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most popular flight routes from the united kingdom to langkawi:
  • London Heathrow to Langkawi International Airport via Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
  • London Heathrow to Langkawi International Airport via Singapore Changi Airport.
  • London Heathrow to Langkawi International Airport via Dubai International Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
  • London Heathrow to Langkawi International Airport via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
  • Manchester Airport to Langkawi International Airport via Dubai International Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
  • London Gatwick to Langkawi International Airport via Dubai International Airport.
flight schedule of different airlines from the uk airports to langkawi:
  • Malaysia Airlines is considered to be the one providing state of the art services for direct trans-continental flights from Heathrow to Langkawi.
  • Singapore Airlines also grasp the opportunity to operate on maximum route worldwide. Thus, it conducts flights from the Heathrow to Langkawi via Singapore.
  • With the increasing number of flights every other day, Emirates serve the major airports of United Kingdom including Heathrow, Manchester and Gatwick.
  • Emirates have mustered up its capacity to operate the maximum number of flights to Langkawi from all UK Airports. Among them, most sought routes are from Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester to the said destination. Itinerary involves brief stopovers at Dubai and Kuala Lumpur.
  • Etihad Airways administers two relatively economical flights daily in order of increasing stopovers at Abu Dhabi and Kuala Lumpur. It is scheduled to depart from Heathrow and Manchester.
  • The esteemed flight services of KLM can be availed from all the major UK Airports. Amongst all the alternatives, most opted routes to Langkawi by the passengers are from Heathrow and Manchester. KLM jets the cruise flying for the said destination thrice from Heathrow and twice from Manchester following a set schedule.
baggage allowance of different airlines flying from the united kingdom to langkawi:
  • Malaysia Airlines’ baggage policy allows you to carry 2 pieces whose combined weight should not exceed 30 kg for Economy Class, 40 kg for Business Class and 50 kg for First Class. As per the conventions of Malaysia Airlines, you are permitted a hand carry of 7 kg for Economy Class whereas two pieces of 14 kg in total for Business Class and First Class.
  • In line with the global Aviation paradigm, Singapore Airlines sets limits for free check in luggage to be 30 kilograms for Economy Class, 35 kilograms for Premium Economy and 40 kilograms for Business Class.
  • Emirates Airlines’ baggage allowance policy is one of the most suitable for many, as it permits passengers to carry one piece of 35 kilograms for Economy Class and 40 kg for Business Class.
  • As per the baggage allowance regulations of Etihad Airways, you are allowed to carry a free luggage-piece up to 30 kg for Economy Class and 40 kg for Business Class to Langkawi.
  • KLM sets limits up to one piece of maximum 23 kg for the Economy Class and two pieces of maximum 32 kg each for Business Class travellers of Langkawi from all the major UK airports.
events and festivals in langkawi:

Langkawi is the land of festivals and events round the year, attracting travellers from across the world who craves to learn and participate more in the festivals of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds. The celebrations turn the most peaceful land into an effervescent hub with multicultural performances.

Events like Hari Raya, Eid, New Year, Deepavali, Christmas and Holi are celebrated all over Malaysia Not only this, Langkawi also holds its own internationally recognized sport festivals with enthusiastic participation from the locals as well as interested tourists including golf contests, water sports, track lope, food fiestas and aerospace and naval exhibitions are some of the renowned events.

In addition to that, yacht sailing is a unique prospect in Langkawi that is not available to the Malaysian islands, making it a worthwhile experience for the tourists. Different yacht sailing and other sailing events are held throughout the year creating a lively atmosphere in the city.

best time to visit langkawi:

Travellers usually prefer to visit Langkawi during the moderate season; neither dry nor rainy which lies in the midst of April and August. Usually the general public holidays coincide with the peak season of tourists.  After the sunny mornings, clouds overcast the whole sky making it easier to explore the jewels of Langkawi. The time period during November and March is considered to be the dry season of the year.

tourist attractions and highlights in langkawi:

Langkawi offers the tourists lush green tropical forests along with white sand beaches, mangroves and waterfalls that fall over limestone cliffs creating an epic scene to be witnessed. White sand beaches of Langkawi are one of the most anticipated tourist attractions. You should not miss out on the pristine beaches like Pantai Cenag, Pantai Tenga and Tanjung Rhu for an ultimate fun-filled time.The eye catching cascades of water create a serene view within the island and among them Telaga Tujuh is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in land. It is a series of seven natural connected pools which gives it its name Telaga Tujuh.

The magnificently crafted geological pattern is a must visit place and a great natural marvel to be admired. Langkawi Underwater world and Langkawi Wildlife Park are worth a trip if you are to multiply the joy and experience that you will have in Langkawi especially with children as it may be smaller in size but offers a unique prospect of wildlife in dense greenery around. Mangrove Kayaking, Jungle Trekking, Langkawi Cable Car and Sky Bridge offer an absolute experience. Kayaking through the mangroves gives an experience like no other place does where you plainly move through mangroves and observe the bizarre world of this saline waterfall plants and uproots seen like never before.

Jungle trekking provides you a revitalizing experience all together for all the nature lovers by means of well oxygenated trails with tropical lush green rain forests bearing temperate climate. The Cable Car and Sky Bridge showcase an overall breathtaking view of the island with mesmerizing 360 degree view of blossoming emerald world under you as the naked eye witnesses white sand beaches around this foliage. Langkawi Night Market and Kuah Town are other remarkable places to be visited as they are the commercial hubs of the island and offer many hotels, restaurants and shops for the tourists.

accommodations in langkawi:

When it comes to accommodations in Langkawi then there are plenty to be chosen from, all offering state of the art services with the best of views and their own restaurants which cater to all budget levels. The top five include The Danna, a tremendous and top notch luxury hotel with deluxe amenities.

The Datai, Four Seasons Resort, Tanjung Rhu Resort, The Westin Langkawi Resort and Spa are other lodging places that offer five star services to the tourists with even-handed prices. All are classy, well-located and reasonable yet offer luxurious services and a unique experience altogether. Pondok Keladi is a guest house near Cenang Beach, a perfect hideout to relax in peace if you want some isolation from the hustle and bustle of the main hub of the beach where all the hotels and restaurants are located.

top restaurants in langkawi:

Langkawi is a place that offers multiethnic food varieties and restaurants from expensive to mid range and cheap eateries. The top-quality restaurant, La Sal at Casa Del Mar at Pantai Cenang beach, besides offering scrumptious delicacies of Malay and international cuisine, provides you with a mind boggling view of the ocean and white sandy beach. Ikan Ikan at the Four Seasons Resort is another fine dining experience.

Langkawi Fish Farm restaurant is a prestigious place and a must visit for the sea food lovers: bamboo style sitting and dining with ocean view provides a lifetime ordeal. Privilege Restaurant and Bar provides a wonderful exploit of fine and exquisite dining with the addition of a bar. The Gulai House at the Datai Langkawi is probably one of the best restaurants with delectable taste offering a range of Malay and Indian cuisines with dining in village style huts.

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