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Cheap Flights to Taipei

Cheap Flights To Taipei

Cannot decide on where to begin exploring the exuberance that the Far East is known for? Why not get yourself booked for a cheap flight to Taipei? This bustling capital has everything; from the electrifying liveliness of its community to boasting the very essence of its age-old traditions. When in Taipei make sure you check out some of the city's fascinating temples, take a tour of its famed national parks, plan a hike to the Elephant Mountain, and last but not the least, plan a whole day trip to Taipei Zoo: all this and a whole lot more awaits you in this beautiful and lively city.

Now all you need to do is get yourself a cheap ticket to Taipei. TravelHouseUK specializes in finding you a range of all the leading airlines flying to Taipei from all the major UK airports. Non-stop direct flights to Taipei are being offered by Eva Air. Other airlines serving Taipei for the ongoing season are Emirates, Air China and China Airlines.

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Want to know more about Taipei before your trip? Our travel guide to Taipei gives you all the information you need to know!

Why travel to Taipei? 

The capital of the amazing Taiwan, Taipei is a very modern metropolis of East Asia that boasts a unique blend of its Chinese, Japanese, Western and the predominantly Taiwanese indigenous influences, making this city all the more intriguing to explore. This blend of different cultures is what makes Taipei a city full-of-life and beaming with an energy that is sure to sure to uplift the dullest of spirits. From the city's indulgent folk traditions, stunning minnan-styled temples, bustling market streets, gorgeous towers, captivating museums and not to mention, a culinary heaven, Taipei surely offers all the ingredients that make a holiday destination truly spectacular. So hop on an expedition to unravel all the colours that the amazing Taiwan has to offer in this beautiful capital. 

Begin your trip with a journey to uncovering the imperial treasures of mighty China. The National Palace Museum is where you will get to see priceless Chinese exhibits that were brought over by the Nationalist party from Beijing during the Sino-Japanese wars as a means to save them from harm. This museum offers a perfect insight into the cultures, traditions and prevalent art of Taiwan that surely sets this country apart. A trip to the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is also a must. This is a gigantic tomb built in memory of the Taiwanese leader that is beautifully designed in stunning Chinese ceramic nestled in the expansive gardens. A museum has also been built here that shines light on the life and struggles of the leader Chiang Kai Shek that will surely be a treat for the history lovers. Taipei's Martyrs' Shrineis another one of the city's iconic architectures built in memory and appreciation of the sacrifices made by the Taiwanese people in times of battle. 

A trip to Taipei simply wouldn’t be complete without a visit to its spectacular temples. The ancient Longshan Temple has long served to attract tourists owing not only to its exquisite design with curling dragon sculptures and statue of the Goddess of Compassion from the Taoist disciple, but also the encapsulating serene aura that the temple exhibits. A thrilling way to witness the city's colourful temples that are nestled in the gorgeous expanse of the city is via Maokong Gondola cable car rides. Taipei's stunning nighttime views can also be witnessed from the observatory deck of the iconic tower of Taipei 101. The tower offers extravagant designer boutiques, exquisite restaurants and bars, health centers, cinemas and a whole lot more for adventure lovers. Also make a trip to the city's vibrant and full-of-life night markets. These markets offer shopping experiences that will surely be unlike you've ever witnessed before with snake soup stalls, shoulder massage centers and a whole lot more. 

Taipei is set beautifully in a valley with a mountainous backdrop boasting hot springs and the exotic greenery of Mother Nature. So while the hustle bustle of the city is a sure treat for lovers of city-life, Taipei's proximity to the natural wonders is just perfect for anyone looking for a serene and a rejuvenating experience. The Yamingshan National Park located at only a 30 minute drive from the city center offers some of the most stunning views with serene meadows and the mighty mountain views. Taipei's number of hot springs is another one of its famed attractions that has attracted tourists from across the globe. So indulge your senses in a refreshing experience by visiting one of the famed hot springs of Beitou.  


What are the air operators providing cheap flights to Taipei from UK?

Some of the leading airlines offering low airfares for flights to Taipei from the UK are Cathay Pacific, KLM, Korean Air, Asiana and Thai Airways. 


Are there any direct flights from London to Taipei?

There are no direct flights to Taipei from London as of the latest flight records. 


What is the Average flight time from London to Taipei?

The average flight time from London to Taipei is 14hours 10minutes. 


What is the distance from the airport to the city center?

Taipei is being served by two airports i.e. Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport located about 40 km west of Taipei and Taipei Sung Shan Airport located about 5.2 km from Taipei. However, Taoyuan International Airport is the largest and the busiest airport serving the capital of Taiwan. 


How to get to the city center from the airport?

Taipei's Taoyuan International Airport offers a number of ground transportation options for reaching the city. Taxis offer one of the most convenient modes of reaching the city. These can easily be spotted upon exiting both the terminals of the airport. Taipei Airport's taxis are operated round the clock and usually only those are operated that are approved by Aviation Police Bureau to ensure the safety and comfort of the arriving passengers. Taxis are metered and subject to a 15-percent surcharge so there is no fear of getting overcharged by the taxi drivers.

Bus terminals are also located close to both the terminals of Taoyuan International Airport. These offer transport to Taipei, Taoyuan District, Zhongli District, Taichung, Banqiao, Changhua, and THSR's Taoyuan Station. A free transportation service linking both the terminals is also available by Sky train. 

Taipei Taoyuan International Airport is currently also constructing an MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) system that is scheduled to be launched in December 2015. 

A number of car rental company counters are also available at the airport. Renting your own vehicle is a convenient option provided your stay in Taipei city is for a longer period. 


How to get around Taipei?

Taipei offers a very well-developed system of public transportation that makes getting around the city very easy and convenient. There is an extensive train system, MRT (Mass Rapid Transport)that connects the cities and districts of Taipei County through six major routes. Trains are punctual and offer one of the most convenient ways of getting around. All signs and announcements at the trains and stations are made both in the local language and English for the convenience of foreigners. These MRT trains run from 6am until midnight. 

Taipei also operates taxi service that is abundant in the city so it is easy to hail one anywhere. Taxis are metered so the fares are fixed although this may be a more expensive option of travelling around as compared to the metro. The only drawback of using taxis is that many taxi drivers are not fluent in English language and therefore having Chinese names written for your intended destination of travel is advised. 

Bus service is also one of the cheaper and convenient modes of travelling around the city. The destination to which the buses are travelling to will be displayed in both the local and English language so it makes it a more convenient option for foreigners to use this service. 


What are the Hotel and Accommodation options in Taipei?

Taipei boasts a range of accommodation options that include high-end hotels and resorts, some of the leading international five-star hotels to youth hostels, motels, apartments and bed and breakfasts. The high-end category of accommodation also includes a number of extravagantly designed boutique hotels. Predominantly hotel architectures boast classical Chinese art that has been uniquely styled keeping the western standards in check. Facilities boasted by the high-end hotels include driving range, year-round pools, a range of restaurants specializing in both local and international cuisines that are exquisitely set keeping in mind Taiwan's flare for the arts and culture. Resorts will include an added bonus of offering special facilities like spa, sauna and beauty salons. 

Mid-ranged hotels of Taipei follow a minimalist décor equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities. These include bed and breakfasts which can be divided into the traditional and self-catering. Guesthouses can also be booked in Taipei that offer a small number of rooms and a common dining and relaxing area. 

Taipei's Yangming Mountain and in Taipei City's Neihu District also house campsites that are well equipped with all the basic facilities and offer comfortable living.

Airlines that fly to Taipei

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