The Fascinating City of Sudan

Posted on October 19, 2012 Posted by zahra

The capital and also the second largest city of The Republic of Sudan is the Khartoum. It is a city built where the two Niles meet each other the White Nile and the Blue Nile which than flow as the Great River Nile towards Egypt and Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the most advanced and modern cities of Africa, well maintained, paved roads, high rise buildings, offering almost all facilities to its citizens. It is a busy city and main commercial, social and economical center of Sudan. Khartoum is the largest city in Africa.

It comprises of Sandy deserts in the north followed by Tropical rain forests in south. Moreover, the city is famous for its shopping and delicious food. You can find many different restaurants or cafes here with wide variety of cuisines which you can afford even if you are on a tight budget. Also for accommodation there are many hotels from luxury to cheap ones, offering best service and a relaxing environment. People end up liking this city as it has many tourists’ attractions, and also because it is a safe city with very friendly people that make your stay unforgettable and exciting.

A perfect destination for tourists as it offers many tourists’ elements. A busy city but at the same time very quiet and peaceful, the streets are clean, wide and quiet with lot of greenery. Getting around in Khartoum is not difficult; you can find many taxis and mini buses and also the three wheeled Taxis which are very much convenient and cheap. Also there is boat service available this will make your journey to your destination even more fun and exciting.

You can enjoy sightseeing, shopping and even do business here. Plan a visit to this fascinating city of Sudan with your family and friends. So contact us on our face book page or email us, book your flights to Khartoum with us and make your trip memorable one.

There are many fascinating and mind blowing places that one must not miss to see. Locals and also the tourists really enjoy exploring and getting around, sightseeing in this magnificently beautiful city of Sudan. Among the magnificent places of Khartoum is the Khartoum Al-Morgan.

Khartoum Morgan, is an amazing natural attraction to not only the locals but also its lovers from all over the world. This place is famous for frolic flowers, migratory birds and several restaurants serving hygienic and mouth watering delicious food within your budget. Also it has a family park where you can come with your family and friends enjoy having family gatherings, picnics and many other activities like play badminton or football or enjoy kite flying also there is a ferries wheel and many other rides mostly for children but adults can also enjoy taking these rides.

It is a safe place and a relaxing point. This place has its own beauty and an ultimate spot for all the locals on weekends and also for tourist who visit Khartoum never miss to visit Al-Morgan.

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