planning to perform umrah in group

Are you planning to perform Umrah as part of a group?

Now that you have plans on doing Umrah, why not invite your friends and family to join in as well? The more the merrier they say. Also, Islam promotes sociability and public contribution by encouraging such religious ceremonies. Travelling in a group has its advantages besides there being safety in numbers: by sharing accommodations and transportation pilgrims can look forward to a decidedly budget-friendly pilgrimage.

Either you are being credited for leading a group of random pilgrims or taking your own family to the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, or both, it is never a good idea to begin your pilgrimage without weighing your options and checking for parallel Umrah Packages. If not, your Umrah trip will leave much to be desired.

Choose wisely from a categorised collection of Group Umrah Deals:

An overwhelming experience should be the least of your concerns. To start off on the right footing, you must know what you are looking for. When browsing for the best Umrah Package, look for the deal that best fits your needs. Knowing this beforehand will leave you in a better position to communicate those needs to our Umrah Travel Agents.

Here, on our website, we offer a range of family and group Umrah Deals, starting from Economy Umrah Deal for 2 persons, Family Umrah Deal including 2 adults and a child, and the list continues with Umrah Deals specifically tailored for groups of 7, 10, 15, 20, 25 and even 50 people. Single out the cheap Umrah Package of your choice and avoid any inconsistencies in your plan of action.

Umrah Travel Agents usually get over-booked during the month of Ramadan. Lose no time in making your reservations. By doing so, you will avoid congestion of flights, hotel and accommodation bookings in Makkah and Madinah.

Or better yet, you can customise your own Umrah package from the UK:

Once again, TravelhouseUK equips its customers with necessary tools to design their own deals. This goes to show how much we value our customers. Specify the number of people included in your group; adults and children separately and also your desired dates.

Take advantage of Umrah package deals during the Christmas Season:

There is an increasing trend among the UK pilgrims to perform Umrah during December with family or in groups. It is recommended that they check our December Umrah Packages for further details. These packages range from three-star budget-friendly packages to five-star luxury packages.

Even if a deal is not up to your expectations, you can change the values and try again for a better suited offer. Then you only have to inform our travel agent about your specifications. With this step out of the way, you will be on a fast track to Saudi Arabia. Good luck and Umrah Mubarak!

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