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Cheap Flights to Tokyo

Cheap Flights To Tokyo

Looking for cheap flights to Tokyo to enjoy your vacations? The first thing to be noticed about Tokyo is the number of people here. Tourists visiting the city for the first time are left surprised by the number of people here. An admirable thing about Tokyo is that while it might be a high rise heaven, amongst the shadows of the modern day buildings are temples and shrines dating back to a time when much of the world was yet to be discovered. Two of these are the Meiji Shrine and the Imperial Palace; these are major attractions of tourist Tokyo but to the Japanese people these are places to be revered. The busy city of Tokyo is also given its beauty by its gardens like the Hama Rikyu, a splendid garden that has history dating back hundreds of years. Tokyo is also home to entertainment centres like the Roppongi and fashion centres like Harajuku, operating as substitutes for the ancient sites. Tokyo is labelled as a city which must be visited at least once, therefore get your tickets to Tokyo from TravelhouseUK and make the journey via British Airways, Emirates, Air France, Air China our any other major airline.

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Want to know more about Tokyo before your trip? Our travel guide to Tokyo gives you all the information you need to know!

Tokyo shadows the world with being the largest metropolitan city in today's global economy.  It's titled as the capital for good reason. Tokyo has held deep traditional importance with hosting the seat of the imperial establishment since Japan's rule under a monarchy, and today headquarters the federal establishment. There are landmarks established within major regions of the city which are used as a signature to identify Tokyo as the national capital. These landmarks include the Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, Kachidoki Bridge and the Bank of Japan. Community life of Tokyo's inhabitants can be observed at Asakusa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Yanaka, Odaiba and Ueno. Chidorigafuchi, Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Chinzanso Garden, Yoyogi Park and Mizumoto Park are all among the green areas which are kept well-maintained to highlight Japanese dedication to nature. Tokyo has stepped out of the conventional history focus in its museums, majority of which are now specialised to theme certain subjects like the Yamatane Museum of Art, Mitsuo Aida Museum, Fire Museum and the Baseball Hall of Fame. Pristine heritage of Japanese culture in its original state can be found at religious sites including the Sesoji Temple, Yasukuni Shrine, Nogi Shrine, Hie Shrine and the Yushima Tenmangu.

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