Why Hajj is considered as the lifetime journey?

Being a Muslim, we believe in worshipping our creator Allah Almighty, underlying our existence as bonded servants to whom we shall return. So, we worship our creator in an ultimate spirituality and reverence to Him. There is a natural urge to strive for the means to strengthen one's communion with God. Keeping in view five the pillars of Islam, Hajj constitutes one of the most demanding as well as most rewarding prayers to be performed in the holy cities to purify one's soul. It is obligatory on Muslims to perform Hajj once in a lifetime only if the person who is performing, is physically and financially capable to do so.

The primary objective of performing Hajj to Makkah is to strengthen the pilgrim's dedication to Allah and learn the lifetime lessons like humbleness and equality. As we have already explained in the ritual's section, all Muslims take off their usual attire and assume ihram (white sheets) regardless of their background. Millions of Muslims wear the same attire without any distinction according to their ranks, personal wealth status, country, cast or creed. Thus, rich or poor, everyone stands before God with the same spirit of equality among followers of Islam. This is the first thing that teaches the lessons of brotherhood among Muslims. Moreover, it brings together people from various Islamic states. It also demonstrates that their conviction transcends the limitations of national identity and cultural heritance.

This, further, leads to more information about people of other backgrounds and better understanding about their differences. Independent of this, pilgrims learn to respect the differences among other individuals. This will, undoubtedly, give rise to harmony and peace in the world. To be more precise, the pilgrims will return with the following lifetime lessons.

  • It is the largest congregation of Muslims, where they get an opportunity to interact with other Muslims to get acquainted about their common affairs to promote collective welfare.

  • ¬†Also considered as the largest peace conference, Hajj promotes peace and harmony among Muslims from various corners of the world.

  • Performing Hajj focuses on the prime lesson of Islam which is the demonstration of brotherhood and equality of Muslims in all the aspects. Wearing the simple cloth, follow the same regulations and perform similar acts and supplications at the same time, in the same manner. Without feeling differentiated on the basis of upper and lower crust. And Muslims from every corner of the globe responds to the divine call altogether.

  • Hajj negates the concept of royalty and endorses the concept of loyalty of all Muslims towards Allah.

  • Hajj affirms the commitment and devotion of Muslims towards Allah. All Muslims set aside their materialistic interests for the sake of love of Allah and submit themselves in the service of their Lord.

  • By following the divine rituals of Prophet Ibrahim and his spirit to sacrifice everything for the sake of Allah, pilgrims commemorate the footsteps of our religious leader for the great rewards.

  • Last but not the least; it is the reminder of Day of Judgment when all the Muslims will be standing before Allah for their eternal destination without any superiority on the basis of worldly things but only on the basis of their good or bad deeds.

In the light of all the above prospects, it is to be concluded that Hajj promotes self-discipline and maintain strong moral attitude. All Muslims should together assist the process of elevating the soul and purifying it in all the manner of ways. It will change one’s perspective towards life for the rest of his journey with this world. His heart will be pure and in the state of tranquility for love of Allah. Including this, his material as well as worldly concerns will be no more to make him restless due to the strengthened faith in Almighty and His plans. He will forsake the evil/unlawful or indecent conduct for his remaining life. Moreover, it is concluded that performing hajj will transform you into a better person and leave you with the lifetime memories.

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