hajj significance

Hajj is significantly ranked as the fifth pillar of Islam. It is an act of performing an annual pilgrimage which is mandatory for every Muslim once in a lifetime, depending upon his financial and physical capability to undertake this religious journey.

While its history rooted in 2000 B.C, the annual Muslim pilgrimage occurs from the 8th to 12th of Zil-Hajj in accordance with the Islamic Calendar. Millions of Muslims flock to the holiest city of Makkah from all over the world to fulfill their spiritual quest every year.

What is the significance of performing Hajj?

Performing Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam which replenishes the faith of Muslims. The rituals of Hajj require pilgrims to go through physically-demanding activity in which a pilgrim seeks forgiveness for his/her lifetime sins. An act of this worship boosts Muslim’s faith, trust, and love of the creator- Allah, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his messengers. It leaves a person wholly purified. Subsequently, this act of dedicated offerings enhances the love and fear of Allah as well teaches to rely on His plans with your heart and soul.  This leads to the self-realization of one’s obligations towards Allah.

In addition to this, performing this religious duty leads to brotherhood, quality, and unity among the Muslim community as well as non-believers. This, undoubtedly, nurture the spirit of unity among the Muslims. In this annual Muslim convention, pilgrims gather in Makkah from all across the world of different horizons, colors, races and language with the pure intention to follow the noble goals.

Are there any pre-requisites of Hajj?

Hajj must be performed with the peace of mind and full devotion to an act of worship. All you need is to follow a simple set of rules to have a contended spiritual journey. Almost everyone is already well-aware of these general rules, but the following information is reiterated just as a memento:

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