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Cheap flights to Jeddah are always in demand by the Muslim community from around the world due to religious affiliation and significance. Book Umrah Flights to Jeddah with TravelHouseuk’s specially negotiated fares with airlines. Hajj flights for Makkah through Jeddah are also a specialty at Travelhouseuk since we offer both Umrah packages as well as Hajj packages.


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Dont know much about Jeddah? Our travel guide to Jeddah gives you all the information you need to know about travel.

Serving as the main seaport in Makkah province, Jeddah is located on the coasts of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. The Balad area is the most archaic localities recognized in the city, housing buildings restored with their original architecture over a century. The Silver Sands Beach is the hotspot among areas to explore along the coast, having scarce cover of palm trees which are even spread on small islets off the coast. The beach has sections for private resorts while underwater tours are also conducted under the Desert Sea Divers. Remaining a major highlight upon the Red Sea for the past 27 years, the King Fahad fountain shoots seawater beyond an astounding height of a thousand feet to become the largest fountain in the country. Spotlights are set on the water for making it visible across Jeddah's skyline after nightfall. The Floating Mosque is built on a platform above the sea alongside the coast. Important landmarks include Makah Gate and Bicycle Square. Complete with an arena and go-karting track, the IN10SO centre in the Red Sea Mall also has a gaming arcade and ball pool tables to serve as a snooker club. The Red Sea Mall itself features exuberance with outlets of every global retail brand established in one gigantic enclave. Same goes for the Mall of Arabia located near the King Abdul Aziz International Airport. However, the traditional setup of market trade can be locally observed in the streets of Gabel and Al Tahilla.

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FAQs about Jeddah

If I am a non-Muslim travelling to Jeddah, do I still have to be careful about my dressing?

Jeddah is a city that is slightly liberal in terms of implementation of religion when compared to other cities in Saudi Arabia though this does not mean you can travel around without being respectful to the moralistic customs and norms of the locals. In Jeddah it is not a compulsion for women to wear the accustomed dress called the abaya but being fully dressed up is an obligation. However, if you wish to avoid unwanted attention from the people around it is suggested that you wear the local dress, as the saying goes, "when in Rome, do as the Romans do." Likewise, locals are reluctant to warmly welcome men with long hair and a French beard.
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