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Shenzhen experience a sub-tropical weather, which is why the overall climate remains somewhat moderate. The beaches are especially the main draw as there is plenty of sunshine to enjoy. The city can be very exciting in any part of the year as the summers are long but experience a lot of rainfall, therefore do pack your raincoat along. The winter is short and warm. This is why Shenzhen also serve as a summer resort. You can avail cheap flights to Shenzhen any time of the year to enjoy its lovely ambiance.

places to see and things to do

China's fastest growing city, Shenzhen is a sub-province on the southern coasts of the country. Shenzhen is designated an isolated economic zone while it receives the highest freight traffic by sea. Shenzhen features the hallmarks of entertainment for the whole family to avail. Cheap flights to Shenzhen are available for any person traveling to the city because even if you are going alone or traveling with your family, this city has everything for very soul.

 Family attractions are becoming the main draw for the visitors to come here. A number of theme parks are popped up in the city during the recent years, offering a complete family entertainment package. With Shenzhen Window of the World, Happy Valley of Shenzhen and OCT East Shenzhen among the theme parks with amusement rides and adventures, the city welcomes flocks of holidaymakers. Happy Valley of Shenzhen is the largest theme park in the city and offers a luxurious escape.

Nature exquisite is also worth mentioning of this beautiful city. Its dynamic landscape offers lush green mountains and picturesque beaches .Wutong Mountain, Phoenix Mountain and Qiniang Mountain allow trekking to take panoramic views across the outskirts of Shenzhen. The south of the city is affiliated mostly with the coast and includes Xuliao Bay, Dameisha Beach and Xichong Beach as tourist hotspots. Travelers coming here from all over the world can find cheap flights to Shenzhen, to have a relief from the cold winters and relish the coastline of the city.

The Dameisha International Yacht Club is also established here in Shenzhen. Yachts and boats are available to travel across the waters to explore the nearby East Island and West Island, while the Dapeng Peninsula serves as a landmark on the sea. Institutions featuring societies and organizations include the Dafen Oil Painting Village and China Folk Culture Village. Shenzhen Hakka Museum, Shenzhen Paleontology Museum, Shekou and the Dapeng Ancient City Museum are facilities to preserve ancient history and heritage of China as well as Shenzhen in specific. Green areas in and around the city are numerous which help in enhancing the beauty of the city along with maintain its environment clean and healthy. Splendid China Park, Shenzhen Lianhuashan Park, Shenzhen Mangrove Nature Reserve, Zhongshan Park and Shenzhen Garden Show Park are few of the state of the art clean and green spaces for the city. 

hotels and accommodation:

Shenzhen is a modern and tourist friendly city. As such, the city offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit the varied tastes and budget of all kinds of travelers. Cheap flights to Shenzhen combined with reasonable accommodation options make the city more accessible.  The city is home to a wide range of some of the well-known and high-end chain of international hotels specializing in quality living and top-notch services. Most of the luxury accommodation options are in the form of high-rise building complexes with grand suites and deluxe rooms etc. offering indulgent views of the city through the attached balconies. Standard facilities include attached restaurants and bars, indoor pools, Wi-Fi, gym and spa facilities. Hotels in Shenzhen city however are comparatively much cheaper to the neighboring cities of Hong Kong and Macau. Most of the high-end accommodation options are located close to the commercial area and in the heart of Futian District and Yantian District. Shenzhen also offers a number of budget and mid-range hotels that offer reasonably priced standard hotel rooms with impeccable service. 

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