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It is a city with four distinct weather patterns. Like the other cities in north, Tianjin offers, windy and cool springs, hot but rainy summers, pleasant autumns and cold winters. The winters are quite cold and dry.  So in case you are wondering, the best time to visit the city, it is between the months of March, April or in September and October. The spring and autumns tend to be very pleasant and offer scenic views of the city. Therefore, avail cheap flights to Tianjin, between these months to have a memorable vacation.

places to see and things to do

Being one of the five municipalities of China, and due to its proximity to the capital, Beijing, this destination is quite accessible for the travelers. The best thing certainly, while raveling to this scenic city is that it holds numerous attractions to add on the reputation of it being a classic holiday retreat. Many visitors come here to explore the ancient sites, some come here to witness its European style houses, its old quarters and some are interested in its contemporary take on architecture and attractions. Therefore, cheap flights to Tianjin serve as an added on purpose, for making the city more attractive for the travelers from all over the world.

The Chinese city has become famous for its closeness to the capital and for the unique attractions, it offers. As a first, explore the famous and startling Five Great Avenues. It is an area in the modern area of the city with numerous houses built under the influence of European, gothic, Victorian and ancient Greek architecture. All beautifully set up to form a site of class and opulence. This area is certainly not to be missed as it is an awe inspiring spectacle of the architecture of the western world blended with the architecture of the Qing dynasty.

The Hai River is another landmark to relish the old town of the city. As the river runs through the center of the city before falling into the sea, its bank offers fascinating views of the old structures built along it. Spanning the Hai River is the huge Ferris wheel known as the Tianjin Eye. This huge structure is a must to experience as it offers a brilliant fun ride along with panoramic view of the river and the whole city beneath it. At night, the eye offers a stunning view, as it is lit by thousands of vibrant and colorful lights dominating the city’s skyline. Near the eye is the largest recreational area of the city the Tianjin Water Park. It is a perfect place for a family day out as it offers a number of fun rides, exhibitions and various entertainment activities. Tianjin Radio and Television Tower is another marvel of modern touch in the city. It is one of the tallest towers in the world.

Another essential experience in the city is its multiple teahouses. The idea of these teahouses is adopted from traditional Chinese culture but they are themed variedly to provide a cozy and comfortable setting for the visitors to enjoy their evening tea along with delicious snacks. Pleasant Memories Celebrity Teahouse, located on the Ancient Culture Street is the hallmark in this business. With its authentic décor, traditional crafts and traditional snacks, it is the best. Others include Yan Yue Teahouse. Then there is also the a number of restaurants that offer great traditional Chinese and western food.

The Tianjin Museum is a futuristic building located in the Hexi district and highlights various significant cultural and traditional relics spanning over centuries. Memorial to Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao is another museum of importance in the city. It is dedicated to the Prime Minister Hou En-lai and his wife, Deng Yingchao. The Porcelain House is another important place to be at while in the city. This French styled house is actually a museum of ceramics and porcelain, the owner has a wide variety of porcelain ware, stone items and decorative material to display. Moreover, get cheap flights to Tianjin to visit the Duke temple, which holds a great historical and architectural significance. It is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This Buddhist temple was built in Tang dynasty in 10th century. This and all the other attractions are certainly enough to make your visit to this city worthwhile.

hotels and accommodation:

The city boosts a number of excellent international Restaurant chains. Such as the holiday inn, Banyan Tree Tianjin Riverside, Tangla Hotel, The St Regis, The Ritz Carlton, Marriot, Hyatt Regency Jing Jin City Resort and Spa and Sheraton Hotel etc. with world class amenities and spectacular views. In addition to that, various local hotels are also there to accommodate every kind of traveler. There is no short of accommodation option in the city which is why you can easily find one of your choice and preference after coming here through cheap flights to Tianjin.

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