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Economical and cheap flights to Zambia form an essential part of TravelHouseUK as a leading provider for flights to African destinations. Whether your search involves just an affordable flight home or a getaway vacation holiday to the land of natural wonders with walking safaris, wildlife and water bodies like the mighty Victoria Falls, we offer you a large number of Zambia flights and holiday packages for remarkable destinations like Lusaka, Ndola and Livingstone. All the airports in Zambia offer recurrent international flights. If you prefer direct Zambia flights, BA is your only option flying from London direct to Lusaka 3 days a week, and via Johannesburg for the rest of the week. You have the option to fly via Middle East with Emirates and Qatar airways, via Europe with KLM and Air France or via neighbouring African countries with Ethiopian Airlines, Egypt Air or Kenya Airways.

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Destination : Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport (NLA)
Departure : London Heathrow (LHR)
Travel Between : 29 March, 2016 - 30 June, 2016
Destination : Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (LUN)
Departure : London Heathrow (LHR)
Travel Between : 27 March, 2016 - 25 June, 2016
Destination : Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport (LVI)
Departure : London Heathrow (LHR)
Travel Between : 13 January, 2016 - 18 March, 2016

Want to learn more about Zambia? Our travel guide to Zambia keeps you informed.

Why travel to Zambia?

Legend has it that the Zambezi River brought life and fertile riches across the plains of Central Africa, leaving Zambia thriving with all forms of life known to this continent. Situated in Central Africa, Zambia has endured extensive rural to urban migration for its population masses across its entire terrain. Zambia is rich is in terms of natural wildlife heritage. The most prominent of all, the Lower Zambezi national park has historically hosted diplomats from the colonial era for hosting big game, and now continues to do so after it was converted from the private game reserve. Luangwa National park, Kafue National park and Nsumbu National Park are other geographically dispersed locations for exploring landscape as well as pursuing safari in the region. For those opting for a more scenic nationwide tour, they can also opt for Blue Lagoon national Park, or the Lochinvar National Park, specializing in certain species of endangered game as well as birdlife. With the country being remotely less advanced, much of its culture is predominantly tribal, resulting in an overwhelming population dwelling in tribal diversity. In fact, some of the main annual highlights are ritual festivals and celebrations. More than 10 tribes are considered major tribes when it comes to an overall comparison. International efforts have spawned the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage, forming a legacy for itself by being one of the oldest and widely recognized wildlife institutions upon the African continent. The orphanage is primarily focused upon chimpanzees which need support for their upbringing in a safe environment. Commerce thrives in the form of Flea Street and open markets. Choma Crafts project, Sunday Crafts Market and Pakati Sunday market are all popular sites where local sellers congregate to sell their produce. Local craftsmen and tribal artists combine to provide souvenirs at the Kabwata Cultural Village. The Dag Hammarskjoeld Memorial has been established upon the point of the plane crash which killed the secretary general of the United Nations. Historic sites which are officially recognized at the national level are the Railway Museum, Livingstone Museum, the Shiwa Ngandu Manor house, and the Royal Livingstone Express. They serve both educational and tourism purposes, along with sites like Mukuni Village and Absiel Zambia for a local touch of experiences. The Victoria Falls line along an entire valley of water, and is a haven for adventure activities including bungee jumping and paragliding as a popular sport in the region. The Kapyishya Hot Springs are perfect for visitors to take a plunge, bellowing steamy vapour within the shadows of wilderness which surrounds its waters.


What are the destination options for all flights to Zambia?

The chief destination option is Lusaka, the capital city, facilitating nearly 500 flights every week on all scales of networks, long-haul, regional, as well as domestic. Its airport also has a massive traffic of air operators. Second is Ndola Airport, which also lies near central Zambia, hosting a hundred flights each week. Livingstone is the third international airport located due south. For further air connections, numerous domestic airports and airstrips are spread across the country, attending to small scale airliners as well as charter services for Zambia flights.


Are there any direct Zambia flights?

As of current seasons, there are no airlines operating direct flights from UK to Zambia.


Which airlines are the most recommended to fly with to Zambia?

Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and Emirates currently list among the top airlines for Zambia flights from UK. Flight options depart from both major airports of London, namely London Gatwick and London Heathrow. A single stopover exists under the usual flights. The airfare bracket ranges between £500 and £600 on average when concerning economy class bookings specifically.


What is the general flight duration?

Since there are no direct flight options, the general flight to Zambia from UK takes around 14.5 to 15 hours on average of flight time. You may add on additional margin of time spent on a stopover; a norm observed amongst Zambia flights operating from London.


Are there any special promotional airfare bookings for Christmas as well as the summers?

Our experts highlight that both Emirates and Kenya Airways do pitch special airfare offers for Christmas as well as the peak summer seasons. Otherwise, the general trend indicates airfares remaining very low throughout the low seasons.


How to manage getting around in Zambia?

As mentioned before, Zambia has a well-spread domestic aviation network relying on private chartered service companies across the country. In case it seems costly for inter-city or inter-zone travel, you can easily switch over for rail or bus. Rail services rely on two main routes from Livingstone, one heading to the copper belt in the north, and the other towards the Tanzanian borders; both being on a regular frequency. As Zambia hosts many road safaris as well as trails for its tourists all across the country, the road network is maintained, based either on tar based roads or gravel roads.


What are the options of hotels and accommodations in Zambia?

Some resorts have become well-seasoned for the typical safari traveller, providing special relaxation spa facilities as well as secluded pools. Safari lodges have caught a huge trend for attending to foreigners, willing to avail a comfortable stay surrounded in the wilderness. Campsites are few in number, standardized with necessary services as well as designated safe places. As you venture away from the main urban hubs and cities, you’ll get to discover basic bed and boarding local hotels. Guest houses are also an option.


Need a general idea of pricing in Zambia?

  • A meal at an international fast food chain: £6
  • A large mineral water bottle: £0.76
  • An imported pack of cigarettes: £1.1
  • An average taxi trip within city: £16
  • A stay at a common hotel: £45.5
  • A stay at a luxury hotel: £91
  • Bus/van ticket for local travel: £0.5

By Z A Chahal

FAQs about Zambia

How long does it usually take for Zambia flights to reach from London?

Considering all the major air operators on the route, Kenyan Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, KLM and Emirates, the flight time is usually 11 hours, along with a stopover lasting 1.5 to 2 hours.

Are there any flights to Zambia leaving in the evening from London?

If you wish to leave for Lusaka, Zambia from UK sometime in the evening then you have a choice of three airlines; Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways and British Airways. These carriers fly at 2100 hrs, 2000 hrs and 1910 hrs from London respectively.

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