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kuching's must-see attractions:

Kuching is one of the most sophisticated cities of Malaysia, particularly Borneo, where you can find a kaleidoscope of cultural backgrounds, crafts and multiethnic cuisines. These amazing streets provide you with the opportunity to take a stroll and quick bites of Asian cuisines aimlessly. Kuching is equipped with top-rated nature sights. So undoubtedly, it is the main holiday destination that comes with learning and leisure both. The city is popular among locals as “Cat City” because in Malay language “Kuching” means cats.

Undeniably, Kuching is an incredible choice for spending your vacations in some worthy place carrying historical significance. There are above 20 nature charms and its spellbinding trip will be a memorable experience. It has many impressive monuments and museums which gives a great insight about historical events.

Bako National Park: It is the earliest national park in Sarawak, since 1957. It is comprised of unique rock and sandstone formations. The national park offers you the astonishing natural landscapes you have been craving for. You will come across a variety of pitcher plants. It has many adventurous activities to offer you including jungles, trails and trekking paths. A variety of wildlife and reptiles can also be seen during your trip to this incredible place. Lintang, Tajor, Tanjung Rhu, Ulu Serait, Bukit Gondol, Paya Jelutong , Bukit Keruing , Telok Sibur, Telok Limau, Telok Keruin, Pulau Lakei, Tanjung Sapi, Telok Paku Ulu Assam elok Delima Serait Telok Pandan Kecil & Telok Pandan Besar Telok Pandan Kecil & Telok Pandan Besar are some popular treks that can lead you to the secluded beaches and breathtaking view of pristine coast line... You would surely be stumbling on some of the most amazing but endangered species known like Proboscis monkeys that are rarely found elsewhere except in the Bako National Park.

Fort Margherita: The fortress, carrying a military significance is worthy of exploring to discover the historic occurrences concerning this remarkable place. The spiral staircase leads you to the watchtower to catch the most jaw dropping views of one of Malaysia’s most spectacular cities.

Cat Museum: As per the Malaysian and Chinese faith on cat being the lucky animal, an ultimate collection of cat souvenirs is exhibited here.

local cuisine options and eateries in kuching:

The visitors and the locals in the same way fancy the Dyak restaurant as it serves the most delicious and unique food.  The trained chefs make a blend of food products in a very surprising manner to come up with a dish you have never tasted. Plus they have never compromised on quality and taste. Food accompanied with relaxing ambience in the dining hall and the walking place with a wondrous view makes it a perfect dining experience.

Restaurants like Orchid Garden Coffee House and Meisan Szechuan Restaurant serves the European and Chinese dishes. You may enjoy variety of drinks and music at Rajang Lobby Lounge.

Kuching is also well known for the famous Sarawak Laksa, a soupy noodle dish. A number of popular places sell these and you can simply ask locals about where to get some good ones. Apart from that, Sarawak is also known for their Three Layer Teas and if you're a tea or iced tea lover, this is a must-try.

famous accommodation options in kuching:

Singgahsana Lodge: Keeping in mind the much needed level of comfort in a trip away from home is to have an accommodation serving you with the amenities that one can only enjoy at home. It is sought out to be the top pick of tourists. Stylish decor of Sarawakian crafts in the immaculate guesthouses, lobby and rooftop bar. You will be touched by the warm hospitability of the staff.

Grand Margherita Hotel: Grand Margherita inspires you with the most luxurious amenities including air conditioned rooms, satellite TV, spa, free wifi and wired internet. It is 20 minutes drive away from the Kuching International Airport. You can arrive at the very famous Fort Marghetrita in a 5 minute boat ride.

Le Nomade Hostel: The Nomad is located in the core of the city of Kuching. Trekkers are usually inclined to this place as it makes all other tourist’s magnets and natural charms smoothly accessible. Moreover, residential place is hygienic and restful.

The LimeTree Hotel, Kuching: Bag packers can dig out a boutique accommodation in Kuching. You will be equally at ease with the valuable services featuring free wifi, parking, lounge and satellite TV. You can also access the business centre for official tasks.

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