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Qingdao lies on the Yellow sea at two sides and the main land on the other sides. It is blessed with a temperate climate and serves as a summer resort in China. The best time to buy cheap flights to Qingdao is between March and November. The weather conditions are amazing providing a perfect retreat for the vacationers. Summers offer various water based activities along with delicious seafood in the restaurants. Moreover, the famous Qingdao Beer fest is also kick starting in August this year, so do not waste time and get your cheap flights to Qingdaonow. 

places to see and things to do

Often referred to as the "Switzerland of the Orient" Qingdao is one of China's most alluring of cities located in the south-eastern part of the Shandong Peninsula. Bordered by the Yellow Sea on two sides, Qingdao is one of the major port cities of the country and as such boasts not only some of the most picturesque landscapes but also an exotic blend of different cultures, making this city well worth a visit by availing cheap flights to Qingdao.

 With the spectacular blue hues of the sea complemented by the greens that dominate the mountains with their red-topped mountain villas, the city is often referred to as one of China's most stunning coastal belts. The Zhanqiao Pier once stood as the port area when Qingdao was nothing more than a small village. Qingdao boasts six magnificent beaches with clear sands and exotic scenery due to which it becomes the favorite tourist spot of Chinese tourists during the holidays. Adventure lovers will love the Shi Laoren Beach famed by its iconic 17 meters high rock in the middle of the sea that makes speed boating here all the more fun.  The Old Stone Man Beach and the City Beach consist of vast segments of desolated sands, noted for their cleanliness and privacy.

The Qingdao Polar Ocean World, a compound park featuring an insight into the oceanic life of the freezing capes is another fascinating attraction for every traveller willing to discover something new. The Underwater World aquarium is separated for exhibiting the general marine life prevailing in the seas of the region. Other special facilities for family entertainment are the Haier Science Museum, the Municipal Museum and the Naval Museum.  

For those preferring to avoid the waves while cooling off in natural waters, the Da He Dong mountain lake provides an iconic refuge for tourists. Take a trip to the Badaguan Scenic Area, named after the eight famed passes of China, that inhabit stunning natural scenery nestled by great foreign architectures from different countries and garden-like villas.

The small Qingdao Island boasting indulgent scenery and the famous lighthouse is also one of those attractions that are known for its serene aura and eye-catching beauty, and is the site for the Olympic Sailing Centre preserving numerous landmarks related to the event. With oriental cherries, black pines, green peaches, pomegranates and roses of Sharon dominating the area, the island is a sure treat for the nature-lovers. Another must-see attraction includes the indulgent Mount Laoshan that has long been referred to as one of China's idyllic mountain retreats facing the sea.

The Eastern Bear Park has trained bear performances of the endangered Asian Black Bear under guidance of trainers, and provides a prime opportunity for getting an insight in local wildlife. Overall, the city is well maintained in terms of greenery, having massive park complexes like Xiao Park, Xiaoyushan Park and Xinhaoshan Park. There is a category of heritage parks as well, like Baihuayuan Gardens having sculptures as memorials to local heroes in arts and literature, and Qingdaoshan Park preserving a German battery from the times of the occupation. Other iconic attractions to ravel while visiting the city after buying cheap flights to Qingdao, include the Qingdao Protestant Church, built in 1910 in German style, and the famous St. Emil Church that boasts a typical Gothic styled building. St. Michael’s Cathedral is the main catholic site preserved in the area. Main historical landmarks mostly include German colonial era sites like the German Prison Site as well as the Governor’s Residence, with the exception of the Great Wall of Qi, erected from the times of the Qi empire to be classified as the oldest Great Wall of the country. 

hotels and accommodation:

Qingdao is home to a wide range of hotels, hostels and boutique hotels to choose from for the travelers coming in from all over the world after taking cheap flights to Qingdao. The city offers an abundance of some of the most prestigious international chain of luxury and high-end hotels. Most of these hotels are located in Qingdao's City center with spectacular views of the city and the sea. All these international chain of hotels take pride in offering impeccable service and comfortable living. Budget hotels and apartments can also be found with views of the sea in Qingdao. Some of these budget hotels and hostels will also offer spa services, consisting mostly of hostels or dormitories. Mid-range 3 and four-star hotels are also available, with luxury being offered under continental brands of both local and international origins.

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