California’s 7 Most Amazing Abandoned Buildings

Posted on July 18, 2016 Posted by Fawad Ahmed

Although the abandoned buildings and destroyed cities may seem bizarre tourist attractions, the real metropolis travellers recognize the importance and fun hidden in these abandoned items, buildings and structures. In California, there are numerous buildings which have been deserted in the past but they are not at all forgotten because they serve as the best tourist attractions and offer spectacular views to the visitors. Some of our favorites are as follows.

Old, abandoned house near Mission Soledad

There is an old, abandoned house on the verge of a farming field in Mission Soledad, Monterey County, California. Mission Soledad is the 13th mission that was established in Californiaby Father Fermin Lasuen in 1791 for the conversion of Americans to Catholicism. This mission is settled in the centre of wine country, Santa Lucia Highlands, and at a two miles distance from the mission three wineries are located. For colonizing the Pacific Coast of America, Europeans strived hard and their foremost efforts were Spanish missions.

Building #6 in the Port of San Francisco



This 52” tall, 512” long and 72” wide, four-sided building with striated metallic siding and a gable roof, simply recognized as Building #6,standing along the waterside between Pier 60 and 70,is locatedat the Port of San Francisco.During the World War II, this building was used for storing the outfits of ships and building ships. Since the earthquake of 1989, when most of the San Franciscans became homeless too, this building has been left abandoned. Most of the building is now vacant but part of it is used by some graffiti creators.

Eagle Mountain High School in Desert Centre

Eagle Mountain High School was one of the four schools ran by The Desert Centre Unified School District. The 1983 session was the last one to complete their graduation at this school after which it was closed and boarded up.The students were moved to Palo Verde High School in Blythe, California. In 1921, Stephen A. Ragsdale also known as ‘Desert Steve’ founded the Desert Centre, which is currently inhabited by 200 residents only.

The Saloon in Bodie

Bodie Historic State Parkthat onceused to be a thriving towncrammed with visitorsand recognized for its gold mines is nowadaysknown as “Wild West” ghost town.During the booming days, there wasa beautiful red light district, a Chinatown and 65 saloons in Bodie. Around 170 buildings of Bodie are still preserved and around 200,000 tourists visit Bodie annually.There is much left to see at Bodie such as the deserted streets,abandoned houses and buildings, and interiors in dilapidated saloons.

Tagus Ranch in Tulare

Tagus Ranch in Tulare is an abandoned restaurant that was founded in 1912. This spot was used by many American musicians to host live music, concerts, and theatres. It was once a social hub for special events and also offered cocktails, dining and accommodation facilities. Besides, being eminent as one of the American’s superb restaurants, Tagus Ranch was also used as a German prisoner of war(POW) camp just before the end of World War II.

Spotting stations on the Pacific Coast

There are couple of spotting posts in California that can be watched across the Pacific Ocean. Staff involved in operating the spotting posts would have used the azimuth scopes to ascertain the position of far-off opponent ships – these men were professionals indetecting the ships silhouettes.

Treasure Island Bowling Alley in San Francisco

Treasure Island is an artificial islandthat was created in 1936. From 1940 until its desertion, this island was used by the United Stated military forces. Along with the bowling alley, Treasure Island also consisted of an abandoned swimming pool, cinema and numerous destroyed army barracks.When seen from the Alcatraz Island, Treasure Island looks extremely strange and frightening.

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