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The best feature about visiting Ningbo is that, it does not restrain the travelers from coming during anytime of the year. It experiences a moderate climate, which is why any time of the year is suitable for the expedition. The weather being pleasant during all the four seasons, you can buy cheap flights to Ningbo, and explore this city to its fullest throughout the year.

places to see and things to do

Ningbo is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Eastern China and also the region

hotels and accommodation:

Ningbo is home to numerous hotel chains to accommodate the hordes of tourists it welcomes every holiday season by taking cheap flights to Ningbo. Much of its rapid expansion has been urban, which is why its main areas consist of a skyline lined with tall buildings. International hotels have set standards to have their own towers, surrounded by their own amenities outdoors like swimming pools, spas and gardens. Arguably the most luxurious of these hotels are the Park Hyatt Ningbo Resort and the Ningbo Marriot Hotel, famous for their extravagant and relaxing offerings as well as being world-renowned brands for a luxurious stay. Mid-range hotels include the likes of ZheHai Grand Hotel and the Best Western Hotel, which provide their guests with comfortable living and most of them are located in the central areas of the city. There are a few options consisting of guest houses segmented between rooms for their guests. These manors and mansions have been refurbished from their older forms over time. Budget places include Jinjiang Inn and the Orange Hotel, which offer clean room at very affordable rates. The general accommodation trend caters for rental apartments as well, which are very much available and are highly recommended for prolonged stays. Location among plazas and commercial areas are also seen a necessary factor for a satisfying accommodation in Ningbo, which is why even towards the suburbs, sleeping options are mostly centered around transportation venues like airport and railways.

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