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Cheap Flights to Johannesburg

Are you looking to book cheap flights to Johannesburg with ease and comfort? Browse through Travelhouseuk’s fares for airline tickets to Johannesburg to fly with any leading airline, whether you want a direct flight for Johannesburg or a budget in-direct flight. Our product database shows a selected range of world class airlines for Johannesburg flight deals. Our search box allows you to choose destinations, dates and direct or indirect flight options to provide you with all possible flight plans.


Bargain deals for return flights to Johannesburg

Airline Turkish Airlines
Book By 04 September, 2014
Travel Between 01 September, 2014 - 05 October, 2014
£ 443
inclusive of taxes
Airline Ethiopian Airlines
Book By 10 September, 2014
Travel Between 02 September, 2014 - 30 November, 2014
£ 471
inclusive of taxes
Airline Egypt Air
Book By 01 December, 2014
Travel Between 21 August, 2014 - 05 December, 2014
£ 495
inclusive of taxes
Airline Qatar Airways
Book By 09 September, 2014
Travel Between 08 April, 2015 - 25 June, 2015
£ 534
inclusive of taxes
Airline Air France
Book By 03 September, 2014
Travel Between 25 December, 2014 - 18 March, 2015
£ 537
inclusive of taxes
Airline Kenya Airways
Book By 03 September, 2014
Travel Between 26 December, 2014 - 15 March, 2015
£ 565
inclusive of taxes
Airline Emirates
Book By 04 September, 2014
Travel Between 08 April, 2015 - 30 June, 2015
£ 572
inclusive of taxes
Airline Swiss Air
Book By 08 December, 2014
Travel Between 21 August, 2014 - 09 December, 2014
£ 574
inclusive of taxes
Airline Ethiopian Airlines
Book By 10 December, 2014
Travel Between 15 August, 2014 - 11 December, 2014
£ 575
inclusive of taxes

Non-stop direct flights to Johannesburg

Airline Virgin Atlantic
Book By 23 September, 2014
Travel Between 01 November, 2014 - 11 December, 2014
£ 664
inclusive of taxes
Airline British Airways
Book By 23 September, 2014
Travel Between 09 October, 2014 - 27 October, 2014
£ 697
inclusive of taxes
Airline South African Airways
Book By 05 October, 2014
Travel Between 07 August, 2014 - 08 October, 2014
£ 861
inclusive of taxes

Business class flights to Johannesburg

Airline Ethiopian Airlines
Book By 01 December, 2014
Travel Between 21 August, 2014 - 02 December, 2014
£ 2,046
inclusive of taxes
Airline Swiss Air
Book By 27 March, 2015
Travel Between 02 August, 2014 - 31 March, 2015
£ 2,135
inclusive of taxes
Airline Lufthansa
Book By 27 March, 2015
Travel Between 26 May, 2014 - 31 March, 2015
£ 2,184
inclusive of taxes

Where should I visit in Johannesburg? get to know about this and much more through our travel guide to Johannesburg.

Why visit Johannesburg?
Across the country you get to choose Johannesburg because over here every aspect, whether cultural, demographic, or even wildlife, is officially represented. You would have institutions properly established to highlight these aspects of South Africa, with the prime function to serve for the formal tourism market as well as international diplomatic representation. As an added plus, the city, despite being highly developed and urbanized, hosts a relaxing environment for the traffic as well as commuters residing as well as travelling from area to area. 
What to see in Johannesburg?
  • Kruger National Park: Adventure Lovers and eager of exciting expeditions must shell out to Kruger National Park.
  • Ledesi- An African Experience: If you are fond of indigenous customs and finds pleasure in seeing tribal activities. Ledesi gives you an overview of the country’s history and culture—and the chance to experience it all, yourself.
  • Gold Reef City: All glitters are not gold but this glitter is indeed gold. For it is made up of an old gold mine. Visit the large amusement park in Jo’burg, named as Gold Reef city.
  • Lion Park Johannesburg Zoo: Overwhelmed with the childhood dream to be around with lots of animals or want to see a white lion in real-Johannesburg zoo and Lion Park is there to fulfil your childhood dreams. Don’t miss to visit. 
  • Apartheid Museum: A-must-see attraction where The country’s history has been displayed in a more enthralling way—thus, providing great joy to visitors. 
  • Flea Markets Shopping malls: Shopping freak or market geek? Visit Flea market and shopping malls in Jo’burg, where you can find from local crafts to herbs for immediate healing. However, for shopaholics’ healing can be found in shopping malls only.
How far is the airport from city centre?
O.R. Tambo International Airport, formerly called Johannesburg International is the main airport for Johannesburg, located 21 km from the central city. And, it usually takes 35 minutes to reach city centre from the airport.
Alternative nearby Airports
Lanseria Airportis privately owned airport other than O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, it usually caters passengers on commercial airlines.
Which major airlines fly to Johannesburg from UK?
You can fly to the Johannesburg from all major airports in UK, using airlines including: Air France, Egypt Air, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, SAA, British Airways and Ethiopian Airlines.
How to travel to city centre from the airport?
‘Impala Bus Service’ and shuttle service is provided at airport to the passengers, particularly. Also, there is rank of taxis with yellow TAXI sign on their roof, these are licensed and metered, thus perfect mode of transportation from airport to city centre.
How many Airlines fly daily to Johannesburg?
SAA, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates Airlines offer daily flights to Johannesburg from UK.
How to get around the city?
Car hire is the best way for getting around Johannesburg. You can also check for the transport facility provided by the hotel you are staying at or check online for some good car rental offers.
What’s the best time to visit Johannesburg?
Johannesburg enjoys dry and sunny climate round the year, which makes it a perfect destination to visit any time of the year.
Average flight time to Johannesburg
Average flight takes 11 hours 6 minutes from UK to Johannesburg.
Best airlines to fly from London, UK to Johannesburg
Most of the travellers tend to go to Johannesburg from UK through airlines including:  KLM, SAA, Air France, Egypt Air, Emirates, British Airways and Ethiopian Airlines.
Emirates, Air France, SAA, British Airways and KLM are preferred by many travellers flying to Johannesburg from UK.
Is there any direct flight to Johannesburg from UK?
SAA, British Airways and Virgin Atlanticprovide direct flights from UK to Johannesburg.
Where to Stay in Johannesburg?
This well-established holiday destination has a rank of accommodations; from hostels to the all-inclusive hotels.
  • For budget accommodation Yeoville is best area to set in. Town Lodge or Melville Turret Guest House is affordable choice if you are budget travellers.
  • For luxury accommodation you can check-in at the hotels in the posh Central Business District. Some hotels include; The Westcliffe, African Pride Melrose Arch, Saxon Boutique Hotel & Spa, or Grace in Rosebank.

By Z A Chahal

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Handy Tips To Know Before your departure flight to Johannesburg!

  • It takes almost 12 hours for a flight from London Heathrow to reach Johannesburg.
  • The distance between London and Johannesburg is 5632 miles.
  • 12 Major Airlines fly from London to Joburg
  • Almost 70 airlines fly out of Johannesburg International Airport. 
  • Almost 2280 international flights depart from johannesburg International Airport each week. 
  • British Airways fly's direct to Johannesburg in the evening everyday and its indirect flights to Joburg via Doha are offered in the morning time. 
  • South African Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and Ethiopian Airlines operate their Johannesburg flights from London in the evening. Whereas KLM offers Joburg flights via Amsterdam in the morning.
  • The lowest flight fare for Johannesburg is £409, however it can go to more than £2000 with Business Class.
  • Lufthansa, KLM and Ethiopian Airlines offer the shortest stopovers for Johannesburg flights. 
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