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The economic magnate of Japan, Osaka stands out among the cities staged for being the centres of commerce. The city dominates the Keihanshin area in its prefecture, having extensive metropolitan expanse along the Yodo River till Osaka Bay. Among the most prominent landmarks, the Osaka Castle is the symbol of the origins of the city, being the most dominating as well as the oldest establishments. The Osaka Branch of the Bank of Japan Osaka and Mitsuisumitomo Bank are other older state institutions preserved as landmarks, along with the Mengyo Club Building.

A critical component of the active nightlife and shopping arcades which line up along both sides of its banks is the Dotonbori Canal. There are communes consisting of Korean and American Towns from older immigrant settlements in the downtown area. In today's era of sky scrapers towering above the skyline, the Umeda Floating Garden Observatory, Abenu Harukas, Sakishima Observatory, Plat Planet and Tsutenkaku feature as urbanized modern means of settling sights for an overhead view of Osaka. Another amusing way is getting a ride at the Tempozan Ferris Wheel, a gigantic ride established along the waterfront of Tempozan harbour, or the HEP Five Ferris wheel located at the central railway station. Another reason why you should book cheap flights to Osaka for next trip abroad is that the city has its own proper venue for fast-boat and hydroplane racing championships, the Suminoe Boat Racing Stadium. At the official level, there are numerous visual art institutions, starting from the National Museum of Art, Municipal Museum of Fine Art, Abeno Harukas Art Museum, and private galleries and contributors like the Fujita Art Museum, Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum, Yuki Museum and Glico Museum. Painting enthusiasts can also pay a visit to the most popular art café of the city, the Salon de Francois. Special mentions include the Museum of Oriental Ceramics and the Japan Mint, along with unique options like the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum and Takoyaki Museum, helping visitors explore the common culinary delights enjoyed locally. The administration has catered for educational tours with the help of Osaka Science Museum, Osaka Museum of History, Osaka Museum of Natural History and the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living, with each of them focusing on a different dimension of local culture, both modern and primitive. The northern half of Osaka is dominated by industrial boom, and important industrial venues like the Panasonic Centre and the Hu + g Museum showcase the progress over the city's history to date. At the global level, promoting Japan's liberal views at a humanitarian level, there is the Liberty Osaka Human Rights Museum as well as the Osaka International Peace Centre, covering voluntary movements from the community to national history and participation in attaining peace. National Bunraku Theater, Nanba Grand Kagetsu, Osaka Jo hall, Orix Theatre Hephall and the Hanjotei Comic Theatre are performing arts venues with renowned talent to represent Japan internationally, along with hosting concerts of global music performers. Signature national fauna like blossom trees can be found at parks in the central region. These green areas include the Kemasakuranomiya Park, Nakanoshima, Tsurumi Ryokuchi Flower Expo Park, Sakuya Konohanakan, Osaka Castle Park and Nagai Park. Minami Temma Park is even lit up overnight, while the Mount Tenpo Park has the highest peak along with artificial hills to create a natural viewing platform. Specific sites do reserve the harmony and peace which is signature of Buddhist practices, such as, Shitennoji Temple, Nakayama Dera, Tenmangu Shrine, Tsuyuten Shrine and the Hozen Temple. The difference of mainstream Buddhism from Shintoism can be observed at Sanko Shrine, Sumiyoshi-taisha Shrine, Imamya Ebisu Shrine and Aizindo Shomanin Shrine. Universal Studios Japan, Tempozan Ferris Wheel, Spa World and the Hep Five Ferris Wheel are all places for family based entertainment where parents can accompany their children. The city's Kaiyukan Aquarium, counted among the largest public aquariums of the world, has a section-wise display of various species of sea life across the globe. The main zoo of Osaka, Tennoji Zoo, has enclosures similar to being a large safari park, with each enclosure bordering the other. One of the most distinct features is that the central commercial district has an entire Kid's plaza, having entire floors dedicated to props, play areas, games and rides.

Renowned airlines including Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Finnair, Lufthansa, KLM, Qatar Airways and Air France. Other Asian air operators on this route are Japan Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Air China, All Nippon Airways, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific and China Eastern Airlines offer cheap flights to Osaka from UK. At present, there are no direct flights to from London; all are connecting flights with at least one stop over. The average time from London for cheap flights to Osaka is 14.5 hours. A good stopover can last about 1 hour and 20 minutes, while it should be noted that this figure can vary depending on the stop over time.

Osaka is divided into two parts which means that the means of transportation is dependent on where you want to go to. Internal cheap flights to Osaka from other cities are also one option to keep in mind. The city is well connected with a subway and the JR Osaka Loop Line passes through the central districts. Other parts of the city have private railways, along with a recently implemented tram route, while travelling by bus needs to be experienced. Multiple public transportation options allow passengers to be flexible with regard to the operational timings being facilitated by each service. A local way of experiencing Osaka's neighbourhoods is renting a bicycle. Much of Osaka is surrounded by water in multiple directions, being accessible through cruise-boats and water buses for sightseeing tours as well as general commute. In addition to this, taxis are also available at every corner of the city. Most tourists prefer renting cars from proper companies as the infrastructure of Osaka is well developed and it is easy to navigate your way to different destinations.

hotel and accommodation

Osaka provides a variety of hotels and accommodation starting from the cheap capsule hotels to the high end international chains. Being the second-most influential city of the country, it has garnered sufficient international attention to become a global hub of investment, pulling in the biggest brands of hotels for their branches in the city. Add cheap flights to Osaka to your hotel booking and enjoy a cost saving package booking. Osaka is the face of modern Japan, which is why almost all the accommodations exclude the traditional Japanese guesthouses, except certain areas in downtown. Certain cultural traits in hospitality and cuisine services do exist, while a few facilities follow decorum of catering for specific audiences varying among adults or females only. Common accommodation catering for domestic travellers and business travellers are mostly inns, which provide deluxe rooms and apartments in building complexes. Another common form are the plaza hotels which have the main floors dedicated to retail stores and departments within the central commercial zones. A few resorts and guesthouses are also present along the many waterfronts which surround Osaka. The Osaka Station is the transportation hub and is surrounded by numerous high end hotels. This district is perfect to stay at especially because it is near to almost every attraction. Many are routinely reserved for those travellers that are travelling to Osaka for business, as they are located in the industrial zone of northern front of the Osaka city centre. A trend has spawned for budget backpacking hotels and hostels stretched along the main subway stations of Osaka. The city has a dedicated zone for international standard guesthouses aimed for foreign guests arriving in Osaka. The Namba district is the livelier and more exciting part of Osaka and is home to many reasonably priced hotels and is well connected with trains to other parts of the city.

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