with two stopovers at Paris and Sao Paulo.
  • Flights taking off from London Gatwick to Asuncion can take 17 to 24 hours to reach their destination. These flights come with just a stopover at Madrid.

Are there any direct flights to Paraguay from UK?

No, for the moment there are no direct flights to any destination in Paraguay from the United Kingdom. The best route the passengers usually take is to get a direct flight to Madrid, Spain and then take a trans-Atlantic flight to Asuncion.

What is the best time to visit Paraguay?

The months between May and August are the ideal times to visit the country. Being in the southern hemisphere the seasons are inverted in Paraguay. If the tourist is looking for the warmest temperature, coming to Paraguay in January would be best, as the temperature then can reach a high of 34°C. Come to Paraguay in the months mentioned above for a milder experience. The temperatures vary between 17°C to 22°C between the months of May and August. The sky also remains open, with just a few showers here and there and the humidity is well under the limit.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Paraguay?

In September the clouds come swirling by, drenching most of Paraguay in rainwater. The temperature also drops and the mercury can depress to 10°C. Sure, the weather is not exactly the best for a tan, but that is why we have tanning beds. Visiting Paraguay in September is a cheaper alternative when the tickets and accommodation prices offered to you could make you jump with joy and relief.

What are the major international airports in Paraguay?

Paraguay has two major international airports. Below are the details of these airports and their facilities.

  • Silvio Pettirossi International Airport (ASU) is the airport located in Asunción, the capital city of Paraguay. The airport is 14.5 kilometres away from San Pablo, which is at the heart of the city and the most populous district. In 2017, the airport handled 1.2 million passengers and it is the busiest airport in the country by far. Most flights from the United Kingdom land at this airport.
  • Guarani International Airport (AGT) is an airport that serves the city of Gran Ciudad del Este. The city resides on the western border of Paraguay, which is why many Brazilians sometimes cross the border into Paraguay, to use the airport’s services. In 2017, the airport had handled 40,000 passengers. The airport is only 23 kilometres away from the city centre and just 60 kilometres from Iguaçu falls, across the border in Brazil.

What are the entry requirements to Paraguay for British travellers?

A British citizen with a valid passport does not require a visa to visit Paraguay. British travellers, however, are required to get their passports stamped and signed at the point of entry. Fines are incurred on tourists who fail to do so. This is especially important if the tourist intends to cross the border at Ciudad del Este into Brazil to visit the Iguaçu Falls. Please have your passport processed at the point of entry at the border.

What are the major landmarks in Paraguay?

Paraguay is often called “the heart of South America”. It is nestled in the centre of the continent; the landlocked country of Paraguay is the home of the Guaraní People. The Guaraní have been living in Paraguay for millennia. Since the Spanish colonization of the area, the culture of Paraguay has been greatly influenced by the European traditions. This intermingling of cultures has produced a vibrant and interesting society in Paraguay.

  • The Itaipu dam is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The dam is located on the Parana River. After the Three Gorges Dam in China, Itaipu dam is the largest dam in terms of capacity and power generation. The dam was built jointly by Brazil and Paraguay and the electricity produced is shared by both countries. The dam is most notable for its nighttime light show. Floodlights shine over the gushing white spillways and the water discharged from the dam. It is a sight of tremendous power and it seems like a perpetual firework show.
  • The Most Holy Trinity of Paraná was a Jesuit reduction colony. The reductions were communities formed by Jesuit priests who created a safe haven for the indigenous Indians as the Spanish and Portuguese fought to expand their territories in the area. These communities gave food, shelter and protection to the Indians and the Jesuit priests imparted Christianity and its tradition to the locals. This colony was among thirty other reductions and was built in 1712. The ruins of these building have survived and are a symbol of humanity and peace for the locals.
  • The National Pantheon of Heroes is the patriotic heart of Paraguay. Apart from being a monument, it is an architectural and cultural jewel. This building in Asuncion houses the remains of many patriots and war heroes of the country. Witness the changing of the guard of the monument and see how the Paraguayans galvanize and gravitate to this holy shrine of fall heroes to celebrate their culture and history.
Which events and festivals are celebrated in Paraguay?

Although a majority of the population is indigenous Guaraní, the Spanish colonization has left its mark. Ninety per cent of the population is Roman Catholic, which is why many of the feasts that Paraguayans celebrate revolve around Christianity. The Festival of Saint Blas is celebrated on the third of February. Being Paraguay’s patron saint and the saint protecting the respiratory system, all festivities are held outdoors in the open air. Just before the Christian tradition of Lent, the Carnival is celebrated in Paraguay for five days. This February festival has music, dancing, parades and pageants cheering into the night. The Festival of Saint John empowers the local believers to walk over hot embers in the month of May. In July, the Nanduti Festival showcases the region’s art, crafts, food, and music.

What are the transportation options available to tourists within Paraguay?

The most reliable way around Paraguay is by taxi. Taxis can be a bit more expensive than other means of transport in Paraguay. Please note that £1 is about 7500 Paraguayan Guaraní and the country is the cheapest country to live in, in all of South America. Keeping that in mind, bargain the price of your travel with the taxi driver and ask the staff at your hotel to let you know how much the journey should cost. The bus or the ‘collectiv’ as the Paraguayans call it is also a great way to travel, especially to distant parts of the country.

Which five-star hotels and accommodation are available for stay in Paraguay?

There is an amazing array of five-star hotels to choose from for your stay in Paraguay.

  • Sheraton Asuncion Hotel
  • La Mision Hotel Boutique
  • Bourbon Conmebol Assuncao Convention Hotel
  • Las Ventanas Suites Hotel
  • Las Lomas Casa Hotel

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