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best time to visit

The perfect time to visit this city is in September or October as it offers sunny days with mild temperatures. However, those interested to attend the Chinese Spring Festival are recommended to take cheap flights to Shijiazhuangduring the months of January to September. This time of the year also happens to be the most crowded.

places to see and things to do

This young city and the provincial capital of Hebei is a frantic and rapidly growing destination. Shijiazhuang offers its visitors comfort based experiences and the opportunity to visit intriguing historical attractions. The city is calm and relatively smaller, hence visitors are likely to stroll their way through while coming across the city landmarks. The city offers cheap flights to Shijiazhuang, to accommodate the visitors with their traveling plans.

The Hebei Provincial Museum ranks top is the must visit attractions. With an extensive exhibition of historic photographs, those visiting are bound to be fascinated. The Peoples Square is ideal to spend evenings at, indulging in picnics, the local culture as well as the local cuisine as the place is filled with eateries and other interesting live performances. When in Shijiazhuang, make sure to visit the Zhaozhou Bridge, as it still stands as a work of art in terms of its engineering and structure. The bridge possesses a history of 1400 years, and is one to watch. The city also nests one of the oldest Chinese temples, the Longxing Temple, which is till now well preserved and proudly show cases its culture and heritage.

The Pilu monastery and the Bolin Monastery preserve sculptural designs, murals and temples, which highlight the Tang Dynasty. Bailin Temple and Xuyun Temple are other remote temples, which are reached out by the most dedicated of travellers getting to this area. Shrines and memorials like the Liberation Monument, the Martyr’s memorial at the military regional cemetery, and Bethune’s Tomb give a real sense of architecture followed by the people of this area.

For nature lovers the Zhangshiyan Scenic Area as well as the Chang’an Park is heaven on earth. Hosting welcoming temperatures all year round, visitors come here by taking cheap flights to Shijiazhuang, because it is home to a variety of unique birds, and a waterfall that splashes in the summers, while the trees go red in autumn. These massive green areas are connected with multiple parks to facilitate as one huge natural reserve. It is the perfect place to enjoy the sea of clouds and mists that cover the area, while tourists enjoy carrying out other activities. The Lotus Pond Food Garden is a well maintained facility, partly serving as a large kitchen garden to provide fresh produce of herbs and vegetables that is used in the local cuisine.

 For those interested to go for trekking and get a good view of the countryside, the Cangyan Mountain has some of the most historical passes leading through small towns and villages. The prime family based leisure facility is the Tianshanhai World Water Sports Resort with large pools completely covered from the sun, along with rides and amenities. There are multiple heritage villages and towns located within the immediate vicinity. The Zhengding Town hosts the oldest Buddhist community, while the Niangzi Guan Coalminer’s Town and the Stone Shitou Village hosted communities of skilled laborers engaged in construction over different dynasties. 

hotels and accommodation:

As a standard practice, foreigners are barred from staying in many of the cheaper hotels in the Hebei province. Although hotels remain to be the most common and abundant form of accommodations, visitors who come here by taking cheap flights to Shijiazhuang have the option to choose from a wide range of them, all differing in prices. Downtown area as well as the central business district hosts both luxury hotels as well as budget friendly ones. Those wishing to splurge are likely to consider places such as the Hilton Shijiazhuang, located in the downtown region but still popular in demand. To stay within the city centre to observe the heart of the city stay in active motion, visitors are suggested places such as the World Trade Hotel Shijiazhuang, or less extravagant options such as the Suns Grain Hotel or even the Shijiazhuang Xi Mei Business Hotel. Hotels are also widespread across the suburban areas, offering comparatively lower prices, whilst maintaining comfort and cleanliness standards. An extensive search may result in tourists stumbling across budget hotels or even paying guest accommodations. However the issue of foreigners being restricted from staying in them will still likely to come up, hence mid-range hotels or luxury hotels are the safest options while visiting Shijiazhuang. Much of the luxury class specifically attends to business travellers, while government is also involved in facilitating suites and guestrooms via official hotels.

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