Feel Nigeria through its Spectacular Attractions

Posted on April 27, 2011 Posted by Tristan Scott

Nigeria is always packed with dozens of travelers from all across the world. Whether you arrive at Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt you will definitely find something more charming and adventurous then other cities. There are many discount airfares to Nigeria from all across the world at very economical and stunning deals. If you are planning this year to explore world’s best natural sites, tropical forests, eye catching beaches and above all if you have got a very low budget then in my opinion you should go for Nigeria. There are many cheap flights to Nigeria from all airports in United Kingdom at very affordable deals. You can get very cheap accommodation and above all if you are going on holidays then there are some fabulous holiday deals which will make your trip luxurious and reasonable.

Cheap Accommodation in Lagos;

There are numerous hotels, suites, apartments and resorts at very cheap prices. In Lagos if you are looking on something cheap and affordable then Citi lodge hotel is a good option. This hotel is located near express way which has approximately 42 standard rooms, about 3 luxurious suites, Banquet halls and has all the basic facilities including swimming pools, bars, café’s and roof top pavilion which provides a fantastic view from the top. Golden House Apartment provides you best budget holiday accommodation in Lagos. This hotel is located near Victoria Garden city which is a very famous site for natives as well. Nearby you can relax and take pleasure at Lekki Beach. There are many local and international restaurants which give you an option to have delicious food and wine.

Cheap Accommodation in Abuja;

Although many tourists prefer to stay in Lagos but being the capital of Nigeria Abuja provides you multiple options. Among some cheap hotels in Abuja, Golden Apartment has no alternative. In this building each apartment provides the facility to accommodate 2 to 6 people with all the latest facilities. You can do swimming, massage parlor, clubbing and have delightful food in the hotel. Abuja Citi Lodge is one of the most favorite hotels for international travelers. This hotel is just approximately about 30 minutes away from International Airport. Nearby this hotel there is national stadium. Travelers who are on business trips prefer this hotel due to quality services and neighboring places.

Cheap Flights to Nigeria;

As enlightened above there are several airlines which have some splendid promotional fares during all the seasons from United Kingdom to Nigeria. If you are coming on vacations, then Lagos is the place where you can have adventurous activities and spectacular scenic beauties can be seen. From London Heathrow you can depart with Arik Airways which is the national airline of Nigeria and arrive to Lagos and Abuja with a direct flight. The luggage allowance is 32KG of two pieces for an adult and child above 2 years old.  Arik Airways have the best peak and off peak fares for their travelers all across the year with stunning promotional activities. They fly domestically to Port Harcourt and Abuja as well.

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