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Every offer we make is in an effort to strive for being a one-stop hub for forming travel plans for anywhere across the globe, The Travel house team has handpicked hotels, budget flight deals to form complete trips and tours suitable for any time of the year, may it be peak Christmas season or peak summer season travel.

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Opt among flights departing from every single airport from the UK. Filter through our quotes, contact our travelhouse agents and settle your itinerary for the best air travel options. Our services can also be categorized for direct and business class air travel to and from the UK.

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Avoid all hassles & risks for securing your accommodation for your travel, Travel house UK also specializes in recommending reliable international hotel chains, guest houses, lodges as well as apartments to suit your budget, needs and expectations.

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Whether you're off from work for a couple of days or in the plans for a long vacation with the entire family, you can leave it up to us for planning your tour to make the most of your time, satisfying your needs to avail a good break from the usual routine.

We give you the best choice of flights to your favourite destinations. Select your affordable flight and fly to your desired holiday destination.

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Top User Hotel Searches

Hotels in Cape Town
A laid-back vacation featuring at the top in terms of Travel + Leisure rankings, Cape Town is associated with the Cape of Good Hope, nestled on the flatlands resting between Table Mountain and Table Bay. Its temperate, sunny climate with being so close to the ocean, plus its ample number of beaches and a hospitably diverse ambience have given it a higher preference for travellers all over the world. It has served as the main port city since the colonial times, giving it the title of being ‘the Mother City of South Africa’.
Hotels in New York
Wall Street, NYSE, NASDAQ, Empire State Building and the Times Square give shape to the biggest metropolitan backbone of the entire United States; New York City. Harbouring five boroughs along the Hudson River, facing an immense cityscape of high-rise buildings, New York defines itself as the top urban establishment present worldwide. It has fostered its own brand for popular American culture, a feat prominently experienced at a stay amongst any of its grand hotels centred mostly in Manhattan. The prestige of providing first-rated accommodation comes along with the heftiest rates!
Hotels in Manila
The “Pearl of the Orient” resting across the Pacific in the Far East, Manila retains its aura of being named after a mangrove flower which dwelled in these waters. Today, while booming with rapid development both in terms of commerce and standard of living, it sticks to its roots of being the first Spanish colonial base, the oldest Philippine-Chinese settlement, and ‘the American boom’ post WWII. Inns, residencies, and global hotel chains mark its central harbour, while its rampant nightlife and shopping options have earned it the Philippine title ‘the City of Our Affections”.
Hotels in Sydney
The World’s largest natural harbour has its entire city surrounding it with most of its development. The Central Business District, along with all the main attractions, be it the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House or even the Taronga Zoo is bordering the main wharf or piers, with a cruise or a ferry operating tours across the area. Manly Beach and Bondi Beach feature among the top stops for a day outdoors, bordered by high-rise resorts and luxury apartment rooms for a good view while dining above the horizon.

The secret of gaining the lowest quote on cheapest flight deals

  • 1 Plan Ahead
    Whether you’re aiming for high seasons or low seasons, planning ahead for your travel schedule saves you wonders. take christmas for example; you get done with deciding your plans and place your seat bookings by mid september or early october by the latest. any more delay in booking to make it by the end of november and you’ll pay in multiples for the same route, for real. for the summer vacations, march & april are a preferable phase for booking flights. the general idea is, as long as you keep a lag of about three months between your flight and your booking, you’ll play safe.
  • 2 Complete package, one agent
    Clients think accommodations and flights are different fields of expertise, so they book their flights with one agent, their accommodations with the other; wrong. chances are that booking a complete package with the same agent gives a fat chance the client will avail a bulk discount. next time whether it’s a romantic getaway for valentines or a student exchange trip or conference, better not hurt your chances.
  • 3 Following travel agents on social media
    With email becoming a fad in terms of ease of approach as well as frequency of use, major agencies have moved over the bulk of their focus on their very own official social media pages. they even have profiles for their agents so that clients can get in touch at a personal level. fresh deals with special offers get on the newsfeed, letting you avoid all the spam and bombardment of a load of emails if you go for email alerts instead.
  • 4 Day of the week
    Avoid the weekend rush; everyone’s going for it, and the airlines exploit it. swapping your return from sunday to some other day will settle your airfare on a lower margin.
  • 5 check for free baggage
    All airlines do not follow a uniform baggage policy even if they are operating on the same route. prior to booking your flight, you should check for the airline allowing additional baggage allocation for each passenger. this allows greater room to avoid from being charged for excess baggage prior to getting on board.
  • 6 keep a good airfare track online
    Generating email alerts for your itinerary might just give you the idea for being an expert on the fluctuation of airfare rates, plus its automatic; a constant reminder of your plan for a flight booking throughout a prolonged phase of time. installing an app is also a smart move. travelhouseuk has its presence on android, and might as well become present on ios in the near future too.
  • 7 less duration, more airfare
    Easy rule of thumb: less time, more demand, greater airfare. you take a greater margin of time before your appointment at your desired destination and get to spend it over stopovers, you save airfare for spending your time for waiting. same is the case for number of stopovers as well, they go hand in hand with lesser airfare.
  • 8 airline category by distance
    For long haul travelling across continents, you are left to choose with global international air operators. for short haul or medium haul travel, going for the same global air operators would rather be unwise. on the domestic and regional scale, there are numerous budget airlines which maintain fiercely competitive airfare rates, undoubtedly making every client go for their seats first for a booking.
  • 9 different science for budget airlines
    In a rare case, budget airlines have a different approach for one way flights. do take a look on other budget airlines for lower airfare being charged on the return flight if your travel is to be made for a short haul destination.
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