Terms & Conditions for Travelhouseuk Rewards Program


Welcome to the Travelhouseuk Rewards Program! This program is designed to thank our customers for their loyalty by providing rewards based on their spending with us.
The Rewards Program is available to all Travelhouseuk customers, both new and existing.

Earning Rewards

Reward Accrual
Customers earn rewards as based on their total spending with Travelhouseuk.
Tracking Rewards
Customers can track their accumulated rewards through the account provided by Travelhouseuk.

Redeeming Rewards

Maximum Redemption
For each booking, there is a cap on the maximum amount of rewards that can be redeemed, which is available for viewing on the customer's personal reward link.
Minimum Redemption
The minimum amount that can be redeemed in a single transaction is £20.00.
Expiry of Rewards
Rewards expire 12 months after they are credited to the customer's account.
Rewards can be redeemed only against bookings made through Travelhouseuk and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers.

Modification and Termination of the Program

Right to Modify
Travelhouseuk reserves the right to modify the terms of the rewards program at any time without prior notice.

General Conditions

Embrace the Spirit of Giving
At Travelhouseuk, we understand that travel is not just about places, but people. That's why we've made our rewards program uniquely flexible. While the rewards you earn are yours, the experiences they unlock don't have to be. You have the freedom to book flights for your loved ones using your rewards! Whether it's a surprise holiday for your family, a romantic getaway for a special someone, or a much-needed break for a friend, your rewards can bring joy to the people that matter most to you. Your travel, your rewards, shared with your world.
At Travelhouseuk, we believe travel is about connecting people, not just places. Our uniquely flexible rewards program embodies this idea. While the rewards you earn are exclusively yours, the experiences they unlock can be generously shared. You have the freedom to use these rewards to book flights for your loved ones, creating unforgettable holidays for your family, romantic getaways, or much-needed breaks for friends. However, please note that while these rewards are meant to create memorable experiences, they cannot be exchanged for cash.
Compliance with Laws
The rewards program is subject to all applicable laws and regulations of the United Kingdom.
Data Protection
In line with GDPR, we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers' personal information.

Limitation of Liability

Travelhouseuk is not liable for any loss or damage arising from the use or inability to use the rewards or from the program's termination.

Decision Making

Final Decision
All decisions made by Travelhouseuk regarding the rewards program, including the determination of rewards earned, rewards redemption, and any disputes or interpretations of these terms, will be final and binding on all participants.

Communication Channels

Contact Us Form
Customers can reach out to us with inquiries or feedback regarding the rewards program via a dedicated "Contact Us" form available in the user portal.
WhatsApp Messaging
For quick and convenient communication, customers can also contact us through WhatsApp.
Email Communication
In addition, customers are encouraged to contact us via email at rewards@travelhouseuk.co.uk for any detailed inquiries or concerns.