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why visit trat?

A part from the spectacular islands, Trat offers its visitors something unique and fascinating that cannot be found elsewhere. Trat holds the key to the beauty of nature and all its blessings. It is home to a wide variety of national parks, stunning waterfalls and cultural vibrancy. WatBuppharam also known asWatPlaiKlong is one of the most sought after attractions of Trat. The canal leads the way to an old temple which was built in 1652. While the temple itself is a major attraction however tourists even visit the WatBuppharam to witness the ashes of Buddha. If you are looking to explore the history and culture then Trat offers you the perfect opportunity to do so by paying a visit to WatSaphanHin which is over a hundred years old. Overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, Trat is a beach resort and is the perfect place for you to simply get away. Visit the LaemKlat, a white sandy beach and enjoy the stunning sceneries while drowning your sorrows. KohMak in Trat is simply splendid as if offers peace and tranquility like no other destination.

how far is the airport from the city center?

Trat Airport which is the main international airport is situated at least 13.2 miles away from the city center.

how to get to the city center from the airport?

Airport shuttle service and taxis are readily available just outside the airport. Taxis will be a little expensive as compared to the shuttle service.

how to get around trat?

Trat is a small place and hence the best way to explore it is by walking however motorbike taxis are easily available and are perfect to make your way through the narrow streets of Trat.

best time to visit trat?

The best time to visit Trat is during the months of November and February.

airlines that provide cheap flights from uk to trat?

Some of the airlines that provide cheap flights from the UK (London) toTrat include Qatar Airways, KLM and Etihad Airways.

airlines that provide direct flights from the uk to trat?

Currently, there are no airlines that are providing direct flights from UK to Trat.

what is the average flight time from uk to trat?

The average flight time from UK (London) to Trat is approximately 14 hours and 40 minutes.

what are the hotel and accommodation options in trat?

Hotels in Trat provide great discounts and deals which will help you save up. Most of the hotels are located near the beach and offer stunning views in addition to the luxury and top notch facilities. The beach resorts are the best place to stay in order to have a great holiday and get the best of your stay at Trat. Other more affordable hotels are also available further away from the beaches that also offer adequate facilities.

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